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  1. Sad news indeed !. At the very front rank of organists and, on his day, none better ! I recall attending a summer recital at St Pauls some years ago when he played List's 'Ad Nos'. Absoultely stunning !!
  2. More details: http://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/events/concerts-at-kings/index.html#e5981
  3. I used to attend the Thursday choral evensongs at Beverley. These were special occasions, especially during the winter months. I think that Alan could be described as a conservative organist who preferred to deploy the organ's beauty rather than its power. He had good taste and would eschew anything that might be considered vulgar. Last verse hymn reharmonisations were a definite no-no.
  4. Used to enjoy R3 Evensongs from Lincoln under PM. Particulary his habit of improvising the introdcution to a hymn rather than just playing over the first two lines.
  5. I recall SVCC giving a stunning recital at All Souls Langham Place a few years ago; Gerald Brooks gave her 'Kingsfold' to improvise on with spectacular results in what is a dry acoustic. I did not attend the SPC recital-my loss-but I would have been irked with the choice of themes. An insult to both the artiste and audience. I recall a similar situation at Southwark some years ago when Naji Hakim was given 'London Bridge is falling down' We deserve better. Improvisation is a serious discipline. Given that the likes of Choplin, Latry, Hakim and co spend week in and week out improvising on gregorian chant, this should be the basis of their imprvisation on the rare occassions that they give recitalls in the UK.
  6. Does anyone know where Matthew Martin, Assistant DOM at Westminster Cathedral, is going? His post is advertiosed in this week's 'Church Times'.
  7. I think it is a London thing. The sheer weight of vistor numbers-often comprising those whose first language is not English and who may not be wholly sensitive to the purpose of the building-leads to a hostile approach from the vergers. Another factor to be considered in visting St Paul's and the Abbey on a Sunday are the Wandsmen and Honorary Stewards respectively. Having long experience of both, I have concluded that the Abbey Stewards are the more fearsome.
  8. Also the concluding voluntary, played by David Briggs, on PRCD 5022 'Choral Evensong from Hereford Cathedral'. Only £4.99 direct from Priory.
  9. edbowie


    I wonder if the Norwich disc that is being referred to is the marvellous double album of choral and organ music conducted by Michael Nicholas and with Malcolm Archer at the Organ? I also recall with fondness Francis Jackson's recording of the Hovingham Sketches at York Minster. Howells contributed the 'Epilogue' Ed
  10. I think I heard Sarah Baldock play this piece at Winchester. I think that the programme note comment that there was an allusion to 'The Simpsons' theme in the piece. Ed
  11. Yes, slowly improving. The PH article on the new organ at St Ethelreda's was fascinating. However, the Latry interview would have been more effective if it had been conducted by an organist who understands the ND organ and its history.
  12. Introit: I sat down under his shadow (Bairstow) Responses : Shephard Psalm 72 : Atkins Canticles : Dyson in D Anthem : The Twelve: Walton Hymn : Hark the Glad Sound (Bristol) Organ : Finale - Vierne Symphony No 5
  13. JSW played the first movement -Agitato-after Evensong on Saturday. Whetted my appetite to hear the rest !
  14. Does anyone know if the pipes of the trumpet militaire stop have been moved? They don't seem to be visible from the floor of the cathedral any more.
  15. Sorry, meant to say that the Washington National Cathedral site states that the new Dobson will incorporate some pipes from the skinner.
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