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  1. Look into OBS software - it's free, and I think capable of what you're wanting to do. I'm currently using it on my MacBook with an iPhone and an iPad as the video sources to stream our services but we're also putting the output onto a screen in church to mix in remote readers or preachers, and so people can see more clearly. To see what we've achieved for next to no cost, take a look at some of the recent live streams on here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8EzRFqM9LTo4kruuf4qd_w
  2. From Brownes Facebook page this afternoon:
  3. For those looking for a picture of the new organ loft at Canterbury, I was in the cathedral today and took a few pictures to post here until there's something more official available. Steve
  4. Nearly 25 years ago while at university, we sang Bruckner's setting complete with several trombones, for the licensing of a new Dean of Chapel. Good fun, but sadly never had the brass resources to do it since!
  5. St Stephen's Church, Hales Drive, Canterbury, CT2 7AB Tuesday 28th July 2015, 7.30pm David Poulter (Liverpool Cathedral) A superb programme of music by J. S. Bach, English composers Elgar, Walton and Whitlock, Noel Rawsthorne (David’s predecessor at Liverpool) and Pierre Cochereau, one time Organist Titular of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, all carefully chosen to demonstrate the capabilities of our newly rebuilt organ. Tickets £10 (under 18s FREE) Ticket price includes refreshments
  6. That was a trip down memory lane! I had that recording on cassette tape when I was a youngster back in the 80s - at the time having no idea that I'd end up living in Canterbury and regularly taking my church choir (St Stephen's, to the north-east of the city) to sing services there. Thanks for posting! Steve
  7. Having played both on my 'organ tour' at the end of July I can confirm that they both have standard RCO radiating/concave pedal boards. No doubt straight ones are also availbale should you want one. Steve
  8. They all said that I would be more than welcome to go back at any time - although from down here in Kent it's a bit of a trek although I might spend a long day doing it again later in the year! I was also impressed at how much it was possible to manipulate the sounds on each of the instruments, changing individual volumes for stops (or even notes), speed of attack (can make for a more realistic pedal section with a bit of speech delay on the bigger flues) etc...
  9. To be fair to all of the showrooms I visited, all of them let me play (for well over an hour) using only the built in speakers (probably because they knew I was buying for home). I was also impressed with the general feeling of there being no pressure; i wasn't subjected to any sales pitch, and haven't been plagued with any follow ups.
  10. A few weeks ago I went round and played three manual instruments from Viscount, Makin and Wyvern - I was really impressed with all 3... and am finding it VERY hard to chose between them. One I did discount very quickly was the Johannus - I'm looking for something very 'English' and for me, that really didn't do it - but that was more on the stop list and not the quality of build, keyboards or samples. I was very taken with the realistic swell sound when under box control of the Viscount, but thought that the key action was rather heavy - how have others found this? of course, they're all
  11. I took my choir down to Portsmouth for a week last Summer and really enjoyed playing the instrument (at very short notice - I should have been conducting, but that's another story...) What I found most satisfying was that every stop seemed to be in just the right place - I reached out for something and there it was... and I normally play a 2 manual stop tab instrument. I also left the electric coupling on (although I did experiment without it just to see what it was like!) Steve St Stephen's, Canterbury
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