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  1. I love this carol, but one verse always vexes me: The shepherds at those tidings Rejoicèd much in mind, And left their flocks a-feeding, In tempest, storm and wind, And went to Bethlehem straightway This blessèd babe to find: O tidings of comfort and joy. Having heard a Willcocks recording of this from yonks ago, he has the choir rhyme wind with mind which makes sense when one considers all the other verses rhyme so why should this one be any different. I have tried to encourage my own choir to adopt this approach but get good-natured ribbing over my intentions. Do any erstwhile contributors hereon take a similar approach to this verse?
  2. The "Music Minus One" series migrated to CD so I suspect it is still available (I saw a selection at Tower Records in London about 10 years ago...)
  3. musicroom.com is your friend... http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/023251/details.html
  4. Interesting that the case work doesn't match the rest of the gallery etc. Is there a reason for this? Looks good though - I look forward to retiring to Lyme Regis in about 20 years and becoming organist.
  5. As many may recall, at the orignal performance it was Dennis Brain (the great horn player) who took the organ part. It was a shame they didn't try the same conceit last night and have a familiar face taking the organ part. Jo Brand perhaps?
  6. The instrument, like its owner, is rather eccentric. Nice chap though and very accommodating to those who want to come and play the beast which originally came from an Irish Cathedral and has been expanded, including the "128 foot" stop. I had a bash on it last autumn and was made very welcome by the host.
  7. I'm not sure if this topic has already been discussed on this forum, so apologies if I am duplicating anything. I was approached by the churchwardens at my regular gig this morning, enquiring if I knew about the VAT position on payments for organ tuning and repairs. I had a faint recollection that the VAT rules for certain works within churches had been changed in The Budget a year or two back, but I don't know how these changes applied to the regular payments for organ tuning and for other anciliary repairs which have been incurred since. Clearly in these credit-crunched times it would be advantageous to be able to claim back any VAT which is owing to the parish. Therefore, is anyone able to offer advice on this? I tried to search the HMRC website for information but I couldn't spot anything definitive. Thanks for your help!
  8. Esteemed contributors: If anyone has access to the above SATB anthem and would be happy to scan it in for me (assuming the edition is long out of copyright) please could you PM me at your convenience? Thank you. --mrb
  9. It's funny. I don't find the pure aesthetic of the St. Pauls console as thrilling as, say, Liverpool Cathedral. Am I just a size tart?
  10. Thanks for the thoughts (and the terrible jokes!) The head won the argument. The heart is now trying to deal with it...
  11. ... it is time to give up a parish post? Does one generally listen to the heart or to the head? Just curious...
  12. Yes, it is rather splendid. I did read somewhere that some nefarious souls have found a way to capture the streams and make MP3s. I couldn't possibly condone such behaviour!
  13. This doesn't work for me. Are you sure you are not viewing a cached version, Paul?
  14. The Choral nr. 2 in B minor makes mention of the Celeste I think (my score isn't here so I can't say for definite...)
  15. A couple of times recently I have played instruments which are suffering from warping/lifting/cracking soundboards. I don't think it is my playing! Wood is such a 'dynamic' material. Are there any examples which spring to mind of instruments with soundboards constructed from a more 'inert' material? What are the benefits of sticking with wood, if you are constructing a new instrument? Sorry if this is a dumb question...
  16. I had cause to play a 1930s Morgan & Smith recently which had a "synthetic solo" division. These were imitative stops, played on the lowest manual, made up - it seems - of combinations of stops on the choir division. Is this a typical feature of instruments of the time? I haven't come across it anywhere else so was curious...
  17. Hear, hear. I miss his shop as well. It was a delight to drop down on a Saturday morning for an hour or two of browsing, gossip and strong coffee !!
  18. I was reminded of this tale whilst reading the recent biography of Malcolm Williamson. MW wrote a large-scaled Organ Sonata for Allan Wicks and pretty much said the same thing after AW had practised it for ages and then performed it with the composer present. The actual quote was along the lines of ".. play it more freely, like Brahms!" Could this have really happened twice to poor Allan or have you mixed up your Masters of the Queens Musick, Barry?..
  19. Ordered! UK readers may like to purchase this in EUR, saving about three quid on the quoted GBP price, at current exchange rates...
  20. Hey, Rudolph is lots of fun - is there a score I can purchase online somewhere?...
  21. I suspect anti-discrimination legislation is behind such a wording... 25K for a full time, very skilled job, is rubbish really isn't it? When you can get much more than that for pushing a lever on an underground train to go faster or slower it puts it all into perspective. Of course one industry is highly unionised whilst the other is not. Perhaps we need a more militant outlook for the organist fraternity. Forward, brothers !!!
  22. I see the DoM job at St Martin in the Fields is being advertised this week. They are in fact advertising for two vacancies currently: http://www2.stmartin-in-the-fields.org/pag.../vacancies.html A finance officer is required, as well as a DoM. Guess which one pays more?.. Sad, but a sign of the times I fear...
  23. A few years ago, I had a working relationship with a Yank called Randy Bender. It just goes to show that even the most amusing of names can be owned by real, sincere people...
  24. In Lindfield, Sussex, the former "Tiger" pub at the end of the churchyard is now Church House. Spirit(ual) guidance of a different kind I guess... Shame they put in a toaster a few years back, the organist could surely do with a few stiff drinks after Mass...
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