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  1. Please let's not start this again - it will all end in tears. everything on this score has already been said in the RCO thread.


    Of course it has. But it doesn' t justify the posting on this thread of what is arguably an untruth, and I was inviting a substantiation of the comment.

  2. Organist appraisals could be a useful thing supervised by the RSCM or RCO particularly if at the local church level coupled with some sort of training scheme. Problem is the aRseCO is only interested in the major parish churches and the cathedrals ....


    Pardon? What's the basis for this claim?

  3. I echo this advice. Whether you love the RCO of loathe them is neither here nor there: their exams are still the ones with cachet. At least the ARCO, FRCO and CHM are - not sure whether the newer qualifications are yet treated very seriously by the organ world at large.


    Not sure why the 'newer qualifications' should be treated less seriously; I can't imagine the assessment criteria are less rigorously applied. As Adrian Lucas has said, Davidb, a respected teacher is essential, and why not download the details of the RCO's examination requirements and see for yourself what is assessed in the College's five diplomas/certificate, as well as the objectives of each examination. The descriptors for the mark bands of all the examinations are also available for you and everyone else to see. Remember, as well, that the CertRCO, ARCO and FRCO are now modular, and the sections of these examinations can be entered *separately*.

  4. It's interesting that Westminster Cathedral recorded it twice: Once by Hill (With brass) and by O'Donnell.

    I think the organ only is more effective actually.


    I don't recall David Hill recording the Vierne with the Westminster Cathedral choir. Are you thinking of his Langlais Messe Solennelle recording?

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