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  1. Available today in silk at £200 (cheaper than in previous years; a new supplier?) and now in artificial silk at £130. The latter doesn't appear to be in stock at present.
  2. The tune arranged by Campbell in the RSCM's Accompaniments for Unison Hymn-Singing is titled there as 'Easter Song'. 'Lasst uns erfreuen' has the EH rhythm with which most of us are accustomed, and is included in the collection, using that name, in an equally fine arrangement (which I invariably use) by Michael Fleming.
  3. Sorry, no. Suite 'Laudate Dominum' dates from 1961 (as S_L says), some eighteen years before my studies with him. I'm afraid this is not quite accurate. His obituary in The Times last year mentioned that he was runner-up to Marie-Claire Alain in the improvisation contest at the Geneva International Music Competition in 1950. Moreover, improvisation continues to play an important part in the St Albans International Organ Festival. A little bit of research on the IOF website reveals that Catharine Crozier wrote in the Musical Times, August 1963: the IOF "was the first of its kind
  4. Easter Day from Sheffield Cathedral 2018 (BBC 1)
  5. I'm afraid to say that this is old news. As 'bam' has correctly said, I posted details of the firm's last organ in 2018.
  6. Good news and bad news: https://www.sheetmusicwarehouse.co.uk/classical-organ/jesu-olugbala-original-compositions-new-series-no-187/
  7. Which episode? I played the organ decades ago, and remember the Saxhorn stop on the Solo. It's a shame there aren't more examples of it.
  8. That's certainly my understanding as well. As an aside to the matter of Oxbridge Assistant Directors of Music, more Oxbridge colleges should build on the pioneering work done at Downing College between 2015-18 by Christopher Robinson who acted as Mentor to the Organ Scholars. Downing's first Director of College and Chapel Music, David Lowe, is continuing this arrangement.
  9. Joys Seven? There's a 4-pt arrangement of it in 100 Carols for Choirs, while the original 8-pt version is available separately.
  10. As far as Cambridge is concerned, the MusB was suspended in 2011. A quick Google at Oxford University pages suggests that the BMus is no longer awarded there either.
  11. S_L's advice would seem to be the best. John Henderson's A Directory of Composers for Organ shows the publisher as being Augener, now being handled by Stainer & Bell; sadly, it's not in their catalogue. It's not in either of the two RCO libraries (RCM and Birmingham) nor, of course, on the IMSLP site.
  12. With no further information on either the Cathedral's or Harrison's websites, we'll have to wait patiently for more details to emerge in due course.
  13. It was not my intention to start any such debate. My point, however, is that both the advert and my message put the 'stepping down' in the past tense.
  14. Dr Webber stepped down in April. Dr Christopher Robinson was Acting Precentor for the Easter Term now finished.
  15. There are three (I think) brief works by Roxanna Panufnik. Kyrie cum Jubilo found its way into my repertoire, by request.
  16. He actually said, "I will never thank you enough for that."
  17. First of all, you have to be a member of the RCO in order to enter their diploma examinations. The RCO of 2019 is an up-to-date organisation, and I see from their website that the course Preparing for CRCO, ARCO and FRCO on 22 June includes "Thirty-minute aural lessons for CRCO and ARCO will be available with Simon Williams at 10:00, 10:30, 11:00 and 11:30 at a cost of £12 pounds each, payable on the day. These will be allocated in order of receipt of booking." I suggest you join and take full advantage of the resources which the College now offers.
  18. Pedant alert: as mentioned by David above, γλῶττα really means 'tongue', hence polyglot. φωνή means 'voice', and its use as a suffix in many words can easily be recognised. Chrysoglott transliterated means 'golden tongue'.
  19. Does removing the 'e' from 'Forsyth' produce more results?
  20. Catherine Ennis presented Peter with the RCO Medal in March 2013. This is the late Patricia Hurford’s acceptance speech at the RCO Presentation at Southwark Cathedral: It is sad that Peter is unable to be here to receive his medal in person; but he is comfortable and calm in a Home that is able to look after him properly. There are two things that I would like to say on his behalf, especially to all of you who have just received your ARCO or FRCO. He would want to congratulate you most warmly, and would be delighted that your musicianship and hard work have brought you thus far on the com
  21. I'll repeat here what I posted a little earlier on Facebook, that I am devastated to hear of his death. I have such happy memories of my two years of lessons with him during my second and final years at Cambridge, and I remain eternally grateful for the way he opened my ears and eyes to the playing of JS Bach (and others). He strove to ensure that musical line was at the heart of his students’ organ-playing - and, indeed, music-making in all its forms. I shall take down his boxed set of Bach Organ Works from the CD shelf (there's also the Franck, Hindemith and a more recent Bach recording), an
  22. Hampton Court Chapel's website is being overhauled, and details of services have not been updated. Current information is available here though. Information about the establishment at St James's is here; HM Tower of London; The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy.
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