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  1. Does any learned soul hereon know where I can get hold of a piano/organ transcription of Troika? I have a bride who would love it at the end of the month but my normal internet sources can only offer band or violin arrangements... Any ideas gratefully received with thanks!
  2. Another lady DoM I note! The South of England has started a new trend!!
  3. How about A Romsey Recital or Coram's Cornucopia ?
  4. Preach it, brother! I have had Bach Trio Sonatas leave me with a mild groin strain. I think there are more enjoyable ways to achieve the same effect!!
  5. St. Peter's on the South Shore, no doubt...
  6. I do know you can get DM in Lemare's transcription, published by Wayne Leupold. I rang a nice lady in the US and she sent it over fairly swiftly. It ain't easy!!
  7. I have that transcription of Dvorak's 9th symphony which is published by Barenreiter. That's nice, that is. I like Thos. Trotter's Sleigh Ride arrangement. Not too hairy!!
  8. That being the case, would you say he has progressed technically and creatively since then?
  9. Very true, but it is fair to say these programmes were designed for the tastes of the day with the sole intention of getting the punters in, i.e. to be "populist" in the true sense of the word. Mr Trotter's recital failed by the same yardstick because it demonstrably did not get the punters in. Saying all that, if any of us were giving a recital at the RAH, I doubt we would manage 800!!
  10. The point made about the orchestrated carols is a good one. Some of the more trite ones are definitely given a lift by the accompaniment of a full orchestra. Before I get labelled a Rutter-basher, I should point out I attended a 60th birthday concert given in St Pauls Cathedral a couple of years ago - Tavener's Protecting Veil followed by the Rutter Requiem. With the LPO I think. The composer conducted the latter work. Very moving in the cavernous acoustic.
  11. Of course. The tradition stretches back beyond Buxtehude.
  12. I played for a wedding this afternoon where a visiting quire sang three pieces, including two by Rutter. They were pleasant enough: sugary, schmaltzy and appropriate for the occasion. It set me thinking. Does Rutter write in this style to attract the lucrative, American audience or because he can't do any better? I tend towards the former view simply because I think his Requiem is a very reasonable work and the orchestration is nicely done. Of course his early carol stuff is now 'classic' but a forty-year career based on a recurring formula (nice melody with pianoesque accompaniment - a harmony verse - a lower voice verse - an upper voice verse - a final verse with descant) could be interpreted by some as a lack of imagination. Undoubtedly he is hugely successful - especially across The Atlantic - and has no doubt made a comfortable living from this style of music, but I do wonder.... Any thoughts?
  13. Each to their own! Seriously, I don't doubt the musicianship nor the technical and intellectual rigour required to achieve such a performance. I just question the value and, indeed, what it ultimately represents. To be fair, you were mentioning this performance straight after your statement about "Bach ... carefully studied and researched". I think you'd misrepresented the point which you have subsequently clarified, so thanks for that.
  14. I find it hard to reconcile "Bach ... carefully studied and researched" with the kind of recreation you describe. An organist seeking to recreate a 100-year playing style in repertoire written 200 years earlier than that is surely just going to fall into the trap of creating some kind of facsimilie layered with assumption upon assumption? I find Richard Taruskin's writing (as neatly summarised in 'Text and act: essays on music and performance') to be enlightening in these matters. He writes persuasively that all we can hope to achieve is to “reinterpret Bach … for our time” (p.143)
  15. I don't agree with this statement. Can you describe what you mean by doing it "properly"? I had a similar debate on another forum and the outcome was that it was felt that knowing an organist was not a believer somehow 'tarnished' a believer's opinion about the organist's performance and their contribution to worship. Of course, in a "blind listening", being an organist of faith or not would make no difference at all, it was just troubling on a personal level for that believer. Is it not therefore just a human failing to be affected by such a subjective matter? If clergy want the church to be inclusive, they should be prepared to accept non-believers who can do the job and do it well. Who knows, perhaps it will be a route for them into the faith. I would think at the very least any non-believer would be in sympathy with the environment - why be a church organist in the first place? Can you explain what some of the problems are that you've experienced? Do we infer that you've never had any problems with an organist/musician of faith?
  16. I've often wondered about this in terms of job adverts. To advertise for an organist who "must be a committed Christian" smacks to me of some kind of religious discrimination. Clearly this board demonstrates that it is not always the case that a decent organist and musician IS a believer. Fundamentally though, is that kind of advertising illegal? (insofar as discrimination on the basis of sex or race is illegal and I had a feeling age discrimination is also nearly illegal)...
  17. How do you measure that? You comment as if it is the same as boiling an egg for the 'correct' amount of time. What are the secrets to achieving the desired result? Too slow is bad. Too fast is bad. How do we achieve the happy medium?
  18. I don't see the issue here. It's her wedding, why can't she choose her own music? Is your concern that it might have been unsuitable or too difficult to play?
  19. So what happened to Rushworth and Dreaper? I am sure I went into their shop in Liverpool once and played Bongo Drums...
  20. Of course. I was merely struck by the beauty of the conincidence!
  21. Nice to see the departing Guildford organist played a recital at the new Guildford organist's current church back in August...
  22. Err, that's what I was saying wasn't it? At least with Amazon you get it shipped from the UK...
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