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  1. I cannot resist also mentioning the 32ft Sub-Bass, a polyphone, in the presently sadly silent Forster & Andrews/John Compton organ of Hull Minster.
  2. For what it's worth, my view of Rudston is that too much has been crammed into the chamber (case). The result of whims?
  3. I’m not sure which of the BBC Compton organs it was, but my late friend Peter Goodman, former City Organist at Hull, was, as a boy, the youngest organist ever to have played one of them when he featured on Children’s’ Hour along with the legendary Uncle Mac.
  4. Time flies so fast these days and I think it’s been silent for around three years, perhaps more. Although some running repairs were done to keep it playable – slider solenoids fitted, some bellows repaired, the Solo box engine re-leathered, the transmission system became highly unreliable and the inevitable resulted. I was horrified to learn that both cases were not sheeted during the laying of a complete new floor, adding further to the 80-plus years of accumulated dirt. And during this process I understand a major transmission cable was damaged. Internally it’s not a pretty sight. Meanwhile, a 3-manual Viscount toaster, previously used during the rebuild of Selby Abbey’s organ is acting as a substitute.
  5. And I don’t want the organ world and trust fund managers to forget the magnificent Forster & Andrews/John Compton organ in cathedral-sized Hull Minster, reputed to be the UK’s largest parish church organ that has lain silent for far too long. It’s known what the cost will be from quotations received, but Hull, unlike many cathedral cities, is not a place where money is in abundance.
  6. Why am I unable to see this forum page in its normal format. Are others experiencing the same.
  7. To what destinations does this monstrosity fly?
  8. It's one of my favourite recordings, too. Andrew Lucas is a fine organist. Many decades ago I had an LP of this work played by a former organist at Beverley Minster, David Ingate. It sounded equally spectacular.
  9. Doubtful. Several years ago I contacted the late Alistair Rushworth whose company had acquired the John Compton pipe organ business. I was horrified to learn from him that apparently all the Compton records had been discarded. I guess this also included drawings
  10. Minimise the amount of Bach; Give Percy Whitlock a very prolonged airing and add some Lefebure-Wely and some toe-tapping stuff that does not sound like Blackpool Ballroom.
  11. If only these contracts had been awarded to reputable British organ builders.
  12. Simply that news of the monks leaving en-masse from Downside has given rise to speculation about the wonderful Compton in the abbey church.
  13. I think in reality the true picture now is: F H Brown Incorporating Mander Organs
  14. Not often you see reference to Raymond Sunderland, but he and my late friend and former Hull City Organist, Peter Goodman, were great friends. I have a disc or two of Raymond Sunderland playing the organ at Bridlington Priory. A fine organist! I sang there as a boy chorister with the choir of Holy Trinity (now Hull Minster) shortly after Compton’s had rebuilt it in 1949. It was then a three-manual. My then master of choristers, Norman Strafford, predecessor of Peter Goodman, was consultant for the Compton rebuild. Some years ago, when Nicholson’s were finishing their organ at Southwell Minster, I met his son-in-law, Dennis Thurlow, who was supervising some final voicing. We chatted for some time about RS.
  15. Agreed. Sadly the probability of this forum not having long to run is potentially high.
  16. A wonderful piece of inspiration on John's part.
  17. So am I, but I have also registered with the recently launched "Organ Forum" as mentioned in Martin's last posting.
  18. Martin, you fully understand my point. And, yes, have a section on digital organs, providing it does not become a blatant advertising platform for manufacturers of some of the so-called digital organs.
  19. I, like many others, have been wondering when this forum will (may) be no more. I can perhaps understand the Mander policy of keeping it pipe only, but times are moving on and reputable pipe organ builders the world over are acknowledging that digitally produced sound can prove to be a saviour where space is at a premium and a hybrid organ is the best practical solution. (I sometimes wonder how many organ builders kicked up a stink when the diaphone appeared on the scene?} Steve's offer is most generous. The only addition I would make would be the facility to register approval of a posting by a simple tick.
  20. Me thinks the Dean has gilded the lily more than too much.
  21. I hope the Dean and Chapter were listening to this morning's BBC "Sunday" and listened particularly to the words of Bishop Michael Currie, leader of the American Episcopal Church who, whilst not referring to Sheffield, mentioned certain unsavoury things happening in the USA. He quoted, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you."
  22. Local newspaper, The Star, Sheffield, reports disbanding of choir together with ambiguous statement by the cathedral's dean.
  23. I'm wondering what the outcome will be following today's statement from Sheffield Cathedral regarding music? https://www.sheffieldcathedral.org/news/2020/7/21/sheffield-cathedral-choir?fbclid=IwAR3btguaIx2pZ0TvaJq4D6CX0meRyRmQA_YGhRDA9lBiEpL82anpg1QSONo
  24. News is coming in of a fire in Nantes Cathedral. From pictures it appears firefighters are tackling the blaze externally from the cathedral's west end and suggests the organ is in danger of perishing.
  25. What if they only play, "Breathe on me breath of God."
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