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  1. Coincidentally I was just listening to the Stanford Fantasia and Toccata, Op.57 (a piece I must admit I have never paid much attention to) played at the RFH on the CD set 'Grand Chorus' produced by David Titterington and others a few years back. The performance is stunning and also the piece sounds very fine too - on what would in the first instance seem to be totally the wrong organ! It certainly puts the notes into a very musical perspective - maybe one that Stanford may not have been totally happy with though. Registration is in the best of taste but you can certainly hear everything - clar
  2. AJJ

    Denis Bedard

    The SUITE LITURGIQUE is good - an effective and not too tricky Sortie concludes this set - also on YouTube - played by Diane Bish at Gloucester Cathedral. The QUATRE PSAUMES is also an effective little collection - two of which are also on YouTube (not that I sit watching YouTube all the time I hasten to add) played by a 'regular' on here. He also wrote some duet pieces - Maureen McAllister and Robin Jackson play some of this repertoire. The Cheldar website is quite comprehensive and I have also had helpful communication from Denis Bedard's wife who seemingly runs the publication side of t
  3. His newish Naxos DC has some very interesting music on it. A
  4. Sorry - there's also one on the Nigel Church organ at All Saints Church in Friern Barnet - maybe if it were quiet enough and we opened the doors of both churches they could duet!! A
  5. Has anyone got a copy of the music played on this please? A
  6. Except that the organ version seems to have a different ending - in the tonic - whereas the piano version hacks on into other smaller movements ending first in the dominant. I just added a short quasi Mozart cadenza and ended in the tonic when I played it through. A good piece though. A
  7. Saturday 17th April at 7.30pm - reopening recital by Andrew Millington on this - now at St Margaret's Church, Topsham, near Exeter. A
  8. I like the way a certain famous rock fragment crops up a considerable ammount in this. A
  9. .............and the George Baker postlude from the KCC Carol Service. A
  10. I read somewhere about how any rank could be reassigned anywhere and at any pitch via the hardware installed at the last work - does anyone know the point of this - repertoire or improvisation related? A
  11. It was working fine last February where a crowd of us had the place to ourselves plus Philippe Lefebvre demonstrating. A
  12. Sorry - computer playing up - post x 2 A
  13. Does anyone know anything about or posess a copy of the recording of the Trio Sonatas by Christa Rakich & others in the US using organ plus other instruments? I have been trying to get hold of a copy but even an email to Ms Rakich comes up blank. A
  14. The Ride of the Valkyries arrangement has a story behind it - apparently DGW wanted an easier version than the Lemare to learn fairly quickly - it was suggested that she use this version - arranged by David Patrick and (sorry - plug alert) still available from Banks music publishers. A
  15. Aaaaaaagh - I get noises like that from the rehearsal rooms at school! A
  16. Have dig around here. A Back to school tomorrow so less time for all this I'm afraid!
  17. Try this - not YouTube - but just a little spooky...............keep your eye on the swell pedal! A PS It took a bit of time to load here so be patient!
  18. 'Can vouch for this - an amazing instrument - I had an hour plus on this a week or so ago - 'so much to learn about it - I only just scratched the surface - metaphorically speaking that is !! A
  19. Check this out - look at the 'Music' section - contrast Bach with his own 'Cathedral Music' and the folk based extracts - and all from a former Chartres prizewinner and pupil of M-C A. Staggering technique too. I like it a lot! A
  20. In Norway - 'did recitals in York recently though - he was/is a good teacher - lots of patience with 'us undergrads'. A
  21. The very same though I am not nearly old enough to have been there in the time of Williams. Jeremy Blandford was DOM in my time. I've not been back since I left the University - after the new organ went into the TS I had lessons there. A
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