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  1. Some news about the organ of Notre Dame de Paris today from organ builders Pascal Quoirin: “After two hours of examination of the instrument I did not notice any damage that could have been caused by the fire. Simply dust, a clean, light brown dust a bit like sand, non sticky dry dust. There was a thermometer with memory inside the instrument, it indicates a temperature of 17 degrees the day of the fire. So no degradation of the pipes or all the electronic components. In a fortnight we will be able to turn the organ on to be able to make a more detailed diagnosis, in particular on the s
  2. This is incorrect. The church has not gone ‘happy clappy, it never did. I left, after 13 years as DoM, in August 2016; my position became untenable but this was never to do with style of music or matters relating to music in worship. In fact after I left (followed by the entire choir) the traditional style, with use of the organ continued. Following a very dark period, which could be the subject of a very readable book one day, the church finally had a fresh start with a Priest in Charge appointed about a year ago. He’s rebuilding the congregation (which stood at 3) and the pla
  3. Fabulous programme Ian! I'm at Symphony Hall all day Saturday, playing for degree ceremonies, but just might make it if I have the energy left after two recitals and two Widors on the mechanical console! Vierne played at Tenbury in the 1920s, I think - Michael Hart has newspaper cuttings from the time. Symphony 3 sounds amazing on that organ - I did it there in 2009... P
  4. Fourth Presbyterian Church on Michigan Avenue in Chicago is where Dr John W. W. Sherer has been the Organist and Director of Music since 1996 and where 2,000 people worship each Sunday. USA Today recently picked Fourth Presbyterian Church as one of top ten places in America to be “enthralled by heavenly music.” The church has a 126-rank Aeolian-Skinner organ and nine choirs and instrumental groups including The Morning Choir, a twenty-six voice professional ensemble and Tower Brass, a professional octet. Dr. Sherer manages an active concert series at the church with over eighty even
  5. Another 12 Organ Recitals have been commissioned by St Paul's Birmingham. Thursday Live Organ Recitals at St Paul's Birmingham First Thursday of every month: 1.15pm – 1.45pm. Admission Free. 2011 - 2012 July 7th 2011 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham August 4th 2011 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham September 1st 2011 Tim Harper Birmingham Cathedral October 6th 2011 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham November 3rd 2011 Henry Fairs Birmingham University December 1st 2011 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham January 5th 2012 Paul Carr St Paul’s Birmingham F
  6. I think mine's earlier 12.10pm?? I can't check easily as I'm still stranded in Chicago!
  7. I have it on cassette, they're not particularly fast and very nicely played. I was given the cassette recording in 1987 as I was learning number 5, it was an original I hasten to add, and I have the sleeve although the cassette is a copy made just as the original was starting to get mangled in my machine on a daily basis, due to wear and tear!! For an absolutely blistering performance of Trio Sonata no. 2 get hold of Olivier LATRY aux Grandes Orgues GIROUD du Grand-Bornand (Haute-Savoie). It's simply stunning in every way and it is fast, but still extremely musical playing. Needs to be hea
  8. The recital was on 3rd October... The Bach was stunning, orchestrally conceived, yet clear. As you say the Dukas works well... The Elgar was simply breathtaking. It's not a work I know well in its orchestral form, so this was listening with fresh ears. In terms of wizardry, the colours, the build ups, the textures, etc... were something that one would have to search very far into the depths of the 'original' organ repertoire to match. Contrabordun and I also commented that if the stepper piston has an expected life-span, this performance alone has put it well into middle age or beyond. I w
  9. Oh yes! Probably as obvious as "Will David be using the Tutti at all"
  10. So, who is going tonight? Perhaps we should have kept our badges from earlier in the year...
  11. I don't think that's something that happens with anyone often, and I never have. Advertising recitals is an art in itself: who is the target audience? Will your target audience be interested/excited by the fact that there's a huge tuba/32' reed/other large sticking-out party horn/chorus of Dulcianas, etc, etc, or by the recitalist, or by the fact the console is on view by some means or other, or the fame of the building attached to the recitalist's name, or by the pieces being played. Possibly all of the above for those from the 'organ world' probably the last two or three for the rest o
  12. Come and hear it in the flesh on Saturday 27th June at 3.00pm, Programme: http://www.paulcarr.co.uk/PDF%20files/St%2...June%202009.pdf
  13. Absolutely. I've heard her play the whole of Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin at St Eustache, from memory too!!
  14. I heard Jean Guillou say this in person. He seemed to be a little miffed that everyone presumes that he designed it, possibly because he makes it sound so 'Guillou' when he plays it. He also spoke of the many 'wasted' stops, those that were not colourful/characteristic enough for him. He's an amazing character and love or hate his compositions, arrangements and performances, you can't help admiring him. P.
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