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    This is great fun! He obviously knows his instrument, knows his acoustic and did everything IMHO in the best possible taste. Organ improvisation is very subjective and to me seems to go in cycles as far as style and approach are concerned. Some of the best improvisation I have heard recently has come from players not setting out to show off their technique etc. but to produce something new and satisfying. I also believe that something simple can be as effective as something complex. Here in the UK there seems to be a move away from just ‘trying to sound French’ and some of the best ‘improvisation educators’ such as Ronny Krippner while acknowledging that there are national schools of improvisation also push for showing one’s own identity. One can still experience the ubiquitous Anglican ramblings (often on Organists’ Association visits!) but more often than not better things can be heard. I still can not get to grips with improvisiations on silent films however..but this is a purely personal view! A
  2. Bill Drake’s legacy continues under Joost de Boer and we wait in anticipation for the new organ for Chelsea Old Church to be up and running. Interesting also was their tender for a new west end organ for Buckfast Abbey complete with 32’ Bombarde. One can but wonder.... A
  3. ....with a new electro pneumatic action replacing the tracker action in the main divisions! A
  4. AJJ

    Colston Hall

    The Colston Hall organ continues to have a loyal following in the city and its surrounds. The authorities are happy for people to play when convenient and the local organists’ association holds regular events there. It will be interesting to see how things pan out with the hall developments, certainly the foyer extension is a lovely venue already. A
  5. A luxuriant ‘larghetto’ - published by Animus in a volume entitled ‘The Reflective Elgar’ arr. Adrian Self. A lovely and not too tricky arrangement of the Larghetto from the Serenade for Strings. A
  6. Another Roger Pulham case design at All Saints, Friern Barnet complete with Heraldic Trumpet planted horizontally. Organ by Nigel Church (1984). A
  7. There is an comfortable and effective version by David Patrick which lies nicely under hands and feet. You could try contacting him via Fitzjohn Music re availability etc. A fitzjohnmusic@btinternet.com
  8. AJJ

    Max Drischner

    I got hold of it after a bit of concentrated Googling! A
  9. AJJ

    Max Drischner

    It’s in ‘Minatures Volume 1’ edited by Bryan Hesford and published by Fentone (F607) A
  10. As an aside it is interesting to see what Richard Bower did at Thurning in 2010. The case is still as it was but the innards are completely revised. An ingenious scheme which I would be keen one day to investigate. http://www.bowerorgans.co.uk/organs/Thurning.html A
  11. A similar Roger Yates scheme with borrowings here - nice case also but no photo available! http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=D02323 A
  12. AJJ

    Worship songs

    I don’t go as far as bands but if asked will play worship songs and will do so with (hopefully) musicality. I agree with the narcissism point above too though find it more problematic with some (possibly less open minded and maybe also less musical) church musicians than with those who run things. I tend to keep well away from those types. A
  13. The Hay on Wye organ is a bit of a mess.. A
  14. AJJ

    Spurden Rutt

    I once played this - http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N16514 It was decidedly clapped out then and not long to be replaced but I was not over impressed. A
  15. I have seen this done on organs from some USA builders on an ‘ether/or’ basis where a stop lever slid L engages the stop on one manual, slid R engages on another or is off when central. There is also a French builder who from a basic 2 man GO and Rec. scheme craftily derives a Pos. by similar means from the GO (and possibly some of the Ped. too) but I am unsure about the stop control for this. Maybe our host could enlighten? Peter Collins, Nigel Church also used to build small instruments with this idea behind them. A
  16. Try contacting Richard or Barbara Priest here: http://allegro.co.uk/ A
  17. AJJ

    Buckfast Abbey

    Just spotted myself and wife! Interestingly, she (a musician herself who has had to put up with organs and organists for many years) usually takes no prisoners so to speak where organs recitals are concerned but was mightily impressed at this event. Not only did the player come in for great praise but so did the instrument. Whatever we anoracks think, the instrument seems to have impressed at least one muscal member of the public. A
  18. For a huge selection of earlier music for manuals you should head straight for Fitzjohn Music where David Patrick has edited and publishes what must surely be the largest spread found anywhere currently. Reasonably priced, nice to look at and well edited. https://www.impulse-music.co.uk/fitzjohnmusic/ A
  19. There was apparently a presentation to Organists’ Assocations recently by Robert Sharpe on what is likely to be done to the organ. Can anyone report back please? A
  20. AJJ

    Buckfast Abbey

    Ok, here we go.... The Quire Organ has some lovely noises - relaxed reed and principal choruses, endless variety of blending and characterful flutes, pleasing strings and celestes, nice small solo reeds and a decent full plenum with small 32’ reed and pedal bass. Bach came over very well and the general open toe voicing of much of the fluework actually sounded a bit like the former Walker/Downes instrument. There are birdsongs and bagpipes but these do not detract and I can imagin that it will accompany the monastic choir or whatever else is put before it admirably and with endless variety. This section happily fills the building with sound and reacts nicely to the acoustic - full of audience when we heard it and empty when we popped back the next morning. The ‘west’ organ is very loud when used flat out and although supposedly designed to sound French doesn’t sound much like any C-Cs I have heard. There are some nice sounds back there but the big solo reeds sound to me at least more like English Tubas than anything at N-D in Paris. Some grand effects can be experienced using both sections together but I would imagine caution is needed as with everything ‘on’ there is a huge sound and clarity can suffer. Full organ can be heard from the restaurant across the green! The mobile Quire console is quite full of electronics which all worked well as did the action with no sense of time lag etc. The visible woodwork is of a high standard and blends in with the general feel of the Abbey and the visible pipes above the stalls sparkle away nicely! I could quite happily live with this instrument week in, week out but would possibly feel just a touch of guilty pleasure in that it is not mechanical, has masses of wizzardry, can be extremely powerfull and has a stoplist that looks at least like something I might have devised as a youth! Martin Baker’s recital was a triumph of programming to show off the organ and yet give us all some decent organ music. His improvisation at the end was virtuosic and quite amazing but not flashy or showing off for the sake of it. I had forgotten what a superbly musical player he is! There were two well deserved standing ovations and....he plays in socks as do I! A
  21. AJJ

    Buckfast Abbey

    Fantastic recital tonight by Martin Baker and a model of really effective programming with virtuoso but un-showy playing. By and large the organ aquitted itself well, the Quire section especially with loads of clear choruses and lovely quiet voices. The West end section is very loud, not especially French sounding and somewhere up there is something that sounds like a H&H Tuba from about 1910! A
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