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  1. can we have some shorter messages please, some are far too long and time consuming, and you lose the gist of the message. Colin Richell.
  2. In today's Daily Mail there is an answer to correspondents feature, and one of the questions asked is "Are there any femail jazz organists ? The reply states "The first great female jazz organist of note was Pittsburgh-born Ethel Smith(1902-1996). A gifted pianist she had no role model for playing the Hammond Organ, so she could only adapt her piano technique. Due to failing health she retired in the 1960's and a leading critic pronounced that her technical ability on the keyboard for jazz was as great as it is for Bach.She appeared with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Two worthy UK contenders mentioned are Jean Martyn and Carol Williams. In the same answer Hazel Scott is mentioned but irrelevant to the story of Ethel Smith. Colin Richell.
  3. Why should any point of view be described as negative criticism, when we are provided with free speech ? Different viewpoints makes the world go round and that is good. I like Carlo Curly, thousands probably don't but if they expressed that view it would be nonsense to suggest this was negative criticism. I hope that contributors will continue with this debate, until they decide to cease. Colin Richell.
  4. I agree that there are far more notable organists and anniversaries to celebrate. Personally I would not cross the road to hear Wayne Marshall, and most certainly I will not be there even if I had a free ticket Colin Richell.
  5. With respect did you mean Finsbury Park ? Colin Richell
  6. With respect you have forgotten to mention CARLO CURLEY who always speaks to his audience where his enthusiasm and vast knowledge is very apparent. Carlo always manages to relax his audience, and I would miss his witty asides if he decided to not speak between musical items. Colin Richell.
  7. With a completely full Albert Hall plus choir, and orchestra, including singers in various parks throughout the country, I have always assumed that full organ is utilised surely ? If this is the case you cannot hear the organ because it is drowned out by choir and orchestra. Perhaps next year we can allow the orchestra to have a rest and enable just the organ to accompany, for example Jerusalem, which would sound great. Does anyone agree ? Colin Richell
  8. Year after year I find that during Rule Britannia. Land of Hope And Glory, and Jerusalem the organ is drowned out by the orchestra, choir and 6000? singers and I just cannot hear it. Might as well not have it playing. Colin Richell.
  9. Because I was working I tried to record Last night of the Proms, because I particuarly enjoy Rule Britannia. Land Of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem in the hope that I can hear the organ (not always easy). Because the BBC mess about between BBC 1 and 2 and because I also wanted to record Match of the Day, I managed to only catch the the end of Jerusalem. Very disappointed but I hope the Last night was up to its normal standard. I will now have to wait until next year. Colin Richell.
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