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  1. I believe Nigel Ogden has a soft spot for this organ and he made a recording on it in January 1994 (In Classical Mood. OS207). At that time, quoting from the sleeve notes, the last time any major work had been done was in 1970 by Jardine and Co Ltd. The organ was cleaned and a moveable detachable console was fitted, along with new electro-pneumatic action to the primary motors. At the time of recording, the organ was not in the best of health and Messrs Denny and Ginder of Jardines spent a few days patching things up to allow the recording to be made. Unfortunately I've no later in
  2. I particulaly enjoyed his 'Fingals Largo'
  3. No console? This young Italian gentleman appears to have something of a flair for entertaining improvisations and access to some interesting Italian organs as well as his own electronic instrument. I think some of his other items are worth a look too Best wishes PF
  4. a little something I happened across which may be of interest. Apologies if somebody else has already posted it
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