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  1. Some news about the organ of Notre Dame de Paris today from organ builders Pascal Quoirin: “After two hours of examination of the instrument I did not notice any damage that could have been caused by the fire. Simply dust, a clean, light brown dust a bit like sand, non sticky dry dust. There was a thermometer with memory inside the instrument, it indicates a temperature of 17 degrees the day of the fire. So no degradation of the pipes or all the electronic components. In a fortnight we will be able to turn the organ on to be able to make a more detailed diagnosis, in particular on the s
  2. This is incorrect. The church has not gone ‘happy clappy, it never did. I left, after 13 years as DoM, in August 2016; my position became untenable but this was never to do with style of music or matters relating to music in worship. In fact after I left (followed by the entire choir) the traditional style, with use of the organ continued. Following a very dark period, which could be the subject of a very readable book one day, the church finally had a fresh start with a Priest in Charge appointed about a year ago. He’s rebuilding the congregation (which stood at 3) and the pla
  3. I have had the amazing experience of being at Saint Eustache today and hearing all of the candidates - 7 hours of pieces, improvisations and accompaniments on that awesome instrument. Once in a lifetime. Two co-titulaires announced: Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard and Thomas Ospital. Huge congratulations to them both! Bravo. Paul.
  4. Gloucester, St Chad's Birmingham, Hereford, Coventry, Truro, Liverpool (both - well, why not!?) But each to its own job - in other words I wouldn't want to play choral evensong on St Chad's, but then registering some repertoire on Hereford can be challenging with the wonderful, but gentle swell division. The glory of Gloucester has to be the building and its position within it. And the understanding that it's not trying to be a H&H or Willis-style cathedral organ. P
  5. Fabulous programme Ian! I'm at Symphony Hall all day Saturday, playing for degree ceremonies, but just might make it if I have the energy left after two recitals and two Widors on the mechanical console! Vierne played at Tenbury in the 1920s, I think - Michael Hart has newspaper cuttings from the time. Symphony 3 sounds amazing on that organ - I did it there in 2009... P
  6. Fourth Presbyterian Church on Michigan Avenue in Chicago is where Dr John W. W. Sherer has been the Organist and Director of Music since 1996 and where 2,000 people worship each Sunday. USA Today recently picked Fourth Presbyterian Church as one of top ten places in America to be “enthralled by heavenly music.” The church has a 126-rank Aeolian-Skinner organ and nine choirs and instrumental groups including The Morning Choir, a twenty-six voice professional ensemble and Tower Brass, a professional octet. Dr. Sherer manages an active concert series at the church with over eighty even
  7. Another 12 Organ Recitals have been commissioned by St Paul's Birmingham. Thursday Live Organ Recitals at St Paul's Birmingham First Thursday of every month: 1.15pm – 1.45pm. Admission Free. 2011 - 2012 July 7th 2011 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham August 4th 2011 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham September 1st 2011 Tim Harper Birmingham Cathedral October 6th 2011 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham November 3rd 2011 Henry Fairs Birmingham University December 1st 2011 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham January 5th 2012 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham F
  8. Only a few more needed and then we can print the teatowel!
  9. Wouldn't it have been better to put the keys in, even if the pipes ran out? At St Paul's Birmingham (1964 HN&B console) the Great runs out at F, but the rest of the keys are there. It has caught me out though! At least it's more obvious, to those who don't know the compass of the soundboard, to find yourself playing on wood infill!! I seem to recall Truro runs out of pipes before it runs out of keys too...
  10. Yes, it does. It' housed in a 'shed' on the top of the tower with the bells. It has a good organ connection - the resident carilloneur is also the organist at the parish church over the road.
  11. Paul Carr

    New CD

    I only got my copy in 2007. It says that the HW Gray 1958 copyright was assigned to Cramer & Co in 1978. P
  12. Paul Carr

    New CD

    Michael Jones (piano) and I gave it a few airings here in the Midlands back in 2007. It's great fun, effective and not actually difficult. It went down well with the audiences too. Finding churches with both a decent piano, decent organ and a concert budget was quite difficult however! We also included Franck Prelude, Fugue & Variation in its piano organ/harmonium duet form, a couple of jazzy works by Dale Wood, Benjamin Burrows' Variations and Marcel Dupré's Theme and Variations. The Dupré, however, is very difficult in places, especially for the pianist! P
  13. Sorry, I don't play that. It's a LOT easier than Michael Nyman's 'Fourths Mostly' - very minimalist and gave me aches in muscles I didn't know I had! Mind you even TT made a half page cut when he premiered it, that made me feel better about finding it so tricky...
  14. Hi, I play it, not very often as it's an acquired taste, but I do like it. John Scott's recorded it on the Mander at St IL in New York. It's not difficult at all, infact sight-readable because nothing happens quickly, so as long as you know where it's heading so that you can communicate the overall structure, it won't cause you any difficulties. In a decent acoustic, with beautiful flutes and a nice clear principal chorus it sounds excellent and is indeed a unique piece of repertoire. I do seem to remember that the copy was expensive though! All best, P. PS Alt+0228 giv
  15. Has anyone else seen this article from Sunday's Telegraph? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...ng-couples.html At least the RSCM have responded and put a few things straight... http://www.rscm.com/info_resources/wedding.php ...it's just such a complete distortion of a joint press release issued by the C of E and the RSCM, which is also available at the 2nd link above. I do think that this part of the RSCM response is to the point: "An additional point in the article concerned the question of an organist taking a fee even if a friend of the wedding couple wi
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