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  1. The 4/5 at Durham is actually VERY cunning and provides an alternative Cornet on the positive to that provided by the Flute a Cheminee 8, Flute Ouverte 4, Doublette 2 and Sesquialtera. Selecting the Prestant 4, Doublette 2, Larigot 1 1/3, Octivin 1 and Octave Tierce 4/5 and then drawing Positive on Solo transfers the division onto the Solo where the Solo Sub Octave and Unison Off take it down to 8 foot pitch. Drawing Solo to Choir puts it back down on the choir too...... Ingenious if you ask me.
  2. Thanks Peter, Shame about the reel to reel recordings- although the DAT tape could be interesting. Best wishes, Charles
  3. It's not sensible to say too much in a public forum such as this, other than to say that there have been problems with winding and the action for many years now and the time has come to sort them out once and for all, without any change in the organ's tonal character. It will however return this wonderful organ to its rightful place as one of the North East's most exciting mechanical actioned organs. It is far more versatile than people credit it too. I have PMd you about the reel to reels!
  4. Not necessarily the case- the old organ was destroyed by an arsonist on, wait for it, Ash Wednesday 1984. A canister of camping gas was left to explode on the pedalboard which unsurprisingly provided an excellent source of kindling.. I was 4 at the time, and never set foot in the church until an undergraduate BUT what has always struck me was how patchy the fire's impact was. The pillar holding up the chancel arch (right by the organ chamber) had to be rebuilt as it had gone down almost to its rubble core and was no longer safe. However the Bechstein Piano and much woodwork in the chance
  5. Newcastle and District Society or Organists is promoting an event on 28th October at 7.30pm in St Oswald's, Durham- a silent film accompanied with an improvised organ soundtrack. The 1988 organ in St Oswald's will celebrate its 30th birthday this academic year and the church is launching an appeal to restore this magnificent instrument with a spectacular event this Autumn. At 7.30pm on Saturday 28th October, we will show a large screen showing of the classic American silent horror movie "The Phantom of the Opera", itself based on Gaston Leroux's epic 1910 Novel. In keeping wi
  6. A clear and measured discussion of this sad situation. If what Prof Ashley says is true- I have no reason to doubt it, but equally no way of confirming- then this decision has been made by Chapter in the absence of a Dean. What I did not realise until reading this is that the Dean of Llandaff is the only full time member of Chapter and that the others are Rectors of other parishes whose role at the cathedral is part time. This looks as if the decision to disband the SATB choir was taken by people whose number 1 priority is not Llandaff Cathedral, whose loyalties are at best divided and who wil
  7. Apologies for the self promotion but, I am playing two recitals in the first week of August. First on Monday 3rd August, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Palmerston Place Edinburgh at 1.10 pm and then the following Friday 7th August, Truro Cathedral at 1.10pm. Programme: Fanfare (Four Extemporisations)- Percy Whitlock Andante Tranquillo & Scherzo (Five Short Pieces)- Percy Whitlock Choral No. 1 in E major- Cesar Franck Sketch No. 4 in Db major- Robert Schumann Piece d'Orgue (BWV 572)- Johann Sebastian Bach Chant de Paix (Neuf Pieces)- Jean Langlais Prelude and Fugue in g minor (O
  8. Not at all Youtube, but an interesting tangent. I've just ordered my copy of this. Has anyone else heard/seen it. What's it like. I have high expectations! http://www.elgarfoundation.org/trolleyed/2/57/index.htm Charles
  9. Do you think he intentionally dressed up to look like Freddie Mercury?
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong. Wasn't Mrs Mangel an organist back in around 1988/1988 on neighbours? Now I've embarrassed myself I'll run away and hide
  11. I gather that the organist of the town hall in Durris near Aberdeen is one Alexander Herzen. The "father of Russian Marxism" (as Lenin once described him) retired from political agitation in the late 19th century to take up a new career playing transcriptions and original organ repertoire upon the magnificent 63BC hydraulis in this charming corner of Scotland. Obviously Herzen is ageing somewhat today, but he can still rattle off a good Carillion Sortie or three. Also in his repertoire is my own tribute piece to him, written in a style that could only be described as Shostakovich/Vierne - Les
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