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  1. With some help from Google translate... The Minister of Culture, Franck Riester, said on France Inter that "the organ seems to be quite achieved" , while remaining cautious and emphasizing that "it is too early to make a total diagnosis" ....
  2. Interesting news from Sweden, and a sensible approach to the old instrument too!
  3. Here's the Letourneau in Selwyn College chapel here in Cambridge. I think it blends in well with its surroundings.
  4. According to www.southampton.ac.uk/music/about/facilities/keyboard.page "Our 1976 three-manual tracker-action pipe organ by Peter Collins is currently being rebuilt off-site with a view to starting an exciting new life in a church building. The move has freed valuable floor space in the Turner Sims, which can now accommodate a full symphony orchestra."
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11524243/Church-organists-sacking-strikes-a-sour-note-as-choir-walk-out-en-masse.html Wonder what the actual story is.....
  6. I've went to Kings tonight to hear La Nativite played by Mr Cleobury. You could only just hear the thump of action during quiet solo passages on a single flute. Maybe the radio broadcast mics were in an odd place? Having not been into Kings for a bit, it struck me how squat and dumpy the case looks from the choir. I know it was deepened many years back, but it just looked like someone had sat on it. Maybe my eyes were playing up in the dim light.... Regards, Oliver.
  7. "However, I would still maintain Elgar falls between the parameters given, due to the fact that, regardless of its title, it is (as has previously been stated here) an orchestral work that happens to be (mostly) playable on an organ." I have the Gordon Jacob orchestral arrangement by the RLPO under Vernon Handley on CD. For me, it just doesn't work. The grandeur of the opening chords are lost in the effort by the orchestra to sustain the wall of sound at the beginning and I don't feel the piece flows as freely throughout. I guess it's because I'm so used to it on the organ that the orche
  8. I've always had a soft spot for the 540 fugue. I think I'm right in saying it's one of Bach's few double fugues? Please correct me if I'm wrong! I love the way the 2 distinct rhythmic phrases come together at the end with the pedal bouncing the 2nd subject against the first more sedate chromatic one. I also like it taken at a pace which allows you to hear what's going on and not just rattled off as quick as possible as it is so long.... Just my thoughts, Oliver.
  9. biggestelk

    Milos Sokola

    I have the Kynaston CD. PM me if you are interested..... Oliver.
  10. Thanks! Great Claribel Flute 8; Swell 'Lee Blick' Gedeckt 8, Gamba 8, Voix Celeste 8 & Subbass on pedal. Oliver.
  11. OK, I've done another version of the Thalben-Ball that hasn't been compressed to hell by YouTube. Go to http://www.biggestelk.com/gtb.mp3 Enjoy, mistakes and all.... Oliver.
  12. Hmm, must be 'here's mine' time! Bach, Herzlich thut mich verlangen BWV 727. So, try http://www.biggestelk.com/bach1.wav (I can't trill, shake, turn or even boogie for toffee I'm afraid)! Current generation Wyvern Sonata, recorded on little digital multi track and wav'ed (if there is such a term...) A decent reverb unit is an absolute must in my opinion, it can help to distance you from the 'pipes' and help the sound blend more naturally. I've just ordered a Lexicon MX400 as a replacement for the TC current one I've got. If you want boring tech details, please do ask! Best wishes,
  13. No targets here! So hold your head high! Just curious about other peoples instruments. This was never meant to be the Wyvern Owners Club! Whilst browsing the Compton website, I see they offer a Salicet which looks terribly like the Sonata! Methinks Content offer their organs to various brand names.... Any Allen or Johannus/Makin or Eminent people out there? I used to sell Rodgers back in the early 1990s and their original machines were nice, but I find they're now obviously showing their Italian birth sound wise. (On the less expensive instruments anyway). Oliver.
  14. If you really (?) want to hear me playing mine, go to http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=kWgR2fwK5Ug I videoed in widescreen, but youtube didn't like it so everything is a little fatter than it should be. Please excuse all the mistakes! Oliver.
  15. Whilst following various threads, It seems I'm not the only one around here with a Wyvern Sonata, so I'd thought I'd throw the question to the floor; What's your Toaster?
  16. I use the Grado SR 125 open backed headphones on my Wyvern Sonata (which I heartily endorse as a good old wholesome English voiced instrument) as they offer a wide sound stage with very good bass response without clouding the mid and treble. If you do get a toaster, I would seriously invest in a separate reverb unit as the on board ones are normally limited in their scope. Feel free to PM me if you want. Best wishes, Oliver.
  17. Oh, and here too.... http://www.hoffrichter-organs.co.uk/html/pictures.html
  18. Try http://www.hoffrichter-organs.co.uk/html/products.html They seem to have what you need... Cheers, Oliver.
  19. I e-mailed Harrisons and got this reply: Dear Mr Horn Thank you for your enquiry. One third of the RFH organ is back in place (see information below, from our website), but there is no money at present for completion of the project. We are hoping that we can complete reinstallation in 2011-12, but there will need to be further discussions with the South Bank Centre before this is confirmed. In August 2005 the organ was dismantled and stored in a separate warehouse in Durham. The Hall has been completely reconstructed with improved acoustics; it reopened in June 2007. The organ is
  20. Great sounds, beautifully recorded, but, in my very humble opinion, played far too fast to enjoy. I have a double cd of 'standard' organ works played by Ton Koopman, and although I really can appreciate the skill and technique required for this, I just don't enjoy performances at these sort of speeds (Waynespeed anyone?).
  21. True enough! I was think more along the lines of mrbouffants' position, would a church/client etc choose not to place an order with a 'better' firm in favour of a 'lesser' one that is more to the clients beliefs?
  22. What about organ builders? Are their instruments any less because the designer/builders/workspersons (!) do not subscribe to the beliefs of their clients? Regards, Oliver.
  23. "Maybe the distinction here is between the two types of Wyvern instruments. Their custom instruments use Phoenix electronics and consoles made in Devon by Renatus. I believe these use Kimber Allen pedal boards, which I guess are standard RCO dimensions. The other, less expensive, instruments are manufactured in Holland - I think the sample data may be to Wyvern specification, but not the hardware. Maybe these instruments are the ones with narrow pedalboards?" Yes, the less expensive (budget) organs are made by the Dutch firm Elpro. They have almost identical models under the Cont
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