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  1. One of the organs I play, at All Saints, Saxton (North Yorkshire) was built by Forster and Andrews and suitably listed in their opus list. There are no great mysteries surrounding its history - it was clearly built for the church in which it continues to reside - yet it is very different from any other F&A organ I have ever encountered. It's quite an early work of the firm - 1859 - and has a few period quirks such as a tenor C Swell and a tediously irregular pedalboard - 25 pedals but the pedal stop (a Bourdon) only goes an octave and one from the bottom. The remaining pedals still work wi
  2. I've experienced this too. Makes me wonder what they're so busy doing! Once they finally got in touch with me though, I was "in", and my contributions now appear very quickly!
  3. The church is indeed still in use. It's a smells-and-bells Anglo-Catholic church, with incense etc . It's wonderful! St Mark's, however, is empty and neglected...
  4. I can't really offer a lot with regard to the organ, but I know that St Mark's is in a rather bad state and apparently will be converted into offices at some stage... Has anyone played the organ at All Souls, Blackman Lane? This is very close to St Mark's. It's an impressive organ in an impressive church. The organ has a huge repair estimate. It's not likely to get done any time soon, given that the area is one of the most deprived in the city.
  5. Well, it had occurred to me to shorten the existing bench, but it's a very old thing that belonged to the family that built the church in the 1850s, so I don't really want to start chopping it up!! It might actually be worth something...
  6. The bench of the main organ I play is far too high. I can barely reach the pedals, and other people have commented on its excessive height. Thus, I feel I need another one. Does anyone by any chance have an organ bench that is surplus to requirements, that they are giving away or selling? Is there anywhere I could get a bench for a reasonable price? I would be very grateful if you could PM me or add here any help you may be able to offer!! Thanks Matthew
  7. Afraid I can't help, but just thought I'd share that I play four organs, and none of them have "standard" pedalboards. I have a 25 note straight and flat pedalboard, a similar 27 note one, a 30 note straight and flat one, and a 30 note radiating and convex one. Not ideal for learning!
  8. A man was running through the church but they caught him by the organ!
  9. We visited Everingham today. It's no longer in use and standing empty. The hall next to it is still inhabited, and so we asked to look round. He wouldn't let us. Not impressed.
  10. Thanks for that - I'll have to try and visit Everingham sometime! It looks interesting. The spec is very similar to Scarthingwell.
  11. The organ I play at Scarthingwell is an 1854 Carolus Allen. I can't find any information about them, nor have I heard of any other organs made by them. Any ideas?
  12. Two of the organs I play seem to have small bits of metal adrift in one of their Open Diapason pipes. They rattle in an irksome fashion when the note is played. Remember me - the organist from Scarthingwell with no tuner!! So is there an easy way to put this right?
  13. Glad we got that cleared up!
  14. Where did you find those?! That's my photobucket site! I took those!!! I'm famous!!!!!!
  15. The priest is in contact with some fellow from down south who has on occasion come up to Scarthingwell to look at it and then not done anything about it. I have to remind the priest on a weekly basis to get something done. So far, he hasn't.
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