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  1. Dupre: Souvenir (Sept Pieces) Tallis: Audivi Vocem de Caelo Responses: Leighton Psalm 37: Gauntlett, Stanford, Watson Hark, a Herald Voice is Calling (NO descant!) Magdalen College Service: Leighton Byrd: O Lord, Turn Thy Wrath Dupre: Le Monde dans L'attente du Sauveur The prevailing weather should be wet; the minister would not, apart from the intercessions, use any words not prescribed by the BCP. He should especially not begin "Good afternoon, and welcome to this blah blah blah..."
  2. At the NFT last night I saw Powell & Pressburger's wonderful 'A Matter of Life & Death' (1946). The music is by Allan Grey, and the 'court' scenes contain some improv on a large-sounding instrument (hefty diaps, tubas etc.) in a spacious acoustic. Does anyone happen to know which instrument this was? The usual film sites (imdb etc.) aren't very illuminating. Cheers.
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