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  1. Alfred and Daniel Kern

    I've not seen it mentioned in English-language sources that the Kern firm, surely France's busiest of the last fifty years, closed down in 2015. Important contracts in Alsace now seem to be going to Quentin Blomenroeder of Haguenau (Marrmoutier and other Silbermann organs). He has also restored the famous Kern at Saint-Séverin in Paris.
  2. Glossy Organ Magazines

    Why do the glossy British organ magazines have so many adverts and "editorials" for American organ-builders? They sell hardly anything here.
  3. Peter Williams RIP

    Professor Peter Williams, Bach expert and organist, has died, I
  4. Nigel Allcoat

    brilliant speech from Nigel on why he resigned as a Magistrate on the Today programme just now
  5. Sir David Willcocks (1919-2015)

    Oh dear. I now have an earworm. Thank you David. On the other hand I can see that the "Now is the Month of Maying" Kyrie has many virtues. Concise, excellent music and not too hard. Much worse service settings have been written. Charpentier's mass is no sillier an idea.
  6. Goodbye King's

    To me this (the brief comment on the Harrison website) means: who knows? 'New Layout' could mean anything including 'much louder.' Winchester and Westminster Abbey became a lot louder after the 1980s rebuilds. I know that technically King's is not a Cathedral, but for practical purposes in this country (permanent (so far) musical foundation of the highest quality, very large size, very large organ) it is.
  7. Goodbye King's

    So that will leave Durham as the only remotely recognisable Arthur Harrison cathedral organ
  8. Red Light in Amsterdam

    Thought I'd go to an organ recital, off the street, since I was staying a few minutes away from the Nicolaaskerk, chief Catholic Church of Amsterdam, bang opposite Centraal Station. Wednesday evening recital series, beginning today, properly advertised outside the church. Big Sauer organ, the only substantial German romantic organ in the city. 8 euros, which is a bargain for any activity in Amsterdam these days. Huge church: couldn't get a seat. Because I was five minutes late. Tried to open the eight front doors. No dice. Rang every doorbell in the pastorate next door. No. Walked round the church. Hmm. North and South sides are completely covered with buildings and the east end is ducked in the canal. Another time I will break into the nh hotel next door and make my way up the service stair and drill from the ventilation shaft. The recital could be heard wafting out of the church...Great advertisement for the organ world. Yes, I know the football's on tonight. It starts in an hour.
  9. Peterborough

    I agree with innate. I know a few singers with pitch who have difficulties, but it's usually with transposing the written score, rather than the chosen or enforced A of the performance. None of the instrumentalists I have met, playing 392, 415, 431 ( LSO strings seemed less than keen!) or 466 seem to have had a problem, and a majority of the string players I know have pitch. One of them says that she didn't realise that everyone didn't until she was 24! I don't understand why Robert is so keen on this idea. It's clearly a pity not to be able to perform the Saint-Saens in the cathedral, but apart from that there's not much essential repertoire. I have also sung there (once, bizarrely, in an opera), and it's a difficult space for orchestral concerts. Flattening a large organ is incredibly expensive, as he says, and most organ builders I have met think that there are big problems with re-pitching. Since Peterborough is generally agreed to be a pretty good organ, would it not be better to leave well alone? Perhaps the money might be better put towards a proper concert venue, or a bigger choral foundation fund.
  10. Odeon Leicester Square

    Oh good. So much for believing what you read in a newspaper.
  11. Odeon Leicester Square

    Westminster Council has given permission for the demolition of the Odeon, Leicester Square, home of 'The Duchess,' one of the largest theatre organs. The Odeon is probably the last really big cinema in use as a cinema in England. Objections from English Heritage and the Ancient Monuments Society were ignored. Not a very good idea.
  12. Chester Cathedral Organ

    Volumina. Or is this urban myth? When St. Bartholomew's Armley was re-opened in 1956 a soundman dropped a plank into the organ just before the broadcast recital...Francis Jackson just got on with it.
  13. Chester Cathedral Organ

    Very good, Dr Drinkell! If only some people closer to home were so sensible. A friend of mine was charged £50 to play the famous organ at St Anne Limehouse recently.
  14. Ireland in A and St. Luke's, Chelsea

    about as common as a Norwegian-speaking dog. Don't all the dogs in Norway speak Norwegian? I know it's a small country. I believe they can also understand Swedish and Danish, though they don't spell things the same way.
  15. Unknown Builder of 1 manual pipe organ

    Thomas Neal born c.1864 is in the 1881 census at Heath & Reach, organ builder, born there, nephew of a carpenter. I imagine he was working for Thomas Atterton. Heath and Reach is near Leighton Buzzard.