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Tuning mixtures

19 March 2017 - 08:20 PM

Are there many tuners who do not silence the rank(s) currently not being tuned with some sort of mop? It would seem an impossible job otherwise, yet I have heard ot it being done.

Bppks for dispoasal

15 August 2016 - 04:42 PM

Having disposed of the bulk of my book collection, I am faced with the problem of what to do with the not insubstantial remnant.I have about 100 books (mostly well-known titles) and a collection of a number of periodicals. If anyone is interested in filling a gap in their collection,I have a long run (incomplete)of RCO journals dating from 1906 1975,Organ Historical Society convention hand books from 1997-2014(2013 missing),

Organ Club journals about 15 in number,Organ Club Handbooks-Silver,Golden and Diamond special numbers,miscellaneousBIOS publications and a long run of the French journal L'Orgue.(about 80)

Should anybody be interested,please contact me.  NB I nearly forgot the largest shelf filler:I have bound copies of Organists' Review bound in red library style binding from 1974-1995 and from 1996 -2012  in embossed binders. I will make a very modest charge for any item( which will be even more modest the more you want). Collection from Gloucester is welcomed. 

Background noise at recitals

05 July 2016 - 09:08 PM

Recent mid-day organ recitals at Gloucester cathedral have been spoiled for many people by extraneous noises: noisy visitors to the cathedral(sometimes accompanied by a guide giving an audible commentary to his party as they progress around the building). Most recently, I attended a recital which was ruined by the arrival of a rigging crew who were setting up lighting for some filming that was to take place later in the day.All credit to the recitalists who carried on regardless.

One queries why the cathedral administrators allow such a state of affairs.I imagine that the Dean has received  letters of complaint but nothing has been done. Do other churches suffer this phenomenon? Some board members may have firsthand knowledge of the Gloucester experience. It woud be interesting to hear members' opinions. I do feel great sympathy for the musicians on the cathedral staff. On the one hand they seek to make high class organ music available at these free recitals,whilst having to apologise to recitalists for this state of affairs.