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  1. Do you have a link to that picture please? Meanwhile more things circulated on social media this morning, 16th April through the "Organs of Paris" Facebook group. At around 0715 BST the vicar-general of the Archdiocese of Paris, Mgr Benoist de Sinety, was quoted as saying: "L’orgue de Notre-Dame de Paris est « pratiquement totalement détruit » but that contradicts the more positive words from Monseigneur Aupetit, Archbishop of Paris on BFMTV: "It is possible that the great organ is saved." More encouraging words, however, have since emerged from other sources. BFM TV ran a report which said that the great organ is in a relatively good state. But easily the most important, and best, quotes come from four other sources which have been quoted on the FB group: Michel Picaud (Friends of Notre Dame, a US-based foundation dedicated to fundraising for the Cathedral's reconstruction work), confirmed on NBC that the roof had been destroyed but added: "The fire started up near the roof top, while another fire started in the north bell tower. All damage seems to be up high and did not go into the lower part of church or touch the organ or stained-glass windows." (I have heard on media here in the UK that all 3 of the main rose windows in the cathedral survived the blaze. One of them sits behind the great organ so if the organ had been lost then the west rose window would likely have followed it.) Philippe Lefèbvre, one of the organiste titulaires of Notre-Dame de Paris, has been quoted as saying: "The organ is there but as long as no one gets into it we won't know if the heat, water or vault debrits will have deteriorated the instrumental part." There is indeed a god! Dave
  2. Watching F24 Live @ 2016 BST it looks as if whatever was burning in that tower has been swiftly put out. Dave
  3. Indeed although I think there may now be only one organ left at best. The central spire collapsed and fell to the east which means that the orgue de choeur (Merkin 1865, reb. 1966-1969 with work in 1970, 1987 & 1990s) may not have survived this awful event. Dave
  4. Watching France 24 Live as @ 1929 BST it seems that the rose window where the organ is located is currently intact which gives at least some hope for the survival of the instrument but it is certainly not looking good so we could potentially be talking about the biggest, and perhaps saddest, loss of any organ ever. Certainly smoke and water damage at best. Dave
  5. Seeing as this thread has not had any posts for a good while I thought I would pass on, albeit at rather short notice, that Nathan Laube is giving a recital on the organ at Clifton College Chapel, Bristol (Guthrie Road, Clifton, BS8 3EZ) on Thursday 21st March 2019 beginning at 7:30pm. The concert is being hosted, it seems, by the Bristol and District Organists Association. I used to have lessons on the organ (Harrison & Harrison IV+P/49 from 1911 with further H&H work in 1978, 1994 & 2017) so I will be going to that. I look forward to hearing it. This link to article on the Clifton College website shows the poster with the programme on it: https://www.cliftoncollege.com/news/2019/february/concert-by-us-virtuoso-organist/ Dave
  6. Serious news from Paris is that firefighters were called to Saint Sulpice this afternoon, 17th March, at around 1:20pm after a fire broke out. Some damage to a door and probably some smoke damage to the church interior. An update on the "Organs of Paris" group on Facebook says that " the fire was super fast put out - the fire deparmtent came immediately. It was very limited to what you see. It was likely NOT arson NOT - it might have been an electrical fire. People were in the church when it happened. The organ is likely FINE!" One person has posted on another Facebook group - the "Warrington Cavaillé-Coll Organ" one - that "It seems only the Transept door has been severely damaged......but the smoke inside will certainly affect the Organ.....especially the reeds." Either way we can be glad that it was the transept door, not the main entrance doors, that burnt out or we could possibly be talking rather more damage to the organ. Article from the "Le Parisien" website which includes some YouTube footage: http://www.leparisien.fr/paris-75/paris-l-eglise-saint-sulpice-evacuee-apres-un-incendie-17-03-2019-8033700.php Dave
  7. Hi, I have Sony MDR-ZX770BN headphones and find them great for organ music and one or two other genres of music too. Dave
  8. Nice job by David Rhodes: very jazzy piece by the sound of it albeit not one I have ever come across before. When I was younger my Dad said of organ music that you can "always expect fireworks from the French" and a fine example thereof can be heard in this 2011 clip from Notre Dame, Paris. The music was composed by one of the Cathedral's organists, Yves Castagnet (rather an appropriate name for a musician?) who was appointed to Notre Dame in 1988 at the age of 23. Setting: "Messe Salve Regina" (Castagnet) // Grand Orgue: Olivier Latry // Orgue de Choeur: Yves Castagnet Well worth a listen: quite dramatic! Dave
  9. Merci rogbi. Glad that things are not as bad as they sounded or could have been. Dave
  10. Unfortunately the newspaper "Le Parisien" reported on 05th March that, overnight 02nd / 03rd March, someone broke into the basilica of Saint-Denis. By the sound of things the intruder is thought to have gained access by using scaffolding (the Google Translate effort on the article says the intruder "would have benefited from the works and would have climbed by a terrace of the basilica") and, having done this, he broke two panels of the stained glass windows that are part of the South Rose window which is currently being restored. Said intruder landed at the level of the triforium but he landed in the organ. Having done that he damaged "the engine" (bellows?) and broke two panels on the organ case to escape. The damage was found by the organist after he arrived before mass on the Sunday morning (03rd March). The conservator of the basilica, Saadia Tamelikecht, is quoted as saying that the "Degradations (damage?) are major." Hopefully the person responsible (who will be found, by the sound of it, in the near future - blood stains were found among the broken glass) has not done any other damage to the organ which was, I believe, Cavaillé-Coll's first and was built between 1834 and 1841 according to the article. Original article (in French): http://www.leparisien.fr/seine-saint-denis-93/saint-denis-l-orgue-de-la-basilique-degrade-apres-une-intrusion-05-03-2019-8025483.php - some of you may be able to run the article past an online translation site. Dave
  11. Sad news. I was given a copy of "Making Music On The Organ" as a present once. Not too long afterwards I got wind that he was giving a concert in bristol so I took the book along and he was kind enough to sign it. I still have the book. May he rest in peace. Dave
  12. No worries Robert: I trust you had a good break. One of my nephews is a cathedral chorister (probationer, final year) so I frequently go to Choral Evensong when he is singing and the hard work that they put in always shows so I don't doubt that the holidays are welcomed by the choristers and those who train them. The service on 27th February was the first time I had ever been to a consecration service: great music but I had no idea they went on for so long. As for the (Suffragan) Bishop whose consecration I was there for she will be a very good appointment for the part of NW England she will be working in. Sorry to go off-topic but, as for the service yesterday and while I think of it, I did notice one thing which made me curious. The music for the responsorial psalm (Psalm 119, v. 165-174) was credited to the Archbishop of York (except for the descant which was credited to Andrew Lucas): I did wonder if that was a misprint although it does say "Music: John Sentamu 1949- " as the credit. There is nothing on his Wikipedia entry to suggest that the Archbishop had ever composed music (although it does say that he played African drums at his enthronement service) but it was very good. Dave
  13. I was at York Minster on 27th February for the consecration service of two new Bishops (one of whom was the wife of my local vicar) and it was a pity to have had an electronic organ in place of the pipes. The information provided by Robert is most interesting: thank you Robert. Dave
  14. Just come across this clip of the much-missed John Scott (1956-2015) directing the men and boys choir of St. Thomas Fifth Avenue, New York during a concert in Leipzig back in June 2012. YouTube does not, for whatever reason, allow embedding of the video but here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PziXx6wzWH4 Dave
  15. Probably couldn't be bothered. Are they pulling the whole building down or just the ceiling? Disgraceful either way and frankly inexcuseable IMO. Dave
  16. Lovely sounds coming from it on YouTube. What a waste. Dave
  17. HI Barry, Just had a read through of the pages on Magedburg's organ: very interesting. One comment, however, is that some of the links to pictures in the first two parts produced blank pages when I clicked on them. The two pictures I tried were the one of the 17th Century woodcut and the organ picture above the picture of the bomb damage around the cathedral. Dave
  18. For anyone interested the Facebook page of Liverpool Cathedral Choir has some photos. https://www.facebook.com/LiverpoolCathedralChoir A neighbour who was having a clearout gave me a vinyl of NR playing the organ of Liverpool Cathedral. Sadly I don't think I have a turntable for listening to it but I am sure I still have the record somewhere. May he rest in peace. Dave
  19. "Präludium und Fugue D-Dur" by Franz Schmidt as played on the Nave organ in Cologne Cathedral. Sounds fab: wouldn't mind hearing this live (ie. not on YouTube) if I ever get the chance but the noise-cancelling headphones I have make it sound as if I am there. Good processional piece for the end of a service perhaps. Dave
  20. Maybe as assistant. Church website says that the current DoM has been there, on his second spell as organist, since 1994. Dave
  21. May I also add my condolences to those expressed above. There is nothing wrong with a loved one being played out to his choice of music at all so I would say that it is better to respect the wishes of the deceased and therefore that you have done the right thing. Dave
  22. Greetings all, Yesterday (20th October 2018) the new Bishop of Bristol (Rt. Rev. Vivienne Faull, lately Dean of York for anyone wondering) was enthroned in what was an enjoyable occasion in Bristol Cathedral. For the occasion there were four motets which were: - "We wait for thy loving kindness, O God" (William McKie) - "Jubilate Deo" (William Walton) - "Eternal light, shine into our hearts" (Canon Richard Shepherd, Director of Development at York Minster - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Shephard) - "Ecce sacerdos Magnus" ("Behold, a great priest") (James MacMillan) The piece by Richard Shepherd was commissioned for the occasion and was a beautiful piece. The service booklet did not refer to him as Canon Richard Shepherd but the Bishop of Bristol, in her message in front of the booklet, referred to him as being a Canon of York. Anyway with the MacMillan "Ecce sacerdos" I have tried to find it on YouTube and I think this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6Qi6cdH514 - may be it but I am unsure: the service I heard it at was the first time I have heard any arrangement of Ecce sacerdos magnus, let alone James MacMillan's. I have tried to find it on Amazon to see if there is a CD with MacMillan's rendition on but to no avail. Anyone know if it has ever been recorded previously on a CD that is no longer available? It would be both a pity and a surprise if the answer was no. Dave
  23. I have never played any instrument by KJ and Associates but, in my opinion, it surely doesn't say much for the quality of their pipework if they have problems at Rugby School with sagging pipes after only 18 years of use? Pipework problems like that I would normally associate with much older instruments. Dave
  24. I think the work on Bristol Cathedral will start sometime early next year as, in the meantime, there is the enthronement of the new Bishop of Bristol (who, for anyone wondering, is to be the now Rt. Rev. Vivienne Faull, lately dean of York) followed by Christmas to contend with. Info on the organ project can be found on Bristol Cathedral's website: https://bristol-cathedral.co.uk/music/organ-and-sound/ Dave
  25. Thanks Rowland for those pointers: there are more English-built organs in Lisbon than I originally thought. I will look for some more when I hopefully go back there next year. Dave
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