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  1. Sadly in unrestored condition - does have a 'pull out' pedalboard though - quite intriguing!!
  2. I often play this one: http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=T00222
  3. Holiday playing

    The number of major and minor keys in the chromatic scale?
  4. Aubertin comes to Sussex

    This Wiki page gives details - so it is hardly a secret...: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Griffiths_(CEO)
  5. Asking a bit much?

    Fee is still the same.. it is £100, for two services...
  6. Asking a bit much?

    Spotted on the excellent organists online 'temporary' list. A request for an organist where "FRCO Standard or above preferred". All for the handsome fee of £50 per service! Begs the questions: a] how would one be considered "above FRCO standard" b] are they having a laugh re: requirements vs. fee
  7. I was struck by the following juxtaposition on the Durham Cathedral website, regarding two very different job vacancies. Now we know that, pro-rata, organists are less valued than plumbing and heating engineers. Perhaps there are additional perks available to the organist, but the advert does not make that clear... EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIESAssistant Organist Location: Durham Cathedral Hours: 18.75 hours per week Contract: Permanent Salary: £12,372.50 per annum ..... Plumber and Heating Engineer Location: Durham Cathedral Contract: Permanent Hours: 37.5 Salary: circa. £27,000
  8. Choosing chants...

    Interesting points -- good job the cathedral is, literally, a 'broad church'
  9. Choosing chants...

    Oops, I was thinking of doing the Stonex F# min chant for Psalm 99 (blatantly copying Vol. 6 of Priory's Psalms of David series from Guildford Cathedral).. then again, it modulates so much it avoids the minor mode for much of the time...
  10. Choosing chants...

    Thanks for the advice. I am thinking about Psalms 98-101 inclusive. The changes will be between psalms and not within psalms (if that makes a difference....)
  11. Choosing chants...

    Hello Folks, I have been tasked with choosing the chants for a choir visit to a cathedral during July. Given that multiple psalms will be sung during some evensongs, is it usual practice to choose chants that are harmonically related, or should I not bother particularly? In my current post we only sing one psalm at evensong so I haven't come across this quandary before. Thanks for your wise words. --mrb
  12. Easter and Whitsun

    Come, O Creator Spirit by T. Tertius Noble is a very decent unaccompanied anthem for Whitsun...
  13. Ireland - Jubilate in F

    Thanks all who were able to answer the question that was posed.
  14. Dear wise ones, I was playing Ireland Jubilate in F yesterday and was struck by the metronome markings. The Jubilate itself is minim = 72 and marked Allegro. The Gloria is minim = 88 and marked Maestoso. Recordings I have heard take the Gloria slower than the Jubilate, so what is going on? Is the minim = 88 a misprint in the Novello edition? Hope you can help... Many thanks !
  15. All Saints Odiham

    Church website says it is Goetze and Gwynn, but nothing on that builder's website, strangely...