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  1. Greetings Gentlemen! As one who is from Worcester and was taught and brought up on the old girl, I must say that she really is somewhat past her sell by date. It is sad that the sound of that instrument will be lost, however, it is an absolute hotchpotch of Hope-Jones, Harrison and Harrison and Walker and Wood Wordsworth. The instrument is very much on its last legs and we must be kind and have her 'put-down'. The original Hill instrument was taken out (all except the Transept Case) when Hope Jones built the then new instrument - if you wish to hear a large part of this and see part of the original quire case from the instrument, then visit the church of All Saints, Cheltenham, Glos - this is where a large proportion of it remains! Also, given the size of the Cathedral at Worcester I must say that I think it is an excellent idea to have two instruments... What we tend to forget in the UK is that most of our Cathedral Organs cannot fulfil their job effectively as they are trying to do two several things at once... not least try and fill two spaces... that of the Quire and the Nave. This is the problem that is inherent at Worcester, and with any luck should set an example to us all and lead us forward. With very best wishes, James
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