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The 1888 Norman Bros. & Beard at Langham Episcopi, Norfolk

13 April 2016 - 07:33 AM

To continue the recent theme of late Victorian instruments, this last Easter Sunday, I was prevailed upon to play for Matins at the interesting church of St Andrew and St Mary, Langham Episcopi and a little over ten miles from where I live. 


It proved a surprisingly versatile instrument for such a modest specification [ http://www.npor.org.....html?RI=N06149 ] and is also the smallest instrument by far on which I’ve presided at a service. It is certainly unprepossessing, when first seen.


Mainly eschewing the pedals (in the hope of avoiding the provision of yet more income for my osteopath), I grew into the remembered pleasure of accompanying a congregation - of around fifty. Yes, c50 ! In rural north Norfolk.


The Great diapasons are suitably robust; the Clarabella very nice, if smooth. The Swell Gamba is especially stringy, but the 4’ Flute is the starring stop. It sounds older than the rest, lovely and woody, as if it had been ‘lifted’ from an earlier instrument: late 18th or early 19th century. Unfortunately, access to the innards is not easy.


I would appreciate comments on the presumed Agnus Dei, which is situated above the Chancel arch, facing west. It appears to have a naval anchor/cross, in addition to ‘rays’ similar to those I’ve seen before adorning memorials.


I’ve posted some photos on Photobucket; this being, I hope, the link [ http://s296.photobuc...tjw5dx.jpg.html ] and scroll back. These may well be interspersed with some of the Blakeney organ.