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  1. Tim Byram-Wigfield is coming to St John the Evangelist, Whitchurch (Buckinghamshire) on Friday, 1 October starting at 7.45pm.  Tickets £10 on the door or from Parrott's farm shop in advance.

  2. On 20/07/2021 at 19:29, S_L said:

    Just a little more on G.T. Pattman. He ordered, in 1916, a four manual, twenty seven stop, 'travelling organ'. The fourth manual was a piano. It cost him £3000. The specification is on NPOR. NPORView N04178 I can't find a picture of it though!

    There are a couple of photos and a description in Elvin's 'The Harrison Story'.

  3. As the holidays have started, we had a small congregation on Sunday who distanced themselves, cast off their masks and sung their hearts out.

    I have long been sceptical about the benefits of mask wearing.  It often seems that you can tell when big fibs are told because the argument changes over time - first we were told (correctly) that they make little difference, then we were told that they were worth wearing, then we were told they only work if everyone wears them so everyone had to, and then we were told we wear them to protect others.  The science is well summarised here:


    They will catch the big bits from coughs and sneezes, but if you are coughing and sneezing, stay home.

  4. After Monday's announcement, are there any opinions as to whether a risk assessment is necessary or advisable before restarting congregational singing, and if so, is anyone aware of a template that is available?


  5. On 26/05/2021 at 03:57, Achilles 3201 said:

    Please can I urge forum members to sign this Government petition :


    Having signed the petition I received the government's reply.

    It notes that "that singing can increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission through the spread of aerosol droplets."

    It then goes on to say "the limits do not apply to activity taking place for work or commercial activity."

    In other words you can take the risk of spreading COVID if you are doing it for money but not if you are doing it for pleasure.  That is about as bizarre as it gets.

  6. On 08/05/2021 at 07:44, Martin Cooke said:

    there are sometimes several pieces by him in each of the Mayhew volumes.

    If my counting is correct, there are 16 R.L. responses in 'New Psalms for Common Worship' compiled by Colin Mawby.

  7. 16 hours ago, Rowland Wateridge said:

    I was at a recital in Salisbury Cathedral in the mid-1990s given by a well-known player, happily still with us, and suffered the full effects of the Salisbury tuba(s) - plural possible as he may have used the 4’ clarion as well - and very shortly after had a perforated left eardrum with excruciating pain.  Nevertheless I greatly admired the Salisbury Father Willis, and still do.  HW III left his mark on his grandfather’s organs at St George’s Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral, and I have often wondered whether he did more at Salisbury than Sir Walter Alcock possibly realised.

    H&H have noted that the recent restoration included removing felt from inside the resonators of the Great reeds.

  8. The VSCC has confirmed I can post a scan here, provided that the source is acknowledged (VSCC Bulletin, Summer 1991) and that it's noted that the material remains VSCC copyright and should not be otherwise used or distributed without permission.  Unfortunately the file size at good resolution is just over 20 MB so way too big to attach.  If you would like a copy please email me : bryan dot mo at btinternet dot com (dot = . and at = @ to put off the spam robots).

    Back issues are likely to still be available at £3 + postage but the library is closed at present.

    This is the cover, captioned "Prescott May 1950. Sam Clutton takes a firm grasp (Guy Griffiths)".  The car is his 1908 GP Itala.


  9. There were several articles on Clutton published in the Summer 1991 Bulletin of the Vintage Sports Car Club, including the address by Lord Palumbo at his memorial service in St Paul's, covering his extensive interests outside and inside the world of music.  It's well worth reading for those who would like more information on his life.

  10. I run the website for my old car club.  Three years ago our ISP arranged for a 'third party' (I don't know who and didn't ask, but believe they were based in India) to migrate the club forum from Snitz to the Simple Machines platform.  The ISP supervised the process and it was done very successfully at a cost that just clipped four figures plus VAT.  All the previous content survived with the exception of a few posts that were made during the transition.  We looked at Invision but rejected it because of the subscription charge. The reason for the change was that Snitz did not have the facility to host photos but SM does, and it works well.

    Simple Machines claims to have a 'converter' that will do the migration process from Invision but no doubt like all these things, it is not for beginners.  I don't know any details about the process.

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