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  1. Getting back to the subject for a moment........ Llandaff Cathedral organ! It has just been made public that there is to be a brand new organ built for the cathedral by Nicholsons. A four manual instrument, but not using the Pace case. The old Positive pipework in the Pace case is probably to stay there but will be disconnected. The organ will be entirely new including the Open Woods. It will be of the English Victorian/Edwardian style. ie. ...will have a Tuba! Adrian Gunning
  2. Always a good idea to remove the carpets, but please Mr Mander soften that Bombarde section!!
  3. I can't agree about the Exeter organ. I think the addition of the 32' reed has ruined the look of the case. (Already partly spoilt by its extended height from years earlier). The 32' pipes at the side all poke up above the choir screen. Not a nice sight...
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