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In Topic: Big organs in small cases?

13 June 2017 - 05:49 PM

An organ of my acquaintance,detached console,pipework in distant west gallery, has an inoperative swell engine. As this leaves the shutters open all the time, it is not too bothersome. It does make for a somewhat  restricted variety of sound level. The machine in question is electro-pneumatic and probably would not have  many stages.  In a fit of charitable thinking I was considering making a donation towards improving the situation. Any one got any ideas of a likely cost ? I imagine the console end of things is OK and the fault is possibly in failed magnets or pneumatuc motors.Is there someone dealing in parts or  specialising in repairing swell engines? The tuner was not able to help in this instance.Thank you in advance to anybody who could give me some ideas.