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  1. On my side of the River Severn we have a ban on singing hymns but I attended the service in my local cathedral and, IIRC, we had organ music before the service. Dave
  2. Wonder what the score is here - I just checked the website and it is still live with no news of closure. The same goes for the company's FB page. However if this is true - and I join everyone else here in hoping that it most definitely isn't - then it is be very sad news indeed and my thoughts are with the workforce. Dave
  3. Tomorrow's service from Sheffield Cathedral could be interesting: I wonder what the Dean will have to say for himself. If I was he I would be choosing my words rather carefully in view of the backlash from the disbandment of the choir. Dave
  4. Can't find anything from Ripon Cathedral, either on social media or the cathedral website, saying so. Doesn't mean he hasn't of course. Dave
  5. The suggestion that the press were told before the choir is, if true, a very poor way of doing things. Dave
  6. Meanwhile a group of former musicians, including a former ADoM, have had their say also: this has appeared online. https://sites.google.com/view/savesheffieldcathedralchoir/home Dave
  7. I have seen that letter to the editor of the CT. If what is said in it is true (and, as you say, we have no proof either way) then it is not good at all and doesn't reflect very well on certain people in the cathedral. Dave
  8. BBC News have said that the arrested man was released without charge on Sunday evening (19th July): see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-53462790 in which can be found a quote from a clerk (priest?) of the cathedral, Jean-Charles Nowak, who is quoted as saying that the volunteer was "a man of duty who had suffered a lot in Rwanda [.....] I don't believe for a second that he could have set the cathedral on fire. It's a place he adores." Dave
  9. Post withdrawn @ 2353 BST, 19/07/2020: please delete.
  10. The website of the Diocese of Nantes contains this image from the fire confirming what we already knew: Further photos can be found at https://diocese44.fr/incendie-a-la-cathedrale-saint-pierre-et-sainte-paul-de-nantes/ (Diocese website) and https://www.rt.com/news/495186-nantes-cathedral-fire-arson/ Very sad. Dave
  11. Yes. One of the two other fires was on one side of the nave and has taken the console of the OdC of which the pipework has survived, albeit probably in need of a clean by now. Dave
  12. I can understand consideration being given to the cause as possible arson. Interestingly, however, one of the members of the "Aristide Cavaillé-Coll" group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/aristidecavaillec0ll - a member called Jean-Pierre Pottier - posted a comment containing a quote from one of the cathedral's titular organists - Michel Bourcier - who is quoted as saying: "Hier soir, à 21 h, j'ai répété sur l'orgue jusque 21 h, je préparais les messes de dimanche et du 5 août, je n'ai rien vu d'anormal." which translates as "Last night, at 21 pm, I rehearsed on the organ until 21 pm, I was preparing the masses of Sunday and August 5th, I didn't see anything wrong." That makes me think a bit. If M. Bourcier was in the cathedral practicing he would presumably have had a key and I imaging that the building would have been locked while he was in there so there would have been no public access. He also says he saw nothing out of place during that time. I do, of course and before anybody asks, make no suggestion that the organist was responsible for this. In the event that arson is ruled out I would be tempted to suggest that one cause might have been an electrical fault (power surge?) affecting more than one part of the cathedral simultaneously. The fact that a nearby resident heard "a bang" at around 0730 local time might add to the suggestion of an electrical fault / power surge. Dave
  13. Both confirmed by Reuters. One local prosecutor has said that "three fires had been started at the site". Perhaps it is possible that someone somehow stayed in the cathedral overnight somehow but you would think that the building would be checked over at locking up time. Organ was by Cliquot (1784) and others. IV/74/104. The man thing here is that the damage to the cathedral in Nantes is understood to be not as serious as that at NDP. Interestingly, despite the words from that local prosecutor, a local fire chief has said that the fire "had broken out behind the grand organ" but confirms the instrument's destruction. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-france-nantes-fire/fire-destroys-organ-shatters-stained-glass-at-nantes-cathedral-in-france-idUKKBN24J07Q So two probable causes: either arson (as suggested by the prosecutor) or an electrical fault in the organ (if the local fire chief is correct: electrical equipment for the organ might have been located there). A sad loss either way organ-wise. Dave
  14. Cologne Cathedral's organ can be seen here but, unfortunately, not from the loft. I wonder how Google would go about adding images although clearly it is possible for users to do so as shown by this one - https://goo.gl/maps/AWjPSFYDNtpxk5Gn6 - which has been added by a user. If I find myself in Cologne again it would be tempting to ask if I can do a panorama from the organ loft. The view of the cathedral interior would be as splendid to see as the organ itself is to hear! Dave
  15. Yes correct: effective 15th June I believe. No need to publish a list here at Bristol though: the music here has been coming from a CD released by the girls choir of Norwich and we had the same setting for several weeks. The only change this morning was the setting. I look forward to hearing the Bristol Cathedral choir once again when the new Dean is installed, if not before, later this year. Dave
  16. Zeemans was obviously a busy person: he was also organist of the Grote Kerk in Breda for a time. Dave
  17. I think we have good reason to be hopeful: he has a YouTube channel - from which that clip is taken - and his last upload was 2 weeks ago playing at Lviv, Ukraine. Clearly a promising young musician whose YT channel can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPAlikiXI0qO1f7D3wFLktQ Dave
  18. Although I am unlikely to own a pipe organ (unless I acquire a house with one - I ended up not learning for as long as I would like due to the local church being kept locked after the verger left) I would prefer to have a box organ. The temptation would be there to have some pedals with it that could be detatched for transport if desired: I have come across something like that before. This example is taken from the website of Škrabl - https://www.skrabl.co.uk/small-organs.asp - and is advertised with the specification of Bourdon 8, Flute 4 (both wood) and Principal 2 (Metal) with a 56 note compass: the pedals, if I had them, would play from the Bourdon 8. Dave
  19. Members of this forum might be interested to know that a YouTube channel was established about 3 months ago dedicated to the organs of Cologne Cathedral, Germany. There are - at the time of writing - 9 videos featuring not only music, interior tours of the crossing and nave organs and other things besides. The clips are mostly done by Winfried Bönig (organist of the Cathedral) but one of the clips also features some technical insight from an employee of Klais (Bonn) who built both instruments and the videos are in German. The YouTube channel can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNAbpw1TN1AVttE3v2zRSSQ/ and there is also a Facebook page for anyone who has it - https://www.facebook.com/domorgel - which has been in existence longer than the YouTube channel. HTIOI, Dave
  20. I have the DVD and book as well Paul from when I purchased it while in Lisbon on holiday. Very good indeed. Dave
  21. DaveHarries

    Notre Dame

    I thought this might be of interest. The Facebook page of the organbuilding workshop of Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux has this video showing some of the work to dismantle the organ of Notre Dame de Paris for the work of 1990-1992. I am guessing it won't be long before they start dismantling it once again for restoration work following last year's near disaster: hopefully within a few years the beast will roar again. Meantime the video from Cattiaux is at https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2614655468778918 Dave
  22. Good opportunity for someone: wonder who built the various organs (or so it seems) which make up the instrument? I hope someone saves it: looks like the sort of instrument that might suit a small parish church somewhere. Dave
  23. Indeed. I attend Evensong on Wednesdays and tend to find that if the organist uses one of the low pedal notes it makes the stall vibrate (I tend to sit on the Cantoris side, below the organ) which is a strange feeling in some ways. Dave
  24. I was lucky enough to go to a service at York Minster for the consecration of a bishop back in February 2019 (coach from Bristol at 5am so up at 4am - eeek!) and it was a pity to hear an electronic (albeit a reasonable one). The music for the service (Songmen & Choral Scholars of York Minster, along with singers from the University of York (dir. Ben Morris) singing WA Mozart's "Spatzenmesse" (Sparrow Mass) K200) was extremely good and I am glad that the work on the organ has been a success. Dave
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