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  1. There is an opening recital on 30th September of a rebuilt/reconditined organ by Nigel Church in the RC church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Lincoln. Does anyone on here know where this has come from or any other information please? Thanks A
  2. This on first impressions would seem pointless........ A
  3. Anna Lapwood goes to Pembroke College Cambridge as DOM from October. A
  4. Wimborne Minster has one of these to disable the Chamades with the key secure at all times in the pocket of the current 'Titulaire'. I have also heard of a similar arrangement at a well known public school where the decibel levels of teenage practice can be kept in check by means of a switch and lock. A
  5. There is a photo. circulating with 'Vestry to Great' and 'Vestry to Pedal' couplers shown on a console. I have a feeling this might have been previously mentioned on here but if anyone can re throw a light on where and why it would be interesting to hear. A
  6. Paul Dewhurst from St Giles, Pontefract to Leeds Minster. A
  7. This is interesting - aside from the FRCO it would appear that a PGCE is L7 along with a Master's degree from this point of view. A
  8. I enjoyed this but was struck by the fact that instruments can sound refreshingly different in different hands. Here, having been used to hearing Liverpool largely played by one player in particular for quite a few years it is good to hear different 'takes' on the resources available. I remember the same with the Gloucester Cathedral organ - another instrument with a very distinct personality and another where the possibilities are seemingly limitless. A
  9. More here.... http://www.bathabbey.org/abbey-community-news A
  10. You could maybe try pinging an email to Michael Johnston at Michael's Music - he may not publish the piece but is a mine of information. Prof. Thomas Murray at Yale might also be able to assist as I have a feeling he has recorded pieces by Swinnen on the Longwood Gardens organ. A
  11. This might interest readers on here - http://www.culturevannin.im/special/church_organ/ A
  12. A search prompted by mention elsewhere on here of the Collins work at Trinity College Oxford yielded this: http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=V00297 A
  13. AJJ

    New Music

    I have a few of the OUP books and play a few of the pieces but often much prefer to head for the smaller independent publishers where there are some rather good examples of new(ish) music at competetive prices. I also find that the music is perhaps more characterful and dare say it maybe also less 'mass market'. It is also handy where one can see the music before purchase (as with OUP) and where there is an option of downloading a pdf to print at home - sometimes I do this and sometimes not. Here are some: http://www.selahpub.com Check out Craig Philips and Alfred Fedak - quite 'trans Atlantic' but none the worse for this. http://fireheadeditions.com The organ music by Huw Morgan is new and refreshing - I even commissioned a couple of nice hymn based pieces from him myself. http://carsoncooman.com Much interesting music here too. There is also Ad Wammes from The Netherlands whose music is not always of the difficulty of his 'Miroire' and Fredrik Sixten from Scandinavia whose music is generally moderately tricky but worth the effort. My problem is that I have so much music I still want to learn and not a vast ammount of extra space to store or funds to afford! A
  14. Ian Roberts goes to Newcastle Cathedral as DOM from St. John's Ranmoor, Sheffield. A
  15. Anyone interested in Langlais should take advantage of this! https://www.agohq.org/jean-langlais-remembered/ A
  16. Sheffield Cathedral DOM post in Church Times today. A
  17. As far as I can work out the new west organ is fronted by a piperack - the choir organ in the chancel seems to be contained behind panels near the pit where the rest is situated. I played the instrument some years ago and seem to remember some nice sounds in a good acoustic. It would be interesting to know more about the recent work. A
  18. Here it is: http://corkcathedral.webs.com/specification A
  19. The late Stephen Bicknell covers some of this quite succinctly here: http://www.stephenbicknell.org/3.6.03.php A
  20. Down here on the Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset borders we have many similar instruments of similar vintage though more often from Vowles, Sweetland etc. - our local firms. Having had the fortune to have played 'village' for the last twenty five years or so I can testify to the adaptability and artistry of the majority of these seemingly ordinary instruments. With a bit of experimentation it is surprising what one can achieve. A
  21. This is interesting as just today the Benjamin Saunders CD of Andriessen's music played at Leeds Cathedral popped through the door. I play the Thema met variaties and also the Offertorium (published in a Dutch anthology of liturgical music) both of which appear on the disc soundng very atmospheric on the Leeds N&B/Klais. The current organist at the RC Cathedral in Utrecht where Andriessen played is Wouter Van Belle and he is not only an expert on Andriesssen, Strategier etc. but also works hard to keep their music 'played' through recitals and CDs. http://www.woutervanbelle.nl/ A
  22. Ordered - thank you! A
  23. I am trying to locate a copy of the above - more specifically Postlude 1. The set seems to be out of print - available on Amazon only at huge price! If anyone could assist over this I would be extremely grateful. Thanks A
  24. 'Farewell to Stromness' always goes down well when I play it as an organ piece - not at all typical PMD but rather lovely all the same. 'Totally agree with much of what is written above re his work with and for young people even if his more recent pronouncements about the current state of music in schools were (in my experience at least) rather wide of the mark! A
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