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  1. Hello everyone - if you have forgotten your password because you had given it to your browser to remember - please don't complete the on-line form as if you were a new member - just e-mail me and ask me to reset it. (rachel@longitude0.co.uk) The reason being that new requests for registration go from that form to John's PA, who (after filtering out the hundreds of spam attempts) forwards the genuine-looking requests to me. I log into the forum administration area and create a new membership - and have just done this with three who turned out to be existing members. Thanks Rachel We
  2. Which address are you using - the "Rachel Mawhood" registration has been deleted because not needed. I wasn't aware that you had made any uncontroversial post recently that needed moderation. Also, if you can imagine, moderation has to be fitted in with other duties and responsibilities. Rachel
  3. That has been fixed now (yesterday). The "post rebuild" didn't complete so has been re-run, and now the quotes display as intended. Rachel
  4. Yes, John Mander has asked that that be made clearer, too. Will do so ASAP. Rachel
  5. But it can be turned off in the forum scripts, and I will do so when I am next logged into the "admin" side of things. It is just cluttering up space, anyway. Thank you for pointing it out. Rachel
  6. That bit has been turned off. So people can still write a book about themselves in their "Interests" and the forum won't try to display it all in the left-hand column. Rachel
  7. Thank you for the feedback. "the banner shows that anti-aliasing and transparency do not a good mix make." The look/colours of the upgraded Mander Organs forum have still to be customised. Last night my Internet access went down so I couldn't any more to it after the migration was completed, around 9.00pm. I have now dealt with the background to the "Mander Organs" logo. "the quote tags in the migrated posts have been lost" I'll ask the support people about that. I think the "post rebuild" should have put that right. A couple of other things will be tidied up, when I ha
  8. Yes, Henry Willis took a chain saw to the Double Open Wood when they did the work on the organ. Nobody is quite sure why. Bits of it remained in the organ until we did the work in the 1980s, but literally just bits, not a single complete pipe.
  9. Just for the record, the BTH organ was not changed tonally. The significant improvement in the sound of the organ (and it is very significant) is entirely due to the changed (and much improved) acoustic. A group of us listened to the organ before the major work was done on the hall, but after the entire interior had been stripped out. The transformation was quite unbelievable. The organ sounded SO much better. To be honest, the BTH organ never really grabbed me, but hearing it on that occasion I suddenly found it thrilling. Yet another example which demonstrates that most about especially good
  10. MM, please engage brain for one second before posting and making unsubstantiated allegations and defaming organists. Moderator, Mander Organs
  11. It has been drawn to our attention that that recording of the Bingham Prom peformance has been posted on-line without the permission of composer, publisher, performer or the BBC, which means that it is illegal. Infringement of copyright. I understand that, in due course, there will be a commercial recording that will be available for download from the web. Moderator, Mander Organs
  12. If you are following that link, I hope your malware detection is up to date. It is a Ukrainian web site, and one forum participant has reported that the document on that link might be infected. Moderator, Mander Organs
  13. You are forgetting, perhaps, that this is the Internet. It is a long-accepted "principle" that whoever owns an on-line forum, bulletin board, mail-list, blog comments section, can "take his ball home" any time he wants and for any reason or none. There doesn't have to be a "policy" - it is a judgement call for the forum owner. If the owner finds something tasteless, then it is tasteless and will be removed. I have had comments of mine removed, in other places, and not agreed with the "reason" for removal (if any were given, which is seldom); I suggest that you do as I do - just "roll wi
  14. Responding to the alert (Reported Post) relayed to me by John Mander - tasteless joke deleted, and all the posts that referenced it. Not the bee-keeping course this time - a meeting with the police about organising a peaceful protest in Greenwich. Moderator, Mander Organs
  15. carrick has been suspended. Sorry for the delay in attending to this - the alerts were relayed to me after I had gone out to a beekeeping evening class, and I have only just got home. Will clean up the worst on this thread and look at it again to do the rest in the morning. Moderator, Mander Organs
  16. This thread has been closed because further discussion of specifics will make life difficult for people who don't deserve to have life made difficult for them on the Mander forum. Moderator, Mander Organs
  17. Thanks, MM. Moderator, Mander Organs
  18. This topic has been "pruned" by the moderator. In addition to the main, offensive, post several other comments were deleted only because they quoted the offending post or were off-topic.
  19. David, as requested in your PM to Mander Organs of a few minutes ago, I have deleted your profile. Kind regards. Rachel Mawhood Moderator, Mander Organs
  20. Please read the Guidelines for participants. Mander Organs' moderation is very "light touch" but when intervention is required, then intervention happens. It is natural that people should sometimes feel peeved whenever their posts are deleted but Mander Organs has to do whatever is best to keep the whole forum a safe and civilised place to be. Rachel Mawhood Moderator, Mander Organs
  21. I refer the honourable gentleman to the Guidelines for Participants (top left, just below "Mander Organs"). This forum is to discuss pipe organs, not the ins and outs of on-line forum moderation. As an owner of fora, yourself, you will know that - when all is said and done - the forum is Mander Organs' "ball". Rachel Mawhood Moderator, Mander Organs
  22. You are supposed to put it in your profile. But you've done so anyway? I'll wait to see what John Mander says, if anything. You do know, though, that you can ask Google to index your site? But you should wait until it is finished because, when you ask Google to do this, Google does so immediately - and then not again for perhaps a month or more. Rachel Mawhood Webmaster, Mander Organs
  23. This evening, Paul Derrett has attempted to take this "dispute" up to another level and, as a consequence, is permanently banned. This topic is now pinned, and any new topics started on the subject of Paul Derrett will be deleted. Rachel Mawhood Moderator, Mander Organs
  24. There is nothing stopping Paul from starting his own blog or on-line forum. Moderator, Mander Organs
  25. There is nothing stopping Paul Derrett taking this to e-mail with Andrew Moyes. Moderator, Mander Organs
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