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  2. I don't think it's that. The Radio 3 post suggested the organ hadn't been working for a number of years, but I simply can't believe it.
  3. I'm probably going to regret posting this but I've kind of given up all hope in humanity when it comes to pipe organ still being relevant in the modern world. For some reason I hold onto things like Jean Guillou's OSV or David Wardale's 5AT steam locomotive to gain some feeling of hope that the things I love can still be relevant in the future. But at the end of the day these things I have hope for are either just pipe dreams or ideas of lunatic inventors.
  4. I don’t think I am giving away any State secrets, but at an event I attended in October 2017 Christopher Allsop mentioned that the Tickell organ had received the attentions of Nicholson’s. I don’t have local knowledge, and so unaware what the present situation might be.
  5. Lack of bass could also be down to the recording. Having started dabbling recently, I've found how my (otherwise decent) Oktava microphones don't pick up as much bass as I would like. I've also found that it's fairly easy to tweak it while editing, which makes me think this hasn't been tweaked.
  6. I've just listened through the 2nd tier system in my study (NAD 3225PE amp + Wharfedale 505.2 speakers) and thought that the organ sounded pretty damn good. The trumpet is very convincing but, as often seems to be the case, the bass notes less so due, I suppose to the much smaller volume of air being shifted around than would be in a real organ. I stand to be corrected by those whose technical knowledge outweighs mine. Not difficult... Perhaps the Tickell needs tuning along with other basic maintenance work that simply could not have been done in recent times.
  7. Kevin Bowyer has done a good edition of the pedal studies. Some of them, being for pedal piano, went down to bottom A so he's provided transposed versions. These are sometimes in keys which makes them even harder to play! The first of the set of 12 isn't too hard - the rest are pretty challenging.
  8. The other posting regarding alternative forums led me, just now, to the Radio 3 forum for the first time where I was shocked to read under a post about Tickell Organs that the Worcester Cathedral organ has been unplayable for some time. Is that... can that... possibly be true? The contributor says that a digital organ is doing duty there. I always thought that that was just for nave services whilst awaiting the rebuild of the nave/transept organ, but, actually, I saw a recent post from Nicholas Freestone (ADoM) in which he was playing the digital and surely he wouldn't be doing that from choice?!?! Does anyone know what the situation is? Splendid trumpet stop in the video. Would we know this was digital if we couldn't see it...(and were only listening through tiny laptop speakers)?
  9. I do favour the Radio 3 forum - well I would say that wouldn't I?! But if it was well subscribed and used, it may help to persuade BBC Music that there is still an active interest in the organ and a continuing demand for its music to be broadcast.
  10. Another is The Organ forum, a sub-forum of The Choir forum on the Radio 3 listener's forums: http://www.for3.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?103-The-Organ
  11. It's a good question which I've been pondering on as well, doubtless like many other members. This is the only forum I belong to, so if I want to continue to air my views I'll have to find another I suppose, though this is an obvious opportunity to consider whether to join one at all. However, I like the ABRSM affiliation of their 'Viva Organ' forum, and have often wondered why it has been so little used for quite a long time. Some members here post on it occasionally. As far as I can see it also exists without having to rely on advertising, other than the ABRSM banners. The Magle forum is also a possibility, but IMHO it suffers from the opposite problem - it could be said to be over-subscribed. Both forums cover a wider field than this one if only because they permit discussion of digital organs for those so inclined, without being dominated by them as at least some of the alternative options seem to be.
  12. There's always "organ Matters" (https://www.organmatters.com/) run by David Pinnegar. I'm one of the moderators. Every Blessing Tony
  13. I worry that any time soon, this forum will cease to function. Would Mander forumites mind suggesting other sites where organ discussion takes place? As a long-standing member of this one and someone who has followed and been interested in Mander Organs since the announcement that they were to rebuild the St Paul's organ in 1972 - (I was able to undertake an O-level Music project on this topic) - I am greatly saddened by what has happened.
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  15. Liszt looked up to him as an executant. There are quite a number of lovely miniatures which are not especially hard. Paul
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    I've always thought of Alkan as being the writer of some horrendously difficult piano music and little else - sort of the Paganini of the piano!!! - Lots of notes and little music! Having said that I'm sure that I have played a Sonata by him - named, rather like the Beethoven Op. 5 Nr. I Sonata, for Piano and 'cello - with the piano part doing the brunt of the work! If you look on IMSLP there are quite a few really rather easy little pieces that you might think are worth a second glance! Be warned - some of it is not great music!!! Most of Alkan's organ music he writes on two staves. But for a period of his life he owned a pedal piano and wrote 12 studies for it as well as the Op. 54 Benedictus. The above were originally written for this pedal piano.
  17. Thanks ajsphead and Damian for your welcome replies.With the glimpse thought it may have been The Temple Church. I will have to study Alkan a bit more. Any reasonably easy ones to start of with?
  18. A super performance, both musically and technically. Alkan's music is on IMSLP, I once looked at some but it was clearly well beyond me. But watching this it's such good music. Alkan is an interesting character. His Wikipedia entry is now much longer than the last time I looked, and well worth reading. This is the Temple Church. I'm slowly working through Anne Marsden-Thomas' book on Pedalling for Organists, and watching a video like this which shows pedalling technique so clearly is very instructive, although it will be some time until I get to this level ( Chapter 35: Chords ). I'll have to get my dancing shoes on!
  19. Well these drawings aren't perfect but I think they're fine. The design of the organ case or facade of my house organ is something I find to be a bit of a challenge in its self as while the specification is one thing designing a case that works under a low ceiling without looking flattened is another. The first design is based on an organ I stumbled across just after creating this thread. http://www.orgelbauschreier.de/anwalting.html There's a couple of things I wished I had foreseen before I did the outline for this picture, one is a mistake with the pipes in the left tower and the other is realising that radiating pedal boards aren't easy to draw in a 2D. The colour scheme was a bit of an experiment as I probably would go for a pine colour rather than white. Although another colour scheme that I think may work is one similar to the Utopia Baroque organ at Orgelpark in Amsterdam. The second design I've done is based on an Estey reed organ. With the case height being a problem I have often turned to pip top reed organs and even what could be refer to as digital pipe tops for inspiration. I quite like the design of the pipe facade of this Estey organ but I'm still concerned it may be a little too tall for an 8' ceiling. I think the problem is that a triangular pipe arrangement needs a fair bit of height, although that may depend on how wide the organ case is. To be honest I don't think this drawing came out as well as the previous one, the pipe work isn't great as I was kind of impatient to get this drawing done. Plus there are a couple of errors with the organ case that I didn't notice until after I did the out line. Edit Another thing I realised just a few days ago while going through my files was that a few years ago I had made a couple of case designs using in a computer program called Lego Digital Designer.
  20. Very nice out of the ordinary post, thankyou. Obviously a Harrison organ somewhere, but I not recognise it or the church interior shots. Presume the studies are available on IMSLP?
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  22. From an email sent by Fugue State Films: Three of Alkan's pedal studies: Paul
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    During this extended period of doom and gloom in which we are all encapsulated/imprisoned it is indeed good to be able to see a little light glowing at the end of a different tunnel. Marvellous to peruse the " nomenclature francais" and note the changes . Very fortunate that this instrument has survived the ravages of time and lack of funds and still remain in a " playable condition " up to the present time. Reading the article encouraged me to mine Nigel Ogdons wonderful recording of `94 out of the archive . Despite the fact that one third of the stops out of action the depth and clarity are fantastic. The solo stops sounded marvellous and was not conscious of any action or wind noise; tribute to C_C`s craftsmanship plus that of Jardines ( a local organ firm ) who kept the whole shebang going remarkably well for so long. Just a pity, me muses, that the other Lancashire C-C just down the road is not able to receive the same treatment despite all the efforts of Warrington Council et. al. Going to look for the youtube vid now.
  24. On my side of the River Severn we have a ban on singing hymns but I attended the service in my local cathedral and, IIRC, we had organ music before the service. Dave
  25. At a time when there seems to be very little good news around, it is wonderful to read that this is happening.
  26. At the moment the situation in Wales is somewhat different in that the Welsh Government has banned the use of the pipe organ in church services in Wales! This is based on the amazing assumption that as a wind instrument the organ will spread the virus on the air. Of course that leaves us with the small problem of drafts from windows, central heating, and even opening the door to get into the church on a windy day! :-) I'm not aware of any clergy colleagues who have spoken out about this, but I've sent a message to all my friends in Wales to get on to their Welsh Senedd members to get the ban overturned and hopefully the sounds of the merry organ will return to our places of worship in Wales. Here is the content of my letter to our Senedd member - I am pleased to say that he responded in a most positive manner.... (see below) If there are any other folks on this forum (or if you know of anyone living in Wales) who would write to their Senedd member, I'm sure that would be a great help to us in getting this ridiculous ban overturned. Canon Q Along with many clergy and church musicians, I am a little bemused at the fact that the Welsh Senedd has apparently banned the use of pipe organs in churches. The explanation given for this is that as an organ is a wind instrument it may blow the Corona virus throughout the building. Frankly this is ridiculous and it has organists and church members up in arms – especially when (I’m fairly sure) no such restriction exists anywhere else in the world. Already the singing of hymns is forbidden in Christian worship right now (which is quite unbelievable), and it seems almost deliberate spite against Christians to say, “Oh and by the way you can’t use your church organs either”. Please could you find out for me if this bizarre ban on the organ will be lifted any time soon? Many thanks Quentin = = = = = = = = = = = Hello Quentin, Thank you for your email and for bringing this matter to my attention. The Welsh Government has instead issued guidance which prevents the use of church organs during worship. I can assure you that there has been no vote on this issue in the Senedd. I agree with you that the ban is extraordinary. Having checked both the UK Government and Scottish Government websites I can see that they have only restricted the use of wind instruments that require breath to be operated and that church organs are specifically permitted. I will raise this issue with the Welsh Government and report back to you.
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    That's fantastic news. Flentrop have a good track record for Cavaille-Coll reconstructions. The Philharmonie in Haarlem, just across the street from the Bavokerk has a similar sized A C-C which has a very similar history to the Manchester organ - additions, action and console changed. Flentrop restored this back to its original state in 2006. https://nl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orgel_van_de_Philharmonie_Haarlem
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