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  1. With some help from Google translate... The Minister of Culture, Franck Riester, said on France Inter that "the organ seems to be quite achieved" , while remaining cautious and emphasizing that "it is too early to make a total diagnosis" ....
  2. Interesting news from Sweden, and a sensible approach to the old instrument too!
  3. Here's the Letourneau in Selwyn College chapel here in Cambridge. I think it blends in well with its surroundings.
  4. According to www.southampton.ac.uk/music/about/facilities/keyboard.page "Our 1976 three-manual tracker-action pipe organ by Peter Collins is currently being rebuilt off-site with a view to starting an exciting new life in a church building. The move has freed valuable floor space in the Turner Sims, which can now accommodate a full symphony orchestra."
  5. Plus a video here:... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIwVPafaWk0
  6. Thanks for the heads up on the Poulenc. Great fun but weren't the audience noisy or am I just getting old?!
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11524243/Church-organists-sacking-strikes-a-sour-note-as-choir-walk-out-en-masse.html Wonder what the actual story is.....
  8. Thanks for the kind words! Whether we make any more either videos and/or recordings depends on Anne's busy schedule and my ability to get time out of work to shoot. We have some ideas but nothing set in stone as yet. Also we are at the mercy of the generosity of the various colleges and their chapels too. If something comes up, I'll let you know! Regards, Oliver (biggestelk)
  9. If I am allowed to sound my own trumpet so to speak, here is a video I made recently of Anne Page playing Bach's Canonic Variations on 'Vom Himmel hoch' in Pembroke College Chapel, Cambridge. Hope you enjoy! :-)
  10. Quite heavy when the shove coupler was on, but easy enough action to play if you can remember which blinkin notes you're supposed to be playing depending on the key!!! Not too deep, nice and positive, not spongy. :-)
  11. I was very fortunate to have a quick guided tour/play on the North German School organ in the New Church, Orgryte, Gothenburg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_German_baroque_organ_in_%C3%96rgryte_Nya_Kyrka Quite an experience. I haven't played a short octave, split key action before! Also, the two odd looking studs on the pedalboard, are in fact notes!
  12. THE ANSWER!!!! #pipeorgan mystery solved. It was not in France or England, but in Brooklyn!! olrbrooklyn.org thanks for your all your thoughts!
  13. An organ builder found the tape inside a bellow in a Gonzalez pipe organ.
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