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  1. The newer edition looks as if the registration advice comes from the Alain organ now at Neufchâtel. No time to peruse further but I have a recent article on this organ and its restoration that might add light to the subject. It is too large to attach here but please pm with an email address and I can send! A
  2. They use phones at Ely too. A
  3. AJJ


    On my little 1867 one manual Vowles I asked the organ builder to tune the Dulciana as a celeste. It beats with either the string or flute and I do not miss it as the string with box closed is plenty quiet enough for my needs. It also is not needed to acompany anything else. The added dimension of awe and wonder added by this little tweak is much appreciated and if needs be it can always be tuned back. When the whole tuning is a bit wayward on a cold day the organ sounds like one of those little instruments found at the altar end of a big French church. Marvellous for Franck’s L’Organiste or the Langlais 24 pieces. http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N12535 A
  4. St Mary’s in Dorchester gained the similar sized and vintage Collins from the chapel down the road some years ago and it looks and sounds grand there. To install the TS organ at Orford would be daring but would provide a completely new dimension to the music of the church and indeed the area. Let’s hope things can be more positive if they appeal. A
  5. A large number of us who were brought up on it (so to speak) in its original home will be excited to see and hear it back in action again. It will be interesting to hear it in a new acoustic, the Turner Sims Hall being fairly unforgiving. When the smilar sized Collins organ was moved from an acoustically dead space into the larger and decidedly more resonant St Mary’s Church in Dorchester I seem to remember some revocing might possibly have been done to fit the new home. A
  6. AJJ

    Max Drischner

    I am trying without success to locate a copy of the above piece, apparently published at some point in the 1990s by Fentone but possibly now out of print. If anyone here posesses a copy or could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Thanks A
  7. Sadly, Professor Peter Evans whose brainchild the TS organ was died early on January 1st. A
  8. Very nice - one does not hear the Hindemith Sonatas much these days. Incidentally, much of this on here is being passed on to Professor Peter Evans who is following the news of the organ with interest. He is not currently in the best of health but is apparently much enthused that it will have a new home albeit not the one that it was orignally designed for. A
  9. This is good news and if anyone wants to hear the slightly younger sibling of the TS organ then they can do so here now also in its second home. A nice touch also is that apparently Professor Peter Evans who was the driving force behind the TS organ and a biographer of Benjamin Britten listened to the premier of BB’s Curlew River from the porch at Orford beacause he was unable to get a seat! http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=D06607 A
  10. Oh yes - those didn’t seem to want to arrive last time I looked! A
  11. Looking at the pictures it appears that what we are seeing is the floor being taken up due I seem to remember to water flooding the performing area from one of the streams that pass through the campus. It looks to me as if the organ had already gone when these were taken. I visited last year and was told that the instrument was dismantled and in storage awaitng a new home. I am not aware of which organ builing firm dismantled it nor details of the storage arrangements though possibly one or two on here might know more. A
  12. I was there studying Music too from ‘75 to ‘78 so was most likely in your audience! We were extremely lucky to have this instrument to learn and play on and whatever one thinks about its decidedly ‘70s concept it was certainly a huge influence on my playing and a number of others also I would guess. A
  13. Regarding the Pershore and Buckfast instruments I wonder whether the tonal designs stem from repertoir, liturgical or a sort of ‘wouldn’t it be nice if we had...’ considerations or maybe a mixture of these. The Persore details seem not to be generally available yet but I would be interested to know the rationale behind some of the Buckfast elements both tonal and in the general concept. A
  14. I have a feeling that a previous incumbent at Pershore was a good friend of CC and that CC’s memorial service was actually held there. It will be interesting to see what Ruffatti come up with. Certainly, on paper at least their more recent instruments look decidedly tonally ‘eclectic’ and almost even random. Having heard their work only via recordings however, I do not feel qualified to fairly judge this aspect. Off topic but does anyone know any more about the ‘what and why’ of their work on the Tickell at Keble College Oxford? I heard it not long after its creation and it sounded very fine then. A
  15. AJJ


    Somewhere or other Nigel Allcoat has written that one needs to judge the various effects on an Aubertin with ones’s ears rather than trying to apply expected stoplist conventions. My experiences at S. louis en L’Ile in Paris certainly supports this point. A
  16. Guillou made some recordings of this organ when it was new - issued on CD by an American company. They showed the expected Guillou playing skills and some quite spectacular sounds and interpretations of true organ repertoire and transcriptions. I wondered then as to the suitability of the organ’s general compatability with orchestral sounds in the standard orchestral repertoire. The situation now seems very much to be a state of ‘what comes around goes around’ but all the same it wold be good if the organ could find a new home. A
  17. This seems to be the case on occasions in France too - a recent solo organ recital in Bourges Cathedral attracted a substantial audience. A
  18. There is a facebook page on Father Willis instruments which is reliable and free from the daftness found in some of the organ areas in said media. https://www.facebook.com/groups/639145742878503/ A
  19. AJJ

    Servite Priory Fulham

    Interesting - thanks! A
  20. AJJ

    Servite Priory Fulham

    Thanks both above - that is certainly encouraging! A
  21. AJJ

    Holiday playing

    Having had a lovely little one manual and pedal 1860s Vowles as my main church instrument for the last 20 plus years I can certainly say that I never tire of what one can actually get it to do both liturgically and in the repertoire it can cope with. With a bit of research there is much around from all points of the repertoire that will work effectively - enough to make me not over worried about that which will not! A
  22. This instrument http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N08874 caused quite a stir when it was installed and indeed somewhere I still have an LP of Alan Harverson playing various 'baroqueries' on it soon after. Does anyone know if it is still looked after, used in recitals etc. as one doesn't seem to hear much about it these days. A
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