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  1. She still crops up in The American Organist mag. A
  2. 'Big in the USA with her own TV programme I think - possibly generation before yours though. Lots of work done around the world on quite well known instruments - her technique is reputedly very fine. Lots of shimmering dresses and sparkles etc.! A
  3. The church is worth a visit too. AJJ
  4. 'Heard one of your improvisations a fair while ago at a church in the Bournemouth area - 'barn of a place with a strangely extended organ that once might have been by Compton. Fine improvisation - started quiet and ended in orbit practically. I think you possibly also demonstrated at the nearby church with a 'Choir to Pub' coupler - 'nicer organ as far as I can remember - 'forget what we heard there though. AJJ
  5. Sometime ago I had an arrangement with the organist of a carol service in which I was singing. The organist's wife was about to give birth to their first child and he had a mobile phone propped up on the side of the console to warn him of the impending birth - tactfully set to 'vibrate' mode only of course. The arrangement was that if the phone went off I was to nip round and seemlessly continue from whatever point in the playing he had reached. All well and good for the Rutter and Willcocks bits but the voluntary was a decidedly 'hairy' Cochereau type Carillon de pcnd (now there's a good name
  6. Aaaaaaaagh!! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0xNFNxCm6R8&NR=1 AJJ
  7. Do get to this if you can - my local OA are involved and they do masses of work to keep this organ high profile. These concerts are usually good! AJJ
  8. With our host I think? AJJ
  9. Daniel Roth is superbly hospitable and without much fuss one can arrange a visit to the console after the 'audition' (short recital) following Mass on a Sunday. We were in Paris last year - I emailed and him and got a very nice reply and spent a happy half an hour or so (along with others) up at the console watching him play. Unforgettable! AJJ
  10. Aren't we being a bit unkind? After all he makes it clear in his biography that he's not an organist. He's a 'Fusician'. Weren't they on Dr Who the other week? AJJ
  11. He is also very sincere and anxious to 'spread the word' (or rather music) - 'same as the rest of us in our different ways! AJJ
  12. AJJ

    Henri Mulet

    You are very good to us all Paul - many thanks in advance! A
  13. Or this one where seemingly someone who after consuming an over healthy ammount of Bordeaux took the wrong staircase while attempting visit Daniel Roth after Mass on a Sunday morning. It would have been interesting to see where they ended up after all the spinning around and lurching about - maybe head first down the 32' or marooned amongst Les Grands Jeux! AJJ
  14. Yes - and if one listens to the CD from which this piece originally came one can also hear how successfully the organ copes with Anglican repertoire and the organ repertoire in general. This is what it was designed for. AJJ
  15. How about then. AJJ Much more here.
  16. Now there's a thought - I wonder how something like that would go down at my place just before the notices! It might add a little spice to the whereabouts of the coffee morning or whatever. AJJ
  17. This is a bit of a change from the Thorne - St Thomas Mass!!! At leas it shows that even the great and good have to do the 'usual chores' too. I bet he doesn't get someone in the front row of the congregation as we had this morning who resolutely refused to sing the version of Slane without the two quavers at the start of the second line of each verse. With the ND de P Chamades I could have reduced him to a gibbering heap after verse 1 - my Swell Oboe was just not the same thing. AJJ
  18. I wonder if pcnd has seen this. AJJ
  19. The publicity put about in the US for Cameron Carpenter and the digital instrument he is using suggests the rather 'off beam' nature of both even before they are seen, heard or played - reading between the lines so to speak - lots of sweeping statements and superlatives etc.! I personally tend to find the lady organist under discussion in other parts of this forum rather in the same mold. AJJ
  20. The one about how he tailored pieces to specific acoustics will be interesting too. AJJ
  21. He has brought out a couple of DVDs on the Plenum Vox label - Personal Notes 2 and 3 (1 is just a CD I think) - my wife got them for me for my birthday after they had been mentioned on here. You get some Baroque improvisation and some Symphonic stuff at S. Ouen Rouen. Magic!! AJJ
  22. Here is a good example of a split personality organist - half way through Danse Macabre he pops out for a hair cut ...and a new console etc!! AJJ
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