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  1. Anyone who hears the Bath organ in its liturgical role played by current Sub organist (for an amazing 40 years) Marcus Sealy will understand why it is a rather special beast. In my experience it fares less well with players for some vsiting choirs who perhaps only have a short time to get used to it and who register maybe rather by habit than by ear. I have heard a some superb recitals by a few on the 'top notch' circuit who also bring put the best in it including of course Peter King the DOM. A
  2. Try also looking at some of the music by Graig Phillips - also from the USA - some really approachable contemporary repertoire. I play quite a few of his pieces - and his anthem 'The House of Faith...' I like a lot and would use if I still 'did' choirs. http://www.selahpub.com/SelahPeople/Phillips.html A
  3. Simon Earl - Assistant DOM at Wakefield Cathedral to be DOM at Christchurch Priory. A
  4. Roger Taylor, who builds organs down here in Somerset was at one point looking after the Downside Compton and last time I played it (some years ago now) all of the lights seemed ok. The only problem was that in sunlight it is sometimes difficult to spot which stops were on or off. A
  5. I haven't watched SOP for many years! A
  6. Wasn't he there once before? A
  7. AJJ


    An army firend of Farrar was the writer J. B. Priestly who was also present at the assault in 1918 when Farrar was killed. A
  8. AJJ


    Vaughan Williams - Prelude from Phantasy Quintet arranged by Marco Lo Muscio and available from him. Lovely piece! A
  9. This looks very exciting. One point however - I wonder how the divisions in the main case can be equally effective from the east and west. I note the 2 x Open Diapason arrangement on the Great as at Gloucester but unless the other pipework is divided west and east (also as Gloucester) then there would presumably need to be some sort of compromise. Hopefully it will not be on a north/south orientation as at Exeter or Wells where to my ears at least the overall effect can be disappointingly diffused - indeed at Wells it often sounds to me as if it is in another building! Presumably also the Swel
  10. Does anyone know please whether Olivier Latry has recorded Rite of Spring yet? A
  11. I went to the Yves Castagnet concert in the opening recital series last night. The opening item was the Cesar Franck 3rd Chorale which to my ears at least sounded quite authentic, seemingly using the C-C pipework only. The strangely compelling 2nd Symphonie by Dupre followed and immediately all the other colour sonds were evident, sparkling mutations and the big reeds etc. Castagnet's own 'Poeme' for two organs followed - an amazing and almost impressionist piece with Virgile Monin playing the choir organ. This piece could almost be said to have played 'the building' sonically and was highly e
  12. I have this disc and have enjoyed listening to it very much. As I wrote somewhere above I have also a recording (45rpm) from when the organ first went in as well as a tape of the Langlais Mass and other liturgical music where it features. Although one recent review was not all that nice about the instrument I feel that the combination of acoustic and instrument is ideal for the repertoire and that as an organ of its time it works really well. Really good playing too! A
  13. I will be in Paris for a short time early next month - can anyone please advise as to where I could spend a happy half hour browsing through some decent organ music with the possibility of purchasing! Ideally in the central area - I once shot off on foot somewhere behind S. Eustache looking for Di Arezzo only to find that they seemed to be mail order only! Thanks A
  14. Duruflé is really interesting despite his very small output, I have recordings of the Prélude, récitatif et variations op. 3 for flute, viola, and piano (1928) which is a fine piece as are the Trois danses op. 6 (1932) for orchestra. The Andante et Scherzo op. 8 (1940) for orchestra uses material from the organ Scherzo op. 2 (1926) - I have only heard this in a rather bad recording. Maurice Duruflé, the Last Impressionist (Ronald Ebrecht, 2002) is quite an informative read if one wants a compendium of scholarly articles and Maurice Duruflé the Man and His Music (James E. Frazier, 2007) is a r
  15. 'Not quite sure how to do this but try: http://mander-organs-forum.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/734-introduce-yourself/?hl=%2Bintroduce+%2Byourself as a start. A
  16. Does anyone play any music by the above - he was sometime organist at the Collegiate Church in Neuchâtel in Switzerland and a student of Marcel Dupré? 'Googling' reveals some interesting music on CD/iTunes etc. but no mention of scores. A
  17. A few years ago I and some others were able to have a private demonstration of the ND organ by Philippe Lefebvre one evening once the crowds had departed. We did not alas visit the tribune but from down in the nave things were crystal clear and hugely atmospheric. He started with the classical choruses and then went on to the Franck 'sound world' followed by the noises Vierne would have been used to and finally on to Cochereau and post Cochereau, the latter via an improvisation. My lasting impression was of a versatile instrument well able to deal with anything thrown at it. The early pipework
  18. Does anyone know if there a link anywhere to the updated stop list? A
  19. An update......Rennes Cathedral main west end organ is a fine beast in reasonably good working order and the east end choir organ a real gem! I was lucky to be able to play both last week. There are also other interesting instruments in Rennes which are regularly featured in their annual recital series. Rennes is also a good place for a couple of days exploring and the rather good Saturday market (in the old city near the Cathedral) is one of the largest in France. A
  20. Not C-C but the Sonata was concluding voluntary on a R3 Choral Evensong broadcast from New College Oxford some years ago, I don't remember the player. It actually sounded rather fine! Coincidentally also I heard it last month played very effectively by Gary Sieling at Southwark Cathedral, an instrument I had previously not heard 'live'. It worked well here too despite the slightly strange balance of the Swell as heard from the nave. The small solo reeds and great flues came over very effectively and the big choruses and larger reeds bounced merrily around the place without a feeling of being b
  21. 'Will be going to Yves Castagnet on 2nd October - an interesting programme, he's a superb player, I like his own compositions and am intrigued by his piece using BOTH organs. I have also heard the rest of the gang play in the not too distant past. 'Should be fun! A
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