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  1. Absolutely. Imagine how long her 'CV' will be when she gets into her teenage years and beyond!!
  2. Why don't you just edit your first post to reflect any stuff people post in this thread? We therefore would know where to go to see the canonical list and we can browse the rest of the thread to see the way that list came about.
  3. Are they not all online via the JSTOR archive?
  4. I've always played in socks - 30 years man and boy - to the point where even the lighest shoes feel too cumbersome.. Of course the downside is the loss of a built-up heel making some pedallings rather difficult (e.g. bridging thirds etc.)
  5. From the last page: Full organ without major reeds (ffff) I must try that on my brother's windy 2M Lewis...
  6. Any church that uses one of these (or, indeed, the CDs) doesn't deserve an organist in the first place!!
  7. Google is your friend: Published by Schott & Co. Ltd. (49030158) http://www.schott-music.com/shop/1/show,114883.html
  8. During my undergrad days we used to venture from Southampton out to the Milburys at Beauworth (a few miles east of Winchester just off the A272).. good pub, good beer, good food AND a very deep well with a big waterwheel in the middle of the bar!
  9. Well, I for one enjoyed it very much. Thank you Peter!
  10. Deux Noels I think (catalogue: CH 24) - the other one is a whimsical take on the Noel Huron...
  11. The Bédard Toccata sur Il est né Le Divin Enfant (pub. Cheldar) is firmly in the French style and goes down well at the end of 9 Lessons and Carols...
  12. I still remember with no fondness the wedding at my regular gig where they brought a whole Welsh male voice quire with them (we are in Kent). Expecting them to sing one or two pieces during the signing of the register, the gentlemen gave us a full half hour concert. It was excellent entertainment but didn't do anything for my stress levels, as I had another wedding half an hour away...
  13. This has been the case for some years now, I believe. A very useful resource indeed!
  14. I often play at a civil venue (a rather wheezy 3M) and the brides are without fail always late - very frustrating for all concerned. One was an hour late! At least this venue has a bar below the organ loft!...
  15. I'm interested in the idea of an organ scholar doing more than one year at different venues. What is the justification for this? Does it not take away opportunities from 'first timers' who would benefit from the appointment? Shouldn't an organ scholar who has 'had their turn' simply bite the bullet and get on with finding a proper job instead of cuckooing around the organ scholar system? This is a general observation rather than one relating to Rochester specifically...
  16. Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere, but.. CRIPES! Can't get the link to work directly, but search on ebay for item number 130222583452
  17. Or, if you want _real_ value for money: "The Complete Bach Edition" 155 CDs for about 90 quid - including the complete organ works with Hans Fagius.
  18. Gosh, he must really love that piece!
  19. I'm all for a voice interface, personally. Then again, I'm the kind of guy who would forgo tabs/drawstops for flat-panel displays mounted on the jambs offering touch screen access... Web access.. Check these fora/the cricket scores/book a restaurant during the sermon.. ah, the possibilities are endless
  20. mrbouffant


    Indeed. The pipe organ went up in smoke and was replaced with the synthentic variety. Nice village. Nice people no doubt. I drive past 6 times every weekend on the way to my current post...
  21. what about the concept of making backups just in case of hardware failure? we all do that with our PCs/Macs - yes?
  22. I think there was a case not so long ago of two eminent organists who were to give separate recitals (or separate parts of one recital) on a recently rebuilt organ in the UK. This had a floppy disk system. The system was such that all it could do was save the state of ALL the memories. So, recitalist one diligently set up their settings, saved them off. Recitalist two sets theirs on different channels, but didn't save them. Recitalist one came back, inserted said disk and overwrote everything., leaving recitalist two high and dry. What kind of daft system is that? That kind of technology does nobody any favours but I fear such an experience is just grist to the mill for the Luddites! As with everything in life there are good systems and *coughs* "not so good" systems...
  23. I guess it all depends whether you consider a stepper level to be a single, instantaneous representation of the stop/coupler state (i.e. like a single general piston) or whether it acts as a memory level which can store settings against each piston. As you say though, memory is cheap! I'm grateful for the thoughts on how technology could detract from the composer's intentions. However, how far do we take such an approach in trying to represent the 'authentic' thoughts of the composer? An impossible task?
  24. Out of (genuine) interest - how?
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