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  1. Thank you & yes please! AJJ
  2. Maybe a 'forum' type visit later in the year?...............please. AJJ
  3. Re planned wind pressures - John Norman says 5'' for Gt & Pd reeds, 7'' for Sw reeds and 13-3/4'' for the Tuba - p. 33 of the May 08 Organists' Review. AJJ
  4. Aren't we being a bit unkind? After all he makes it clear in his biography that he's not an organist. He's a 'Fusician'. Weren't they on Dr Who the other week? AJJ
  5. Exciting stuff - thanks Adrian. AJJ
  6. Thanks yet again - any chance please of the spec. for the Transept organ as it is now in full public view! AJJ
  7. He is also very sincere and anxious to 'spread the word' (or rather music) - 'same as the rest of us in our different ways! AJJ
  8. Just spotted a posting about this back a bit! A
  9. Priory have brought out Richard Popplewell's Concertos - has anyone heard them? I must admit that variations on 'Dashing Away with a Smoothing Iron was a little off putting when reading the description - but I suppose each to their own! AJJ
  10. AJJ

    Henri Mulet

    You are very good to us all Paul - many thanks in advance! A
  11. Thanks for your trouble over this Adrian A
  12. Amazing as ever - 'quick question - is the Great HP chest for the reeds alone? AJJ
  13. Things like this happen to electronic wizardry connected to pipes also! AJJ
  14. I have said this here before but my playing has improved vastly since I aquired mine - the headphones are a huge advantage in a terraced house and with others to consider and although by no means top of the range I have (so far) not got bored with any of the noises it makes. I personally would find (for example) a stopped flute and a dulciana too limiting (however much they were extended) - which is all I would be able to get into the space available unless I had a box type continuo organ. AJJ
  15. Or this one where seemingly someone who after consuming an over healthy ammount of Bordeaux took the wrong staircase while attempting visit Daniel Roth after Mass on a Sunday morning. It would have been interesting to see where they ended up after all the spinning around and lurching about - maybe head first down the 32' or marooned amongst Les Grands Jeux! AJJ
  16. Sorry I couldn't get there - domestic duties precluded - 'will get there soon though!! AJJ
  17. AJJ


    Welcome on board! - any chance of a recording soon of the new Copley? AJJ
  18. As a regular finder of variety and bodger of accompaniments on a one manual I can testify to much of this - a reasonably fully fledged Lessons and Carols was an interesting experience. Somewhere on here I even drew up a stoplist for a one manual to play as suggested above with the aid of generals etc. It is buried so deep now that it would be impossible to dig up though. AJJ PS Back on topic Bangor is on the NPOR in its new form - the re arranged Choir and Solo divisions seem quite dainty on paper at least.
  19. Didn't something similar happen at Ely last rebuild although a Sesquialtera III went in to replace the Cornet V (Clutton/Wills) for a more 19th Century colour within the chorus. AJJ
  20. Yes - and if one listens to the CD from which this piece originally came one can also hear how successfully the organ copes with Anglican repertoire and the organ repertoire in general. This is what it was designed for. AJJ
  21. How about then. AJJ Much more here.
  22. Which is why even on my 'digital' at home I have tuned one of the 'profiles' away from equal temperament so that I can get at least an approximation of this effect in Couperin and De Grigny etc. AJJ
  23. Now there's a thought - I wonder how something like that would go down at my place just before the notices! It might add a little spice to the whereabouts of the coffee morning or whatever. AJJ
  24. This is a bit of a change from the Thorne - St Thomas Mass!!! At leas it shows that even the great and good have to do the 'usual chores' too. I bet he doesn't get someone in the front row of the congregation as we had this morning who resolutely refused to sing the version of Slane without the two quavers at the start of the second line of each verse. With the ND de P Chamades I could have reduced him to a gibbering heap after verse 1 - my Swell Oboe was just not the same thing. AJJ
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