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  1. ptindall

    List of beautiful English Organs

    The Birch organ is now in St. Michael, Walthamstow.
  2. ptindall

    List of beautiful English Organs

    Gray & Davison exhibited an organ with a case decorated by J.P. Seddon at the International Exhibition of 1862, rather than the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was illustrated that year in the Illustrated London News, and is now in St. Peter, Aldborough Hatch. The organ at Stowlangtoft is very similar, but the decoration differs in detail. Seddon did not start in practice until 1852, when he was 24.
  3. ptindall

    History of the Tremulant

    "There was a contrivance to give a tremulous motion to the bellows, which stop is, I believe, called a 'tremulant,' but I did not like the unsteady effect it produced." So, Vincent Novello had not seen a tremulant until 1829, when he visited the Heilig Geist Kirche in Heidelberg. (A Mozart Pilgrimage, 1975 London edition, p. 296)
  4. ptindall

    Hull Minster Organ Appeal

    BBC Studio 1, Maida Vale still has the illuminated stop controls. The organ sounded remarkably convincing at a Christmas concert, especially considering how little it is used.
  5. ptindall

    Bristol Catheral - Organ Appeal

    One of the problems with wholesale replacement of any part of an organ, such as the action, is that the eager custodians are tempted to do other things as well, such as altering the physical arrangement of the instrument, the soundboards or the winding. To say nothing of tonal alterations to satisfy 'the changed role of the organ' or the 'more sophisticated technical demands....of contemporary organ music'. Bright and shiny reasoning is always produced as to why these changes should be made,, but the result has been that almost every British cathedral or pseudo-cathedral organ has been constantly transformed, at enormous cost, and it is always a triumph. Until thirty years later. Since the Bristol organ is uniquely, comparatively little altered, surely it should be restored in its present state?
  6. ptindall

    Bristol Catheral - Organ Appeal

    . The implication in the website articles is to dump the 1907 action in favour of something else. So much for 'historic and sensitive restoration.' There are plenty of pneumatic actions in Germany which seem to have been restored satisfactorily, and even a few in this country.
  7. ptindall

    Alfred and Daniel Kern

    I've not seen it mentioned in English-language sources that the Kern firm, surely France's busiest of the last fifty years, closed down in 2015. Important contracts in Alsace now seem to be going to Quentin Blomenroeder of Haguenau (Marrmoutier and other Silbermann organs). He has also restored the famous Kern at Saint-Séverin in Paris.
  8. ptindall

    Glossy Organ Magazines

    Why do the glossy British organ magazines have so many adverts and "editorials" for American organ-builders? They sell hardly anything here.
  9. ptindall

    Peter Williams RIP

    Professor Peter Williams, Bach expert and organist, has died, I
  10. ptindall

    Nigel Allcoat

    brilliant speech from Nigel on why he resigned as a Magistrate on the Today programme just now
  11. ptindall

    Sir David Willcocks (1919-2015)

    Oh dear. I now have an earworm. Thank you David. On the other hand I can see that the "Now is the Month of Maying" Kyrie has many virtues. Concise, excellent music and not too hard. Much worse service settings have been written. Charpentier's mass is no sillier an idea.
  12. ptindall

    Buckfast Abbey

    Well. it's been a scandal for decades ....all other comments have been redacted because of the increasing restrictions on free speech in our free and fair country
  13. ptindall


    Well, it looks as though the re-pitching is going ahead. The cost is £410K. For not much more than this quite a big new organ (30 stops?) could be built in the cathedral, at modern pitch. Madness!
  14. ptindall

    Goodbye King's

    To me this (the brief comment on the Harrison website) means: who knows? 'New Layout' could mean anything including 'much louder.' Winchester and Westminster Abbey became a lot louder after the 1980s rebuilds. I know that technically King's is not a Cathedral, but for practical purposes in this country (permanent (so far) musical foundation of the highest quality, very large size, very large organ) it is.
  15. ptindall

    Goodbye King's

    So that will leave Durham as the only remotely recognisable Arthur Harrison cathedral organ