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  1. You mean Gordon Reynolds.
  2. News has been received that in the same week as Sir Philip Ledger's death was announced, his assistant and successor at Chelmsford Cathedral, John Jordan, died suddenly on Friday night.
  3. Sir Philip Ledger, sometime organist of Chelmsford Cathedral, Director of Music at King's College, Cambridge 1974-1982, and Principal of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), has died after a long battle with cancer. He was 74.
  4. Generations of student church musicians must also remember the Great to Swell coupler on the Harrison organ which was situated in the RSCM's St Nicholas Chapel at Addington Palace. After a brief sojourn in Cleveland Lodge, Dorking, the instrument is now in St Alkmund's, Shrewsbury (NPOR: R01719). A Great Sub Octave coupler can now be found on the 1963 Walker organ at St John's RC Church, Islington, and also exists on the Downes-designed Walker at the London Oratory. The Downes/Harrison at Croydon's Fairfield Concert Hall has a Great Flues Sub Octave coupler.
  5. Those on Facebook should request to join the 'Carlo Curley Memoriam Group' for a scan of the order of the service and other contributions. By all accounts, Carlo was given a splendid send-off in a packed abbey. Music details are below. The service was led by the Vicar of Pershore, the Rev Kenneth Crawford, who also gave the address. Tributes were given by Nelson Barden and Paul Vaughan. Lessons were read by Selwyn Jones and the Rev Paul Andrew. Prayers were led by Rev Canon Timothy Lipscomb, Vicar of Preston. The interment of ashes took place in the Abbey's Memorial Garden immediately after the service in the church. Played before the service by Keith Hearnshaw Prelude & Fugue in A minor BWV 543 (J S Bach) Chorale Prelude on ‘Eventide’ (Parry) Nimrod (Elgar) Hymn: O praise ye the Lord (Organist, Colin Walsh) I hear the welcome voice Cannock Chase Orpheus Male Voice Choir Alan Jones, director; Colin Walsh, organist How lovely are thy dwellings (Brahms) Choir: Voces Assumptionis Alex Crawford, director; Colin Walsh, organist Hymn: Abide with me (Organist, Keith Hearnshaw) Interlude: Sarabande from Partita in A minor BWV 1013 (J S Bach) Nicholas Daniel - oboe In Paradisum from Requiem (Duruflé) Choir: Voces Assumptionis Alex Crawford, director; Colin Walsh, organist Hymn: The day thou gavest (Organist, Michael Pegg) Hymn: Mine eyes have seen (Organist, Colin Walsh) Prelude & Fugue in G BWV 541 (J S Bsch) INTERMENT Ar Hyd y Nos (Boulton) Cannock Chase Orpheus Male Voice Choir The Lord’s Prayer (Duruflé) Choir: Voces Assumptionis
  6. ... or Leeds Minster as it became six weeks ago.
  7. The track comes from a CD (Signum Classics) released in 2006 which I have. I also recall hearing Simon Preston perform this (and other pieces on the CD) in a recital at the Royal Albert Hall. Its appearance on YouTube is therefore questionable. The CD notes state that work was originally conceived for organ and orchestra, and first performed by Simon Preston and the Calgary Philharmonic in 1998, so there's a possibility that the solo organ version has not been published.
  8. Three pictures appeared on the Facebook page for Organists' Review magazine ( http://www.facebook....sreview?fref=ts ) - 19 and 20 July.
  9. I have heard and played it, and think it is a resounding success. It sounds beautiful, and the touch is responsive and comfortable, for want of a better adjective. I look forward to attending the inaugural recital next Thursday evening. Apart from attending a service, another chance to hear it is provided by the RCO's London Organ Forum on Saturday 3 November http://www.rco.org.u...php?eventid=260
  10. Sadly, the person who was well placed to provide the answers has left this forum.
  11. wolsey

    Tips for technique

    Two links below for starters. Happy reading! http://magazine.dv247.com/2011/06/17/portable-digital-audio-recorder-comparison/ and http://www.bhphotovideo.com/indepth/audio/hands-reviews/portable-digital-recorder-roundup
  12. I've always understood the vertical bracket enclosing both manual staves and the 'choir' marking at the start to mean just that, which means that the next LH 'choir' marking two beats before the RH solo reed entry is either cautionary or indeed redundant, depending on how you wish to interpret it.
  13. Yes, it has - ( http://www.ohscatalo...g/camuatfr.html ). The track from the CD was played 83 minutes and 20 seconds into an episode of the American Pipedreams series (see http://pipedreams.pu...ings/2011/1116/ ) .
  14. I was fortunate to have been in the audience at this performance which took place at the RC Basilica of St Bavo on 28 July. It was a memorable recital, and the church was full.
  15. I have just seen posted on Facebook that Carlo Curley died this afternoon at 5pm. I am awaiting confirmation of this from another source, but the messages posted so far on FB seem to suggest that this is indeed true. I will post more if I have further information, and would be pleased if any anyone could post here if they have received confirmation from their own sources. The Facebook posting said "It is with great sadness that I must report that our dear friend Carlo Curley passed away about 5pm. He will be greatly missed by all who loved him and his amazing gift as a musician. Rest in peace Carlissimo"
  16. This is traditionally always the second Sunday in July. For us, it's always an excuse for the Sumsion (They that go down to the sea in ships), and the tenors and basses relish - without fail - the reeling to and fro, and the staggering of the drunken man.
  17. wolsey


    The RSCM has announced this afternoon the appointment of Andrew Reid (Peterborough Cathedral) as its Director in succession to Lindsay Gray.
  18. The transmission and key action are being replaced, and the wind supply to some pedal stops is being improved. Some rearrangement of the internal layout and minor tonal changes will also be made, including the removal of the electronic stops.
  19. He said at the bottom of this thread http://mander-organs...2912#entry62912 what he knew. No doubt, further details will be relayed when they are known.
  20. I am sure that many here will be grateful for SlovOrg's information about getting hold of a Russian edition of Mushel's Toccata. The Sikorski link, however, leads to a publication comprising Prelude, Toccata and Finale (the Samarkand Suite?). The Bodensee link though lists the movements of the Uzbekistan Suite (from which the Toccata comes) and seems to be a safer bet.
  21. Does this mean, then, that because of the unavailability of the Russian edition, the Peters version is better than OUP?
  22. Thanks - this is new to me. Does it have a technical name? Edit: it does - intelligent mains extension lead, e.g. automatic standby power saver socket by Watts Clever.
  23. In the absence of further information about competitively priced striplight-shaped console music lamps, a special-offer anglepoise from John Lewis has been bought. It looks good and does the job perfectly.
  24. Sadly, I didn't; however, an organ builder who was there has described the recital on his Facebook wall as 'amazing'. She played from memory, and earned herself a double encore.
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