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  1. Oliver Hancock goes from Assistant at Portsmouth Cathedral to St Mary's Warwick as DOM. A
  2. Wine of Peace - Charles Camilleri A
  3. It looks like it it is the same as is currently the case - Mixture IV with tierce, Fourniture IV with just quints. A
  4. GREAT 16,8,8,8,8,8,4,4,2 2/3,2,2,IV,IV,16,8,4 TRANSEPT GREAT 16,8,4,2 2/3,2,IV,8 SWELL 16,8,8,8,8,4,4,2,III,IV,16,8,8,16,8,4 SOLO 16,8,8,8,8,4,2,16,8,8,Fr. Horn 8, Ophicleide 8, Tubas 8,4 CHOIR 16,8,8,8,4,4,2 2/3,2,2,1 3/5,III,8 PEDAL Open 32,Stopped 32,16,16,16,16,16 Solo,16 Choir,8,8,8,4,4,IV,32,16,16,8,4 A
  5. The proposed Canterbury spec. Is out there in the big wide world via the latest edition of The Organ Club Journal if anyone is interested. A
  6. Richard Lea goes to Buckfast Abbey in the autumn as Organist after 30 plus years association with Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. A
  7. Anna Lapwood goes to Pembroke College Cambridge as DOM from October. A
  8. Paul Dewhurst from St Giles, Pontefract to Leeds Minster. A
  9. More here.... http://www.bathabbey.org/abbey-community-news A
  10. Ian Roberts goes to Newcastle Cathedral as DOM from St. John's Ranmoor, Sheffield. A
  11. Sheffield Cathedral DOM post in Church Times today. A
  12. Have a look at the organ music by Huw Morgan on his Firehead Editions website. His 'Dialogues' is refreshingly contemporary and a growing set of hymn based pieces likewise. A
  13. I seem to remember Paul Hale was/is advising on this. A
  14. According to their website Michael Stoodart from Newcastle Cathedral succeeds Timothy Noon at Auckland Cathedral, New Zealand. A
  15. For those interested in such things this is a good demonstration of tonal and other aspects of Schoenstein organs in the USA.
  16. Having heard two of these three since work has been done on them in recent years it would seem to me that neither has changed radically and indeed both still sound very much like Downes instruments. St. Albans sounds far less 'lean' from minimal revoicing and has gained stops that possibly would have been there originally had there not been budget constraints or had RD not had a seeming problem with 2' principal stops. The RFH is still as it was though to my ears at least sounding much better. In both these cases the consultants involved in more recent work have kept the basics of voicing and
  17. Matthew Martin will be moving to Keble College, Oxford to be Its DoM. A
  18. "I must say I was going to post a new thread on the heavily restored organ at St Andrews Parish Church, Enfield, Middlesex, the work being undertaken by David Wells of Liverpool. I have the revised stop list to hand, having visited the new console yesterday. But given the ridiculous comments regarding stop lists, I'm inclined not to do it." That's a shame! A
  19. In my experience the best instruments produce the best music. That is how I would decide whether the organ is a good one rather than by stoplist analysis before it has even been built. A
  20. New Diocesan DoM coming from Leeds Cathedral sometime this year I think. A
  21. I could be mistaken but doesn't Paul Derrett have them? A
  22. Has anyone heard or played the new Ruffatti near Dublin yet? A
  23. Having just revisited Ralph Downes' 'Baroque Tricks' it was interesting to read of the many tinkerings that went on at Buckfast over the years and how the pipework was always a bit of a 'mixed bag'. I also recall some nice quiet effects but the choruses etc. did not do too well under closer scrutiny and the best effect was seemingly the abbey acoustic! There were some quite exciting recordings of French music from there sometime back that seem to bare this out. We await future news with interest. A
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