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  1. No, it dates from 1911. The Rach is from 1900/1. I see from the Proms Archive (http://bbc.co.uk/proms/archive) that there was a performance of it in 2008 -- not sure how I missed that one, normally I would be at a concert like that in a flash.
  2. This is a piece which I have known since about 1990, when it appeared on Chandos played by Margaret Fingerhut. The Concert Variations included on the same disc are also worth exploring.
  3. Click reply and then start typing below the /quote tag... Then just click Add Reply as normal
  4. The main problem I have with Mr Richell's posts is his inability to quote a post and reply to it within the same message. Call me an old stick-in-the-mud... (PS Delighted to see Crawley Town get promotion to the Football League )
  5. What is the rule-of-thumb cost for a new pipe organ these days? In the past I had heard £10K/stop estimate bandied around, so I am assuming therefore that a new, III/P instrument with 50 stops would be around the £500K mark. Is this still a sensible estimate?
  6. Interesting thought - I guess it depends on your circumstances but would that be enough to allow one to indulge one's vocation? We all have to pay the bills!
  7. 35K a year and a free house, but only 1 day off in 7 -- reasonable remuneration for such commitment?...
  8. I love playing the Scherzo from the 8th - it really is a lot of fun. In the symphonic version, there seems to be little for the organ to do! I did give the first movement a bash at Chester Cathedral some years ago after Mattins. Always had the orchestral version in my head and never quite managed to get it up to the speed of Tortelier and the BBC Phil. Oh well. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase the orchestral versions in full score (perhaps with the organ part as a separate booklet) ?
  9. I bashed this out on the Liverpool Cathedral organ a few years back. Using the (then new) Trompette Millitaire for the left hand chords in the last few bars was lots of fun - even if it did make the ears bleed a bit
  10. I love Spotify. Having just started subscribing I am delighted with being able to cache hundreds of albums on my new Android phone with 32Gb of storage. If only some of the major classical labels (Chandos, Hyperion) were on there, it would be perfect!
  11. Thanks All. Vox: I found this (http://icking-music-archive.org/ByComposer/B.M.R.App.58.php) - which I guess is pretty much what is in the Schott volume?...
  12. I have to play a corporate gig in a couple of weeks - because of the venue, they wanted a mixture of Christmas and 'Mediaeval' music. I guess I know what they mean - they want Hollywood-style Mediaeval music, but thinking about it some more, I would be keen to give them some of the real thing. Any recommendations? Ta
  13. I would let them bring a visiting organist and still charge my normal fee. I could then go and play golf in order to avoid all the overkill of the TV coverage during the day itself.
  14. I fear the answer is far too technical to answer here, but in essence what you need to do is loop back the audio card by reconfiguring it within Windows 7. Anything played back on the machine can then be captured by Audacity. Not all cards/drivers support this configuration however, so you may be unlucky in your quest.
  15. Found this on YouTube - might be fun for 9 Lessons.. Anyone done it before?...
  16. Christ Church, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex Saturday 30th October at 7.30 pm Prof. Ian Tracey (Liverpool Cathedral) plays the 150th Anniversary Organ Recital Walter (known as Harry) Goss-Custard (1871-1964), the first Organist of Liverpool Cathedral from 1917 until 1955, was born in St Leonards and was the son of Walter Goss-Custard, Organist at Christ Church from 1864 (when the Old Christ Church was only just in use) until his death in 1907. Organ Info: http://www.christchurchstleonards.org/html...ebpage&id=4 Tickets £10 (to include a glass of wine)
  17. This was still the case in the mid-1980s when I did A Level Music...
  18. I disagree, especially in the case that the Masters degree is in a completely different subject to the Bachelors. If you have it, flaunt it!
  19. £225 seems reasonable enough. Since hood-wearing is by its nature a peacock-style show of potency, it must be money well spent if it satisfies the wearer's ego IMHO.
  20. Talk to the bride. Tell her to send her bridesmaids down to the quiet bit and to set off when it livens up a bit. Brides like to be told what to do.
  21. Anyone got this recent publication? Any opinons - is it worth purchasing?...
  22. mrbouffant


    On the anthem front, T. Tertius Noble's "Come, O Creator Spirit" is a good sing. It doesn't seem to be that well known. Banks publish it, I think...
  23. I went to an orchestral gig about 3 years back, and they were all using similar devices. A quick touch on the screen seemed to turn the page.
  24. Quite right! I have been advocating this piece (the title is actually Toccata sur..) since about 2000 when I bought it from Charles Macdonald on his recommendation. How I miss Charles and his wonderful shop!
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