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  1. You may well have tried this.....but Richard Lea at Liverpool Meropolitan knows the instrument there well and might be able to assist. A
  2. Romsey Abbey is worth a try - Robert Fielding is DOM. A
  3. AJJ

    Happy Easter

    5.30 - Salisbury Cathedral for bonfire, service of light & confirmation of Goddaughter followed by champagne and marvellous breakfast. Timothy Hone at the Fr. Willis with a chunk of Simon Preston's Alleluyas as the first fanfare and Final from Vierne I to end - all very tasteful apart from one rather dodgy new hymn. 10.00 - PC at church with trimmings including Greater Love - Ireland which I conducted and the Rector played for due to L. elbow problems. To end - Paean by Nicholas Edwards which sounded good despite elbow problems and not as tricky as bits of GL. Elder daughter in tow for both to page turn in the latter - fell asleep at one point in the PC - but had been on the go since 4.00! A
  4. Try this player - I believe it is in his repertoire. A
  5. ....though some time ago the 1st movement of the Sonata was broadcast from New College Oxford after a choral evensong - it actually worked quite well! A
  6. 'Agree with this - even on my little 1 man. Victorian church job this is certainly the case. Here's an interesting exmaple of a contiuo organ with open 8' built for John Eliot Gardiner. A
  7. But why electric stop action and a sequencer here I wonder? A
  8. I seem to remember a similar situation over here where an organ bench was made to descend quite a bit lower than the usual adjustable ones do to allow for the organist to get from a wheelchair to play, A
  9. I've not had time to investigate this yet but have ordered a disc which I think also includes the symphony with the Triptyche. The score for the symphony is here though - a job for later! A
  10. Thank you - just ordered via di Arezzo A
  11. Can anyone help please? I am trying to locate a copy of TRIPTYCHE for organ by this composer who was born and worked in Bordeaux and a student of Marcel Dupre. Thanks A
  12. Last summer I was persuaded (the old ones broke and we were en route to France for two weeks) to take posession of some rather expensive Bose earphones on the suggestion of a nice gent in a proper sound equipment shop in deepest Chelmsford. Very comfortable and almost permenantly lodged with my iPod but with some tweaking of the controls they make the C-C DVDs etc. sound quite amazing (and quite private) on my laptop. A
  13. Thanks - 'anticipating something very special when completed A
  14. It looks rather splendid - any chance of a stoplist please? Thanks A
  15. AJJ

    RFH Organ

    IAO London Organ Day tomorrow - quite a few of us here look likely to be there - it will be interesting to see and hear how things are now. A
  16. He was later organist at Manchester College Oxford - returning to the USA in July 1993. A PS Later.......'found this.... http://orgues.chartr...fr/hillsman.htm
  17. I have recordings only - via iTunes. A
  18. Thanks - interesting info. - we will be in Lyon again next year so I'll keep an eye open. A
  19. Commette's 12 Pieces for Organ have some interesting music too - there is a quite natty Toccata, Sur Le Lac is quiter and impressionistic and Marche Solenelle is quite 'solenelle' and sounds like early Widor - who taught Commette. A
  20. An interesting spin off from getting hold of the C-C pack for me at least has been from the point of view of 'new' music to play. For example, the sets L'Organiste by César Franck contain some lovely small scale pieces that can work well in concerts or as voluntaries. These are on IMSLP or e-partitions as free downloads and contain many of the elements of his large scale pieces but in miniature. Likewise the Vingt-Six Versets Posthumes by Leon Boellmann which can by bought at a very reasonable rate from the Dr Butz publishing house. Also included are a rather lush Prelude á 5 by Lemmens and a decidedly manic Fugue á la Handel by Guilmant both of which they are getting this Sunday at my place. Although marked 'orgue ou harmonium' this music can work neatly on the sort of instruments I play on regularly yet can also transfer well to something larger. They are also not too technically demanding and there is a superb recording available, albeit on a German 'French' organ by Hans-Eberhard Roß in his César Franck Complete Organ Works Vol. III. Does anyone else here use this repertoire? A
  21. Now there's a thought.....a Mander Discussion Board flat in Paris.....'will be over there 'en famille' though, in April....maybe pick up some literature! A
  22. My copy arrived yesterday. The Bednall Toccata is quite splendid and will (if I practice) work nicely during my summer hop over to France. The Briggs Ricercare also works well (despite lacking chamades) and I am looking forward to learning the Francis Jackson Meditation which as ever with this composer hits the proverbial nail right on the head. I also quite liked the Shine Jesus.. piece, there is more Tambling about it that Kendrick and all in very good taste. As with the OUP Christmas set it is good to have all these pieces under one cover in such a nice edition. A .
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