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  1. With some help from Google translate... The Minister of Culture, Franck Riester, said on France Inter that "the organ seems to be quite achieved" , while remaining cautious and emphasizing that "it is too early to make a total diagnosis" ....
  2. Interesting news from Sweden, and a sensible approach to the old instrument too!
  3. Here's the Letourneau in Selwyn College chapel here in Cambridge. I think it blends in well with its surroundings.
  4. According to www.southampton.ac.uk/music/about/facilities/keyboard.page "Our 1976 three-manual tracker-action pipe organ by Peter Collins is currently being rebuilt off-site with a view to starting an exciting new life in a church building. The move has freed valuable floor space in the Turner Sims, which can now accommodate a full symphony orchestra."
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11524243/Church-organists-sacking-strikes-a-sour-note-as-choir-walk-out-en-masse.html Wonder what the actual story is.....
  6. "However, I would still maintain Elgar falls between the parameters given, due to the fact that, regardless of its title, it is (as has previously been stated here) an orchestral work that happens to be (mostly) playable on an organ." I have the Gordon Jacob orchestral arrangement by the RLPO under Vernon Handley on CD. For me, it just doesn't work. The grandeur of the opening chords are lost in the effort by the orchestra to sustain the wall of sound at the beginning and I don't feel the piece flows as freely throughout. I guess it's because I'm so used to it on the organ that the orche
  7. I use the Grado SR 125 open backed headphones on my Wyvern Sonata (which I heartily endorse as a good old wholesome English voiced instrument) as they offer a wide sound stage with very good bass response without clouding the mid and treble. If you do get a toaster, I would seriously invest in a separate reverb unit as the on board ones are normally limited in their scope. Feel free to PM me if you want. Best wishes, Oliver.
  8. As I sit here I'm sharing with my the neighbours a thunderous example of the best of British Organbuilding! (If they're banging on the walls, I can't hear it!) Oliver Horn
  9. At the risk of asking a daft question, who is refurbishing St Pauls? I only ask as having bought the fantastic new CD of the RAH (go get your copy NOW!) and then gone to Dame Weir's website I saw this statement: "This will be a celebrity recital, the only event of its kind at St Paul's this season, just before the organ goes into wraps for a period of refurbishment, so it is the last chance to hear it in recital for some time." Any thoughts? Regards, Oliver Horn
  10. Yes, I must stop looking for organs on eBay, but nonetheless, here is the item number: 3769609849 Hope it finds a good home. Regards, Oliver Horn
  11. Here's one you might have missed..... (Must stop spending too much time on e Bay!) Organ Blowing its History & Development by Laurence Elvin, sighned by author 28 Sep 1972. Item number 6937769468 Regards, Oliver Horn
  12. The CD is 'The Organ at Adlington Hall played by Alan Cuckston'. It is a 'home made' ie non-label production on CDr but with good colour booklet and printed CD and is as good a presentation as you could want. I bought it off eBay from user ID 'foxgloveaudio'. It is well played and recorded. Maybe this seller has more copies, try e-mailing him. Music is mainly from 1550-1780 and seems to suit this instrument well. Hope this all helps, Regards, Oliver Horn
  13. Anyone know how the Adlington Hall organ is tuned? I ask because I've just bought a CD of it with loads of period pieces and it sounds great! Regards, Oliver Horn
  14. Just saw this, seems a shame to have to dispose of an instrument in this way...... Regards, Oliver Horn eBay item number 3761868292
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