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  1. GTB's appearance on Desert Island Discs is indeed in the BBC's programme archive and available (as is every broadcast in the series) on iPlayer. The Radio Times archive is a priceless resource. A search under Thalben-Ball gives the this.
  2. My mistake - apologies to all.
  3. Which fine instruments did you have in mind?
  4. As can be seen from this video 80th birthday tribute last October, his legacy is a large number of pupils who have achieved prominence in their own right.
  5. I attempted just now to look at Nicholson's website about this (the company doing the work), but the URL is diverting to another site. Is it just me, or are others experiencing the same problem?
  6. Indeed. Mentioned earlier on in the week here by 'Positif' in the 'Appointments' thread.
  7. With respect, I think it is better to read here on the King's website about the details of the funding of the project rather than speculate on the finances of the college in relation to the organ. SL has given above a link to the college website. FAQs concerning the organ (including substitute instruments) are here.
  8. Sir Thomas Armstrong was Keeton's Assistant at Peterborough; perhaps the Cathedral can supply more information. Sadly, Enid Bird's 20th Century English Cathedral Organists doesn't include details of him, only his successors.
  9. For what it's worth, Hymns Ancient & Modern Revised (1950) and its two supplements (1969 and1980) were published as Hymns Ancient & Modern New Standard in 1983 - only to be superseded by Common Praise in 1998. This, in turn, was superseded by Ancient & Modern in 2013.
  10. I remember seeing seeing Simon Preston in this programme in 1975, and the search revealed this programme a decade earlier.
  11. Scroll to 1 hour, 16 minutes and 53 seconds into the programme.
  12. Are you sure it was the Today programme? At 6pm in the evening?
  13. In the USA, Michael Barone has altered his Pipedreams schedule, and the next two-hour programme is in John's memory.
  14. Apologies for duplicating earlier on what DaveHarries had mentioned. The finest obituary so far is Ruth Gledhill's in The Times. If you are able to, do rush out and get a printed copy now, if you can, as the version circulating on Facebook which is said to come from that newspaper (online version?) is missing three moving paragraphs. It is to be hoped that there will be a mention on next Friday/Sunday's BBC Radio 4's Last Word.
  15. I find this shocking and devastating, and am typing this with moist eyes. May he rest in peace.
  16. It'll be a little earlier than that: Adrian Partington was Assistant at Worcester from 1981-1991.
  17. I suggest you contact the person who performed the pieces on the CD (Jean-Pierre Griveau) at Orléans Cathedral, making clear on the form that your enquiry is for his attention.
  18. Gert van Hoef at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church: have I missed something? Where is the date and time?
  19. A video recording of James O'Donnell's performance of the Poulenc is available on the BBC iPlayer here, even if it wasn't broadcast with the Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms and Mozart K 551 from the same concert on BBC4 this evening. It's available until 24 August.
  20. I agree. Martin Cooke's mention of Sir George Martin's arrangement of Imperial March prompts me to draw attention to my post here eight years ago about a misprint in it. I wrote then that having listened to at least four different orchestral samples (courtesy of iTunes) and consulted the full score online, there is a misprint in the Martin transcription published by Novello: bar 27 (two bars before the modulation from B flat to E flat) - the pedal minim (beats 1 and 2) should be bottom C - not E flat as printed.
  21. Here's chapter and verse: Under the Cathedrals Measure 1999, three bodies together form the body corporate of a cathedral – the Chapter, Council and College of Canons. The Measure also states ‘The bishop shall have the principal seat and dignity in the cathedral’. The bishop, after consultation with the Chapter and subject to any provision in the Statutes of the cathedral, may officiate in the cathedral and use it in his work of teaching and mission, for ordinations and synods and for other diocesan occasions and purposes.
  22. I find it an incredible coincidence that someone else is enquiring about a 'best' edition for a Widor movement - albeit it a different one to the one I'm after (Symphony No. 2 - Finale) - having spent a few hours last night and this morning investigating the very same thing. It is clear from Fiffaro's post (26) above and from what I've researched online that the most reliable edition is John Near's (A-R Editions), and purchasing the acclaimed scholarship direct from the publisher - including international postage and packing - is slightly cheaper than buying a French edition.
  23. Bearing in mind the young non-organ-playing enthusiast who has initiated the petition, I am bound to treat his campaign with dispassionate caution.
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