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In Topic: Music That We'd Rather Not Play

07 June 2017 - 04:59 AM



When I was a young child in the olden days, I remember many hymns designed for children which were pleasant and uplifting without the need for 'dumbing down'.


Just call me a miserable old git.


................... and some of them were incredibly beautiful, written by absolute masters of their hymn writing craft. The words might not, particularly, be suitable for 21st century life but some of the music is, just, totally excellent.


I remember quite a few hymns I sang as a child:


"I love God's tiny creatures" - set to music by Gordon Slater - (Bilsdale - one of the most beautiful tunes I know!)

"Little drops of water" - music by Martin Shaw (Camber)

"Gentle Jesus, meek and mild" - again, music by Martin Shaw (Gentle Jesus)

"Daisies are our silver" - music by K.G. Finlay (Glenfinlas)

"Jesus, friend of little children" - more Martin Shaw (Westridge)

"Glad that I live am I" - Geoffrey Shaw (Water End)

"God, who made the earth" - Evelyn Sharpe (Platt's Lane)


add to that all those tunes by those two famous composers - 'trad' and 'anon'


"Jesus, gentle shepherd - (Shipston)

"God, whose name is love" - (Haslemere)

"Sing to the Lord" (St. Hugh)

and, later, beautifully written tunes like St. Botolph (Gordon Slater) , Kingsfold ('trad'), Dundee (Scottish Psalter) - the list is endless!


Singing these hymns/tunes in assemblies as a small child, I remember thinking, even then, how beautiful they were. I remember looking at the hymn board before assembly and looking forward to singing one of the above. I'm sure that they had something to do with me becoming a musician and I'm not sure that some of the music that is put before children today would have had the same effect.


................................. but, perhaps, I'm just a miserable old git!!

In Topic: Whitlock, Harwood, etc

15 May 2017 - 05:30 AM

Whitlock - Organ Symphony in G min - Francis Jackson - Amphion label - recorded in York Minster 1999


Basil Harwood - Organ Concerto in D - Adrian Partington is recording the entire Organ works of Harwood - Vol. 1 at Bristol Cathedral, Vol 2 at Birmingham Oratory, Vol. 3 at Clifton College - on the Priory label - however the Organ Concerto seems not to have been recorded yet!


CH Lloyd Organ Concerto - I can find no reference to a recording of this work anywhere. Sorry!


Hope that's a bit of help!

In Topic: What piece is this?

12 May 2017 - 08:28 AM

And from 57.30, Abide With Me.  I thought this was only an English hymn.


Clearly between Monk writing the tune, in 1847, it had time to travel to Germany where it appears in the Koln Gesangbuch - and in a couple of other North German books I have in my possession. A number of hymn tunes do - and, of course, our hymn books are full of tunes 'borrowed' from the German Lutheran and Catholic traditions.

In Topic: What piece is this?

11 May 2017 - 01:22 PM

Absolutely no idea - but have you thought that it could it be an improvisation?

In Topic: Luxuriant Adagio

19 March 2017 - 06:40 PM

Once again, many thanks. I had never heard of Reuschel - (no IMSLP bits) or Saint Martin.


There is a wonderful Mass setting by Leonce de Saint Martin - for 4 part choir and two organs. (It also has ad lib parts for three trumpets and three trombones) If you've done the Vierne Missa Solennelle and want something else for the same forces it is well worth doing!


........................... but that doesn't answer your question - sorry!!