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  1. Can still be found in "Complete Mission Praise" - No 188. Peter
  2. I can identify with this situation having fought a long battle in a very similar situation. The good news is that our pipe organ is to be restored!
  3. Just for information, I have never found the board to be slow to access or load pages. I am on the outskirts of Manchester and a long way from the local exchange, which means speeds never exceed 2.5 Mbps. One thought, many ISP's do their maintenance in the small hours. Regards, Peter.
  4. No, I have no use for "Auto Bass" either nor for some of the more unusual voices, although the Flauto Cavo is a rather nice Italian stopped flute. However, with most modern digital instruments there are many facilities which you might not choose to use. With the AG2100 the options are all "hidden" down menus and can be selected or not. Once I had tinkered around with them I simply selected the voices I wanted to use to suit my playing, but could make a fresh selection if desired. Before purchasing I looked at different instruments and found that for what I could afford, the quality of finish and more importantly, the sound, of many were lacking. It is sad that there are now no true British manufacturers in this price bracket, only purveyors of re-badged Dutch and Italian models adapted to meet our tastes, and the cost of a UK custom built takes one into the realms of a small pipe instrument. I know which I would choose!
  5. The later Ahlborn-Galanti models, which are made for the American market but available in the UK, are of a much higher standard than previous models. I use an AG2100 for home practice and find it very acceptable. Still prefer pipes, but there you are!
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