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  1. An interesting comment from Vox Humana and maybe as a player of organ concerts and attendee at pop festivals I can certainly identify with some of what he describes. Maybe not communal dancing and tribalism in my case but there is a difference where the music is part of a total experience. One also experiences this at the proms and similar events and I can’t help thinking that a problem with organ music stems from some organists. Events such as the International Organ Festival at St Albans draw crowds as do the IAO festivals etc. but many organists do exhibit certain ‘head in the sand’ tendencies and yes cliquiness regarding repertoire and programming. Having taught music to 11 - 18 year olds for 40 years I can attest to the fact that young minds at least are receptive to all genres of music but effort needs to be made to introduce etc. The same can be said about church music...but that is another story. A
  2. As far as I can see the Acoustic Bourdon will use the 10-2/3 for the lowest octave only whereas the Quint will be available for the whole pedal compass. Nicholsons have done this recently in a number of schemes. A
  3. In my experience they discuss with an organist. A piece I commissioned from a non organist was essentially a keyboard piece. I took it and edited, played it to the composer who liked what she heard and all were happy! AJJ
  4. MM, can you assist please? I would like a copy of your Compton book CD. I have logged onto ebay but am unclear how to get a firm order in without entering into a bidding race. Much thanks A
  5. Sorry Paul, my set of ‘The Organ’ given away some years ago. Fast running out of space! Possibly a set in the University Library or someone in the BDOA? A
  6. RM is very good! See also this... http://www.organizedcrimeduo.com/ A
  7. Deffinately Evocation of Wells Cathedral - David Bednall, not long published by OUP. Very effective, not difficult and brilliant if you want to sound as if you can do posh improvisations that don’t sound like Pierre Cocherau! Nice also to be able to pop down the road from here and see the place he was inspired by even if the organ there IMHO is not the most inspirational of cathedral instruments. A
  8. Sounds brilliant! My wife though thought you meant it was being ‘read’ on a CD. Possibly by Martin Jarvis! A
  9. At the start of the carol service ‘Variations on Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ by Robert Edward Smith and afterwards, ‘Processional March’ by John Hosking, newly commissioned and delivered just before Christmas. It sounded brilliant on my little 1 manual but designed also to be ‘upvamped’ for a larger instrument. Soon to be published by Chichester Music. A
  10. Go by what sounds best - I used the bass boost quite frequently. Exam board recordings I usually left ‘natural’. A
  11. I used to have a Taskam recorder but now just hook mics. straight into a laptop or ipad via a small mixing box. I use Audacity for everything in my ‘day job’, GCSE and A Level coursework, class performances and on the students’ individual work stations. Easy to use etc. I tend not to record much at church, best to keep it ‘of the moment’ than have bloops etc. preserved for posterity. A
  12. A quick burst of BWV 565 on the house organ in the front room got rid of the trick or treat crew pretty fast at Halloween.... A
  13. The actual stoplist ‘looks’ like others from the same builder and would appear to be attempting to get ‘much’ from ‘little’. What worried me slightly was the need to have wide scale French mutations, Italian flutes and English Stopped Diapasons all coexisting to enable as wide a repertoire as possible to be played. I can’t help comparing it with the new Drake organ at Chelsea Old Church where the instrument has its own definite identity with the attendant ramifications for whoever is playing. To me at least dinky little flute choruses topped by a 1-1/3 are decidedly last century. However, one can not judge by stoplists alone.....
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