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  1. As a teenager, I remember being impressed by the sound of this instrument in the late 1970s when a student friend was assistant organist at the church. Sadly, it is long gone, and I am somewhat apprehensive about its fate.
  2. https://www.rco.org.uk/events/London-study-day
  3. That's about right. Here's an opening benchmark from St Paul's Cathedral's Information for Visiting Organists playing Evensong (where, of course, Stainer was): "[...] Since the focus of Choral Evensong is the choral music, the staff organists normally conclude weekday services with reflective voluntaries. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to play something which develops the style or compositional period of the choir's music. 2'30" is a safe minimum to cover the procession back to [...] the Dean's Aisle, while 4'30'-5' is the upper limit. Sunday and major festivals tend to be on bigger in s
  4. Peter Holder succeeds Daniel Cook at Westminster Abbey.
  5. I'm not sure how you can manage to confuse the Chapel Royal, *Hampton Court* Palace (whose website you have linked) with that at St James's Palace. I remain Director of Music at Hampton Court, while Joseph McHardy becomes my counterpart at St James's Palace from September.
  6. Daniel Cook succeeds Canon James Lancelot.
  7. Huw Williams to Bath Abbey from January 2017.
  8. Erm... I thought Richard was Tony's nephew....
  9. Gert van Hoef at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church: have I missed something? Where is the date and time?
  10. Are not Harrison's and Canterbury Cathedral's websites the source of such information?
  11. ... as well as on the 2011 CD boxed set of the entire Great Cathedral Organ Series LPs.
  12. I loved the Fellows' two-fold 'Mexican doff' as the new Master entered Great Court...
  13. I beg to disagree. Kenneth Tickell; Bruce Fowkes; Christopher Batchelor; Andrew Scott; Geoffrey Coffin; Trevor Crowe spring to mind. Two of these are FRCOs; another an ARCO.
  14. You mean Gordon Reynolds.
  15. I was fortunate to have been in the audience at this performance which took place at the RC Basilica of St Bavo on 28 July. It was a memorable recital, and the church was full.
  16. This is because the text of the psalm (122) incorporates the acclamations "Vivat Regina...! Vivat Rex...!" with which the Queen's Scholars of Westminster School traditionally greet the entrance of the monarch at a coronation. This interpolation was a notable innovation at the time of its composition, but who's to say whether it was a brainwave on Parry's part or an idea suggested by someone else? If I remember correctly, Jeremy Dibble's edition for the RSCM (2002) gives Parry's 1902 version of the 'vivats' in the editorial notes - a useful template for the future. Parry biographer Pro
  17. I'd be interested to know who, precisely, was Gwen's double in the playing of the Brahms Fugue in A flat minor. I learned it decades ago for a diploma, and it's not a piece an actress can accurately mime. The double was clearly playing the right notes - and in the right order.
  18. RVW's Prelude and Fugue in C minor?
  19. Apologies for splitting hairs, but to me and many others it is a Father Willis organ - albeit rebuilt by HNB in 1956 and 1983. On the occasion that I played for a Sunday service at St Jude's many years ago, the liturgy was far from 'low church'.
  20. Royal Albert Hall 2009-2010 Wednesday 21 October 2009 - Wayne Marshall Sunday 27 June 2010 - Grand Organ Gala
  21. I have been using the post-Christmas 'down-time' to redouble my efforts to investigate and eventually buy a practice instrument as soon as possible. My shortlist comprises the Eminent DCS 326 from Cathedral Organs Ltd and the Ahlborn Praeludium II from Classical Organs Ltd. I will try and play examples of these over the next few weeks, however, does anyone have first-hand experience of either or both of these two models?
  22. I know of two organists - neither of whom is easy to please in such matters - who both settled for an Eminent DCS organ from Cathedral Organs Ltd. Jeremy Filsell, on the other hand, has a 3-manual Viscount Prestige.
  23. Incidentally, many happy returns to Lucian Nethsingha who's 71 today.
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