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  2. I accompanied a choir in St John's for a concert a few years ago. I thought it a fine instrument. However, due to it being tightly boxed in (so I understand), it is distinctly on the quiet side as organs of this size go. As at Exeter it was good to be able to use so much of it with a choir, but it did limit the way you could use the Swell. The Celestes, for example, were far too quiet to achieve any kind of balance without mixing with at least the 8' flute. I can't understand why anyone should hate it, but my acquaintance was only fleeting.
  3. I suspect there may have been a limited publication around 30 years ago. I certainly bought a copy that included Hark the Herald from my then local music shop. IIRC it was a set of 4 brass intros, copied from a fairly neat handwritten score. I no longer have it - I passed it on to one of my sons when he was involved in a brass band, and he now can't find it (I asked a couple of years ago if I could have it back). I wonder if it might be worth asking your local brass band or other places (schools etc) where there are brass players.
  4. I find it strange that anyone could actively hate the organ in St John's; is this an actual quote from Andrew Nethsingha or was something more moderate expressed, as one might expect from such a professional musician, and embellished within the rumour? I have heard the organ in the flesh on several occasions and always found it an exciting instrument, and in my youth was peeved when the firing squad was emasculated. I listened to the Advent Carol service on Sunday last and found the playing of the final hymn (possibly my favourite hymn tune) and the JSB voluntary especially thrilling. It
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  6. Yes. Haven’t heard it in person, but am very fond of the many recordings I have of it, usually accompanying the college choir.
  7. The loss of the organ, with a rare provenance, is very sad, but the destruction of the church is tragic. For some reason the BBC are referring to it as a ‘chapel’, whereas it is a 14th century parish church with a Grade 1 listing. We will have to wait for further news of the extent of the damage and, e.g., whether the outer walls and spire have survived.
  8. Two interesting videos I have come across. I found the Leighton spellbinding:
  9. All Saints' Church in Mackworth, Derbyshire has been destroyed by fire this evening and with it the pipe organ built in 1870 by Lloyd and Dudgeon of Nottingham.
  10. Hopefully, the existing St John's College organ will find a deserving, and very lucky, home.
  11. Yes, you are right - There is a missing G♯ in the 3rd chord of the bar. I hadn’t noticed as I had been playing it with a G♯ all along. As for Jehan Alain, I haven’t got to Litanies yet, but I’ve been using the newish Bärenreiter edition edited by Helga Schauerte-Maubouet. It is largely based on different manuscripts to those used by Marie-Claire, and therefore contains different readings in places.
  12. David, I have transcribed it from the brass parts and would happily send you the pdf, if you don't mind the fact the notation software I used for it is a bit ropey! I have the Hark the herald one too, but I rarely use that as I don't think it's as effective. Please PM your e-mail address if you're interested.
  13. Agreed, wouldn't go with this one. There are quite a few errors of accidental placement which I've marked in my copy where there is a discrepancy between identical right and left hand chords. When I looked up your example I found yet another, the 3rd RH chord in the bar you refer to. She's obviously referring to this chord, not the 2nd. There are similar printing errors in Litanies
  14. I'd say that the printed copy is obviously correct.
  15. Thanks. I did wonder if that was the case. I’m recording the accompaniment for a virtual performance, and was discussing the Willcocks introduction with the person organizing - hence my query. Probably too late to learn it for this anyway, so shall use my original plan which is the June Nixon intro. Not as grand as the Willcocks, but very effective all the same.
  16. I don't think there is, but someone may possibly have done one which your post will hopefully flush out as I'd be keen to have one too. To be honest, it's fairly easy to figure out from the full score but I haven't attempting it play it from the fs in a service - just at home.
  17. Is there an organ arrangement of David Willcocks brass fanfare introduction to Adeste Fideles, and if so, where is it published?
  18. I see your point now. But I would hope that if the move, if it goes ahead, would be done sensitively (even if that seems unlikely). At least the organ would be played more than in its present location.
  19. The Chapel enjoys its Grade 1 listing in a very wide-ranging comprehensive description: “The buildings surrounding The First, Second and Third Courts” (List entry number: 1332216). It is not listed separately although it is very much later than the rest, the work of Sir Gilbert Scott, 1863-1869. I was also under the impression that the College, if not actually a ‘Peculiar’, was outside the jurisdiction of the diocese - which would effectively make it one? Nevertheless, the Bishop of Ely is the College Visitor.
  20. The historic organ is the Brighton one, not the present St. John’s one. Historic Buildings listing does not include organs. Their only concern is with the appearance. Only one organ has ever been declared part of a Listing schedule, and that was in a secular building. College chapels are extra-Diocesan, and the diocese has no say whatsoever.
  21. With the exception of the pedal, most of the organ dates from 1994 so I’m not sure that qualifies as historic.
  22. Some strong words! And, perhaps, there might be an element of truth in what you say. Only AN can pronounce on the statement that he hates the instrument. As far as being a college and they can "unfortunately do what they want" that isn't true. The Chapel will be listed by EH, as a Class I listed building. I suspect that the organ is also as part of that listing. Permission will need to be grated by EH as well as, in all probability, by the Diocese of Ely - there will be all kinds of hoops to jump through before this can happen!!!
  23. Hi No choir in our small church, so that's one less problem. Family service Sunday week (by invitation) plus a normal set of worship material (usually including hymns that I record & post on You Tube); following Sunday is our carol service (I think the main service will be by invitation, and probably a full-length video version on YT (I've trialled full length YT services over the past few weeks with a couple of full-length videos. Hopefully I won't have to do the whole thing, as I did for Advent Sunday. The video editing can get quite time-consuming! Also a service Christmas Day
  24. So perhaps those people who tried to accentuate the positive regarding HTB’s stewardship of the building and its organ might like to reconsider? The St John’s rumour has been going around for some time: Andrew Nethsingha hates the present instrument. Any attempt to move the Willis into St John’s will result in the destruction of a historic organ. Being a college, they can unfortunately do what they want.
  25. Here's a quote from the St Peter's wikipedia entry: St Peter's has a large pipe organ[17] built-in 1888 for the Hampstead Conservatoire of Music by Henry Willis[18] and brought to Brighton in 1910. It is the sole survivor of three almost identical instruments in the town, the others having been at the Dome Pavilion[19] and in Hove Town Hall.[20] The latter is now at Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School in Elstree,[21] while the former was broken up in the 1930s. It is almost identical to the famous organ in Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Truro. The organ in St. Peter's has been
  26. Bristol Cathedral are doing online bookings for services. No music booklet for December has yet been produced though but I imagine one will appear soon. It could well be that the chapter, along with our (still fairly new) Dean, are still working it out and you can't rush things in times like those we find ourselves in. I am booked in for the 6pm service this coming Sunday though which is, I believe, planned to be an Advent service of sorts. Dave
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