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  1. Good to be able to see from the Twitter feed of Wimborne Minster that work on the organ started on Monday 01st February. Let us hope all goes well both for Manders and the Minster. Dave
  2. The organ of Auckland Town Hall sounds in excellent voice with Tim Noon at the console accompanying the Auckland Symphony Orchestra with the Finale from Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony no.3. The clip is dated 04-Nov-2013. Dave
  3. Likewise. Perhaps shows a lack of maintenance on someone's part. Dave
  4. Glad to hear this. Hopefully their partnership on the Wroclaw organ will restart too. Dave
  5. A shame to hear of this. Back when I was learning the organ while at school I used some of his books. RIP. Dave
  6. Indeed. Congratulations Wayne. Dave
  7. I heard it on the radio *and* watched it on the TV. Enjoyed both. Not without using my phone because I have no speakers on my PC. I am also a shortwave radio listener too (listening only, not transmitting) so I would have tried it for an experiment. Maybe next year. Dave
  8. I hadn't noticed that the BBC's broadcast of Midnight Mass was from Clifton Cathedral (which is not far from me). I had lessons for a time on the organ there and my teacher was someone whose name I decline to mention on this forum (I haven't seen the person in question on this forum for a considerable time but they were, IIRC, a member of it). It was an enjoyable instrument to play and I am glad it is being kept in good order. Dave
  9. I would like to take this opportunity not only to thank our new hosts for keeping this forum running and also my fellow members for their contributions over this unusual year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas as well as all the best for what I hope will be a brighter and better 2021 for us all. Dave
  10. Indeed. When my local church - St. Mary's, Stoke Bishop (NPOR D07728) - was reordered and refurbed back in 2011 the organ was wrapped both on its main (choir side) façade and on the side (nave) façade. However someone doing the work managed, in mid-to-late 2011, to make a hole in the wrapping which, through ingress of dust, rendered the organ unplayable for some weeks. The remedial work was done in early 2012 IIRC, at no cost to the parish. Although the organ remains with the same specification as it had when rebuilt in 1979 the accoustic, thanks at least in part to the reordering, is rather dry nowadays. Dave
  11. For those of us (like myself) who have shortwave radios the BBC World Service is airing the Kings service. Not sure if I should post the frequency information here unless anyone is interested though but it will be live. Dave
  12. My favourite recording of Garth Edmunson's "Von Himmel Hoch" prelude is this one played by Andrew Lucas at St. Paul's Cathedral. Sounds great with a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Dave
  13. Very sad. I don't live in the area but I love exploring churches, particularly old ones. In this instance, however, one under arrest suspected of arson. It appears from the pictures on BBC News that the tower, spire and outer walls survived, which is something, but the loss of the rest is very sad especially at this time of the year. Organ was II+P/14. NPOR N00467. BBC News links is at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-55158763 and more details can also be found on the Diocese of Derby website at https://derby.anglican.org/en/news/latest-news/fire-damage-at-mackworth-all-saints-extensive.html which confirms tower, spire and extenal walls are all intact. Dave
  14. Bristol Cathedral are doing online bookings for services. No music booklet for December has yet been produced though but I imagine one will appear soon. It could well be that the chapter, along with our (still fairly new) Dean, are still working it out and you can't rush things in times like those we find ourselves in. I am booked in for the 6pm service this coming Sunday though which is, I believe, planned to be an Advent service of sorts. Dave
  15. What is going on with that fabulous instrument then? Dave
  16. A pity. Presumably the partnership (with Klais of Bonn and Zych of Poland) on the organ at St. Elizabeth, Wroclaw was not keeping them busy enough. Dave
  17. Didn't see a mouse - unless you are imagining things. Saying that I wouldn't blame any mouse for doing that! Dave
  18. Good luck with getting permission from the church. Some churches, such as my local one - St. Mary's, Stoke Bishop, Bristol (III+P, 1979 Daniel of Clevedon (NPOR D07728) - charge a small fee for it which is understandable. Purely OOI which church is it? Will look them up on the NPOR. Dave
  19. I know what you mean about being able to practice more than once a week between lessons: I wish that I'd had access to a small organ for home use. As it was I started learning at school and, to begin with, used the organ in the school hall (1986 by unknown builder; extension ranks; II+P/18 - NPOR E00643) which my teacher referred to more than once as a "squeezebox" (well, the cases are rather cramped... 😁). Later I was able to use the organ in the school chapel (IV+P/49, H&H 1911/1947/1994/2017 - NPOR A00255) but I then changed schools and had to use the local church in the end which made practice somewhat tricky, especially in the wedding season, and that became trickier after the verger - who used to give me the key out of hours - was made redundant. Anyway does the school your son is at not have a chapel (or school hall) with an organ in? Either way I wish him much luck. Dave
  20. Just had a look on Exeter's website. Luckily they will have Mr. Parsons' talents among them for a while yet as he doesn't move on until April. https://www.exeter-cathedral.org.uk/news-events/latest-news/exeter-cathedrals-assistant-director-of-music-to-take-up-new-role-at-st-edmundsbury/ Dave
  21. My experience of Carillons only goes so far as my being a shortwave radio listener. When it used to broadcast both on shortwave and mediumwave the foreign language services of RNW (Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Hilversum, NL) used to use a tune played on a carillon as their sign on. It can be heard here, along with the carillon in question: RNW is no longer on the air: it closed back in 2012 but was easily one of the best English-speaking stations in Europe. I considered it better than its BBC counterpart. Dave
  22. Quick update on this one. The pew sheet from Southwark Cathedral on 18th October advises that the lunchtime organ concert of 19th October was given by Peter Wright - previously (?) DoM of Southwark Cathedral - who is referred to as Interim DoM of Ripon Cathedral: it seems he will be in post as such until Summer 2021. I say "previously" DoM of Southwark Cathedral with a question mark: it is not clear if his departure from Southwark to Ripon is only until next Summer pending return to Southwark after he finishes at Ripon, unless he obtains the Ripon job on a permanent basis of course. Dave
  23. Westbury-on-Trym, which is not far from me, was renovated in 2011 with the work being done by Skrabl (Slovenia) who now seem to have quite a few organs on our shore (Lyme Regis, for one, which is the only one I have ever seen in the flesh: lovely looking instrument). I don't know if any alterations to the stoplist were made to the Westbury organ by Skrabl though: the NPOR entry (N03846) has some stops marked as "new" but the mention of the renovation is under the same record as the Percy Daniel rebuild of 1965 so it is unclear if PD put them in or Skrabl: I guess the former. Dave
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