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  1. I was very interested to see the photo of the organ as originally built, on Nicholson's website with the staircases at either side, I was unaware of this. It's well known that Alfred Waterhouse's design for the Great Hall left little room for a grand organ, the space is not really an organ chamber, more of an apse. In the original photo, the organ appears to be free standing, although I'm sure that the blower, reservoirs etc will be below stage level. If you have a look at some of the details on the specification you will see that there is actually only one full 16 foot flue stop, t
  2. That's fantastic news. Flentrop have a good track record for Cavaille-Coll reconstructions. The Philharmonie in Haarlem, just across the street from the Bavokerk has a similar sized A C-C which has a very similar history to the Manchester organ - additions, action and console changed. Flentrop restored this back to its original state in 2006. https://nl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orgel_van_de_Philharmonie_Haarlem
  3. I think Paul Derrett bought it first time it came up for sale. He also has the ex Tewkesbury console, if remember correctly, the Doncaster console was in much better condition, but only had 58 note keyboards.
  4. The old 5 manual Walker Console is back on eBay once again.
  5. Just come across my David Patrick edition of this, it's published by Edwin Ashdown Ltd and a quick google shows that it is currently available. I went over to the Dupre version a few years ago when it was reissued at a more affordable price. As AJJ states, the Patrick edition is much more approachable, but like any arrangement of this piece, you can't get away from the constant semiquaver figuration in the RH some of which is a bit uncomfortable.
  6. A friend has a copy of the l'Oiseau Lyre edition, the Dover edition is a reprint of this but the page size has been reduced.
  7. Yesterday's episode of 'Escape to the Country' (I quickly hasten to add that it is my wife who likes to watch this, not myself!) was set in the area around Wells and featured the presenter meeting Matthew Owens, getting a quick demo of the Cathedral organ from the console, then receiving an impromptu lesson on how to play the opening of Toccata in D minor!!!
  8. Anyone come across Jean-Baptiste Robin before? He is titulaire at Poitier (where he certainly won't be playing this - Pédalier à la française!), I have his set of Couperin CDs from there which I like a lot. Here is the Durufle P&F from St. Eustache; very fine indeed, very well controlled. Notice in particular the big time-delay at the mobile console!
  9. His son William is the present organist at Ampleforth Abbey and is on the music staff at Ampleforth College. If you drop him an email at the College I'm sure he will furnish all the information you need. DT
  10. For the eve of the feast of the English Cadence Voluntary: Quiet improvisation in an appropriate style Introit: Thou knowest, Lord - Purcell Responses: Tomkins Psalm: 80 (the one about the analogy of the Vine), chant Atkins, pointing 'St Paul's Cathedral Psalter' Office Hymn: anything plain chant Canticles: Purcell in G minor Anthem: Remember not, Lord, our offences - Purcell Voluntary: Bach DT
  11. I too like this stop, it's very different from the Orchestral Trumpet at the Met. which preceeded it (straight resonators as opposed to spun brass, and it doesn't take your head off) John Bertalot's inspiration for this stop was the State Trumpet at St. John the Divine NYC. During the mid 60's JB did a tour of the USA and on returning produced a music/slide show which I experenced 2 or 3 times at various venues around the Blackburn diocese. I remember St. John's featured heavily and JB was full of enthusiasm for the organ and the trumpet. On a general note about the Blackburn organ,
  12. We went to Coventry Cathedral today to hear resident D.o.M Kerry Beaumont play a lunchtime recital. The last time I was there was on a Burnley Grammar School trip in 1969, so today was the first time I've heard this organ. I was most impressed by it, and rather surprised that it is so infrequently recorded. In many respects its sound and the acoustic reminded me a lot of Blackburn Cathedral, an organ on which many choose to make their recordings. What do other forum members think of it? DT
  13. Forum members may, or may not be aware that the Skinner organ at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York has now been reinstalled. It was removed following a serious fire in November 2001 which caused extensive smoke damage and required the whole of the interior of the Cathedral to be chemically cleaned. video is part of the redidication service from November 2008 and features the famous 'State Trumpets'. You will also find several other varied videos recorded within the last 5 months. It's a vast building; the distance between the 'State Trumpets' and the console is a lot fu
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