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  1. Westbury-on-Trym, which is not far from me, was renovated in 2011 with the work being done by Skrabl (Slovenia) who now seem to have quite a few organs on our shore (Lyme Regis, for one, which is the only one I have ever seen in the flesh: lovely looking instrument). I don't know if any alterations to the stoplist were made to the Westbury organ by Skrabl though: the NPOR entry (N03846) has some stops marked as "new" but the mention of the renovation is under the same record as the Percy Daniel rebuild of 1965 so it is unclear if PD put them in or Skrabl: I guess the former. Dave
  2. Indeed Paul: I will look forward to that. Dave
  3. At least Canterbury have, by the sound of things, all their choristers in full voice. Certainly doing better than at least one cathedral I can think of where the choristers are not singing services for the whole term! I am also a Cathedral volunteer and missing being on duty. I trust that your sons are enjoying their time as choristers. Dave
  4. Thank you for the correction on the location where that Battle Music was played. I watched HG's series at the time it was first aired and it was great seeing all those historic organs and the fabulous churches which house them. If you get a chance to go to Braga it is worth the visit. When I went to the Cathedral there the gallery at one end was open to visitors and the organ photos I got came out very well. Dave
  5. Bristol's ordinations, delayed from July, are happening on Sunday 04th October, the day after the installation of Rev. Canon Mandy Ford (who recently finished her time as Canon Chancellor of Southwark Cathedral) as Dean of Bristol although I don't know if she will be having a part in that service. Should be interesting although I also don't know if it will be streamed live. Dave
  6. Here is a very nice clip of the organs of Braga Cathedral, Portugal. I was fortunate enough to spend a day in Braga a few years back and the cathedral was a definite highlight. The music in much of this clip featured on Howard Goodall's "Organ Works" programme on TV several years ago when it was played on an organ in, IIRC, Salamanca. The city is considered a major religious centre and was, at least for a time, known as the "Rome of Portugal" (its line of Bishops and Archbishops has, if records are correct, only been broken 3 times since AD45, specifically AD716-1070, 1641-1670 and 1728-1740 according to Wikipedia). The organs date from around 1735-1740. HTIOI, Dave
  7. I went to a service in Norwich once back in 2012: very nice music. Dave
  8. This is well worth hearing. The untouched 1737 Baumeister organ of the Klosterkirche in Maihingen, Germany. Still has original blowing mechanism (as an alternative to electric blowing, I think?), pipework, keyboards and all. Lovely sound. Dave
  9. I had an organ teacher who was convicted of such things but never tried anything on me. I won't mention his name but he was also a member of this forum and, as far as I know, is no longer: I haven't heard anything of him for a long time and have no wish to. My sympathies are always with those who suffer abuse. Dave
  10. The website of Mander Organs survives has now been updated with the contact details for FH Browne as well as a shortened version of the message from Stephen Bayley. Dave
  11. Indeed and I would. Given the space I would indeed love to have a small box organ with an 8ft pedal but which could easily be transported in a van. Manders would certainly be in contention for such a contract. With me, however, space is one object and money is the other! Dave
  12. Excellent news: I wish the new Mander Organs well. Dave
  13. No indeed but those Tubas in Cologne Cathedral are, it would seem, very effective for making the crowd shut up when you are playing! Dave
  14. The transept organ of Cologne Cathedral (Klais, 1948 & 1956, refurbed 2002) has a high-pressure division - the "Hochdruckwerk" - which has no less than 5 tubas! Two of these - the "Tuba Episcopalis" (played when the archbishop enters) and a "Tuba Capitularis" (played at the entry of canons to mass) - are located at the west end of the cathedral and are, I understand, voiced on 39.3-inch (998.2mm) wind pressure. There is a YouTube clip - look for "Kölner Dom - Orgelmusik am Ostersonntag 2010" - where one of the Tubas, if not both, gets used at the end. Quite loud: worth hearing! Dave
  15. We in Bristol said farewell to our last Dean back in September 2019 (he was well liked and very good at his job but applied for the post of, was appointed, Dean of a large church in London: doesn't seem like 11 months already): his successor was announced a month or two back as the then Canon Chancellor of Southwark and she will become the first female Dean of Bristol when she is installed (for which there is, understandably, no date at present), thereby continuing a line of Deans, almost unbroken (bar the civil wars of the mid-1600s I think) which goes back to 1542. Dave
  16. And who, interestingly, was succeeded by Francis Pigou (Dean, 1888-1891). Pigou didn't like Chichester - he is said to have found it "unbearably sleepy" and that there was "so little to do" - and he eventually became Dean of Bristol Cathedral in 1891 where he remained in office until he died in 1916. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Pigou) Dave
  17. I have signed up on the replacement forum too. I will be very sorry to see this forum go: the knowledge and chit-chat on this forum has been great over the nearly 16 years (I joined 13th October 2004) that I have been a member. I hope that the replacement forum will be just as busy and knowledgeable. I extend my thanks to our hosts and admin who have run this forum. Dave
  18. I am happy staying here for as long as this forum continues to exist. Dave
  19. In view of the lack of choral music in Cathedrals at the present time I thought that members might enjoy this. On 28th July the Choral Scholars of Tewkesbury Abbey, along with those of the Cathedrals of Bristol, Worcester, Exeter, Truro, Gloucester, Wells and Hereford raised money for the CCEF (Cathedral Choirs Emergency Fund) by doing a virtual Evensong. The fundraising target is around £1m and, as of 27th July, was at just short of £850k - see https://bristol-cathedral.co.uk/news/scholars-evensong.-tuesday-28-july-6.30pm - and the resulting service, which also features Romain Bornes (Organ Scholar, Bristol Cathedral) and Manuel Piazza (Organ Scholar, Truro Cathedral) is very good indeed. MUSIC: Pre-service organ music: Scherzetto from Sonata in C Minor (Percy Whitlock) Cantabile from 3 Pièces pour grand orgue (César Franck) Introit: Lead me, Lord (Paul Mealor) Responses: Bernard Rose ATB Psalm: 23 (C. Hylton Stewart) First Lesson: Micah 6 vv.1-8 Canticles: Wood in E for Double ATB Second Lesson: Corinthians 13 Anthem: Let all the World (Roxanna Panufnik) Hymn: Glory to thee, my God, this night (Tallis’ Canon) Final Responses: Ferial (Edward Naylor) Voluntary: Prelude and Fugue in B Major (Marcel Dupré) CAST: Altos: Ella Venn, Jessie Woodhouse, Alice Risdon, Esmée Loughlin-Dickenson, Adam Fyfe, Hope Pugh Tenors: Michael Burgess, Matthew Jeffrey, Daniel Maw, Robert Murray John, Oliver Fulwell, Tomasz Holownia, Edward Dunne, Rufus Pawsey, Horatio Carr-Jones Basses: Benedict Dimond, Tom Noon, Andrew Culver, Harry Hoyland, David Bevan, Tom South Sorry for the black background to the music and names: I couldn't work out how to remove it. HTIOI, and enjoy! Dave
  20. On my side of the River Severn we have a ban on singing hymns but I attended the service in my local cathedral and, IIRC, we had organ music before the service. Dave
  21. Wonder what the score is here - I just checked the website and it is still live with no news of closure. The same goes for the company's FB page. However if this is true - and I join everyone else here in hoping that it most definitely isn't - then it is be very sad news indeed and my thoughts are with the workforce. Dave
  22. Tomorrow's service from Sheffield Cathedral could be interesting: I wonder what the Dean will have to say for himself. If I was he I would be choosing my words rather carefully in view of the backlash from the disbandment of the choir. Dave
  23. Can't find anything from Ripon Cathedral, either on social media or the cathedral website, saying so. Doesn't mean he hasn't of course. Dave
  24. The suggestion that the press were told before the choir is, if true, a very poor way of doing things. Dave
  25. Meanwhile a group of former musicians, including a former ADoM, have had their say also: this has appeared online. https://sites.google.com/view/savesheffieldcathedralchoir/home Dave
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