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  1. I don't know any of the background - but it niggles that seemingly vast amounts must have recently been spent on the rather nice new organ. One wonders if this was necessarily the best option with things the way they are financially at present. Just a thought! A
  2. There are some YouTube shots of transcriptions of parts of his Organ Concerto - organ duet, solo organ etc. A
  3. Thanks all and it is possible pcnd that what you suggest is the cause - we have had one or two odd things happen in recent days including my wife's work portal needing to be reset completely! We are meeting up with friends tomorrow one of whom is a systems architect for Microsoft so at an appropriate moment I might broach the subject. A
  4. They're getting it at my place on Sunday. A
  5. Neither my laptop nor my pc will allow me to add links to 'externals' or paste onto here anymore - does anyone know what needs to be done? Cheers A
  6. ..or one's head on one of the brass candlesticks fixed either side of the console. A
  7. I would go with what sounds most musical - on a single manual such as yours one has to adapt - I play one regularly too. Re the 1-1/3' - I have seen instances where it changes to 1' in the bass in a similar context - to avoid the problems you describe. A
  8. Didn't there used to be a recording of this performance available? A
  9. I was DoM in a school in Lincoln from 1984 to 1988 and for a short while my wife and I sang with the cathedral Voluntary Choir which was then run by Philip Marshall. I think the intention was to fill in when the cathedral choir were on holiday etc. but we never actually managed to sing a service due to the seemingly random schedules and the fact that on occasions we arrived for rehearsals that did not actually happen. However when they did it was quite amazing - the stories of Bairstow, Francis Jackson, Howells etc. flowed freely and the musical demonstrations that illustrated them similarly
  10. Many years ago I sat in awe and wonder at the console at St Albans for a Choral Evensong while Peter Hurford re-harmonised (very tastefully I might add) a selection of the verses of the hymns. A
  11. I spent a very happy morning at Vichy a couple of years ago but can not remember what goes on with the 16' in question - the bass end of the 32' reed has been mentioned on here before and is outside the case. It's one of those instruments that makes you question all you have ever done before with the appropriate repertoire and certainly requires much time to get to know it. A
  12. Canadian composer Denis Bedard has written a set of 4 psalm based pieces - the RSCM deals with his music over here. They are however based on Geneva psalm tunes so maybe not what you want. Easy to play and quite effective however! A
  13. Organists' Review (Sarah Beedle) was asking whether anyone had pictures of Caleb Jarvis. A
  14. If H&H are involved along with the staff at Canterbury one can be very confident of something musical and thoroughly sensible - one only has to look at St. David's, Bury St Edmunds, St Alban's etc. We are also expecting something rather good down here at Edington Priory from H&H fairly soon albeit at the other end of the scale. A
  15. Please forgive the advertising but if you want to hear some really interesting repertoire (along with some more familiar music) played skilfully, exremely musically and above all tastefully then I would strongly recommend this.The organ sounds atmospheric and in much better focus than I've heard it on CD before. Every detail is crystal clear. High praise for Simon Johnson the performer, Hyperion for their recording and to our hosts here for the instrument as it stands today. A
  16. I wondered this too - mind you I quite liked the sound - the choir chorus in the 'episodes' was almost magical! A
  17. AJJ


    More thanks! I have a recording of the Reid Memorial organ played by Roger Fisher (including a transcription of Overture Land of the Mountain and the Flood by Hamish MacCunn) and if it is as good in the flesh as in a recording then I will try there. Mind you, the Frobenius at Canongate Kirk looks quite fun also in quite for totally opposite reasons to the Reid Memorial instrument. A
  18. I think so - I have a friend who is involved with diocesan pre ordination training and I seem to remember that she arranges sessions with the diocesan music advisory people. We are lucky down here that these are unlikely to be propagating anything too way out! A
  19. AJJ


    My npor etc. has been fine this morning. A
  20. AJJ


    Thanks all - I will keep my eyes open in the next OCJ and keep an ear to the grapevine for the Resonus CD. Stirling also sounds fun - possibly the anticipation of anything to do with One Direction (surely the first mention on here?) would actually persuade my two to join an organ jaunt! A
  21. As a musical aside - but still on topic with where this line seems to have gone - the BBC R4 morning service today - what was/is that all about? Sorry, but I switched off after a while! A
  22. My family and I are planning a short visit to Edinburgh early next year - as we are all going 'organ business' will need to be kept to a minimum and introduced into my part of the itinerary at least with stealth for fear of all kinds of retributions from my wife and two teenage daughters! Can anyone recommend just one instrument to try and get a look at keeping in mind that I am unlikely to be up there again for a while. Thanks in anticipation! A
  23. I agree very much with what pcnd has written above. I too am lucky to work with a Rector who is not only a musician himself but totally supportive of all things musical. My fellow musician colleagues are similarly dedicated. The main difference is that it is a country parish and consequently we are at a different point on the scale yet still supported by a range of ages and good numbers in the congregation. We have a small SATB choir and a delightful one manual organ which has recently been overhauled and brought back into good playing condition. I have been there for 16 years and would not sw
  24. I seem to recall that this is not published but that WM's daughter passed on the music to Richard Lea - 'may be mistaken though! A
  25. There is a fantastic set of Priory recordings of the complete organ works of Mathias played by Richard Lea at Liverpool Met. which could convince anyone totally of the merit of the music. The playing is electrifying and the organ sound likewise. Quite a lot of the music of this era seemed to have gone out of favour but is being recorded a bit currently - there is also a disc of similar music from Coventry played by Kerry Bishop and the Hurford Dialogues appeared recently on a recording from St Albans. The organ music of Leighton also could be similarly considered. Having said that I play the
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