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Bear and Pipe Organ

20 April 2016 - 08:02 PM

Discussion board members may be intrested, perhaps even amused, by a feature we were asked to provide for a new organ for a private chapel. We were asked to provide a bear which emerged from the organ case when a stop was pulled on the console. The organ is interesting in itself. It is a one namual and pedal organ of nine stops. Most of the stops are divided at middle c. The organ also has notes below the normal compass in old English style, a GG and AA. The C# key is split so that AA and C# can be played. The organ also has a drum pedal, which activates the bottom 6 notes of the Pedal Bourdon, a nightingale modelled on one from an old Italian organ and a wind driven cymbelstern, we suspect the first to have been made in Britain. But the star is the bear which you can see here:



I hope you enjoy it.